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One of the reasons we announced the translation when we did–and not when it was closer to completion–is because there are some aspects of the project that we can’t feasibly take care of ourselves and still release the patch in a timely manner. We will finish this project whether help comes or not, but a few extra pairs of hands will definitely speed things up, as well as ensure a higher quality final product.

If there’s anything here you think you can do and you’re interested in lending us your services, hit us up on IRC (if a specific name to contact isn’t given for a position, feel free to talk to any of the operators in the channel). If you absolutely can’t use IRC for whatever reason, there is an email address you can use to contact us on the About Us page. Though we really prefer IRC.


We are still accepting applications for the following position(s).



The following positions have been filled, and we are not currently seeking any additional applicants.

Artist/image editor(s) — 2 FILLED, no longer accepting apps

There are a large number of graphics in the game with Japanese text (or English text inconsistent with our translation style) that are going to need to be edited. If you think you’re up to it, download this zip file and, using the translations included, replace all the Japanese/unwanted English with the English text provided. You want the final result to look as similar, stylistically, to the original as possible, but don’t feel like you can’t be creative.

If you have any questions about what we’re looking for, talk to us on IRC and we’ll be glad to clarify.

We’re currently only looking for one artist, just to try to keep things consistent. But if the load ends up being too much for just one–or we get multiple really good applications–we’ll consider taking on additional people.

Video editor/typesetter — FILLED, no longer accepting apps

There’s a smattering of Japanese text/audio in the in-game movies that’s going to need to be replaced and/or subtitled. If you’re interested, we’ve prepared a test, which you can find here. You’re also free to send us a few samples of some of the other work you’ve done.

Hacker — FILLED

We need someone who knows their way around MIPS assembly like the back of their hand to help us overcome a few technical bumps. If you’re interested, crack open the demo and fix these bugs (all of which are also present in the final game, so your work will not be for naught):

  1. Improper text alignment in the bottom-left window when viewing detailed information on the Ammunition menu. Easiest to see with the Ammunition “Kirigiri’s Testimony.”
  2. Improper text alignment in bullets during Nonstop Debate. Same as before, it’s easiest to see with “Kirigiri’s Testimony.”
  3. Bullets are not long enough to accommodate Ammunition names during Nonstop Debate. In Japanese (where all characters are the same width), the text never overlaps with the curved tip of the bullet. Possibly related to #2.
  4. Bonus round: make all calls to PSP system menus show the menu in English, not Japanese. (We already did this with the full game, but the method we used didn’t work on the demo.)

Once you’ve done this, PM BlackDragonHunt on IRC with the modified EBOOT file (and only the EBOOT). I should be able to drop it into my own copy of the demo and see the fixes in action (which means no touching umdimage.dat). If, for any reason, you feel you do need to modify some other file to achieve this, then hop on IRC and convince me.

Testers — 4 FILLED, no longer accepting apps

Once translation/TLC/editing/image editing is all done, we’ll be needing an indeterminate number of people to help us comb through the game to make sure we didn’t break anything. We’re looking for an assortment of people to provide us with a variety of perspectives, and we are–at the very least–hoping to find people who fit in the following categories:

  • Some degree of familiarity with the Japanese language/culture.
  • Absolutely no familiarity with the Japanese language/culture.
  • Some degree of familiarity with the Danganronpa series.
  • Absolutely no familiarity with the Danganronpa series.
  • Avid fan of mysteries.
  • Not much of a mystery fan.
  • Experience working on some other translation project.
  • Experience with creative writing.

Obviously, one person can fall under multiple categories, but we’ll still be needing several people to cover all our bases (including things we might not have come up with yet).

If you think you’re up to the task, compile a list of at least ten problems with the demo (excluding the bugs listed under the Hacker section). It doesn’t matter how nit-picky you get, as long as you can explain why you think each item is actually a problem. Typos and grammatical errors count, but remember: real people don’t speak in perfect, proper English. Consider very carefully whether something is actually an error or was done intentionally.

When you have your list, send it our way, along with a list of a few things you think you can bring to the table.

Translation Checker and Editor (for Danganronpa/Zero)

Not absolutely necessary, but if I could get a couple people to work on this with me while the head TLC/Editor work on the game, it would let us get the books out and get to work on the second game much sooner.

TLC: PM BlackDragonHunt on IRC or send us an email asking for the link to the TLC test.

Editor: PM BlackDragonHunt on IRC with a list of changes you would make to the demo’s script as well as an original, character-centric short story or novel excerpt written by you. (By “original,” I just mean no fanfiction, not that you need to have written it expressly for this purpose.) Because this is a series with a huge cast of vibrant and eccentric characters, we want to make sure you have a solid grasp on voice, interaction, development, and what it takes to make a character really come to life.

Translator (for Super Danganronpa 2) — FILLED

As you might have noticed from the tables on the side, SDR2 is almost 50% longer than Danganronpa. The main story alone is 15% more text than the entire script of the first game, and there’s almost 13,000 lines worth of extras on top of it. I’m more than willing to translate the entire thing by myself, but it would help get the game out that much faster if I had someone to take care of the extras for me.

Like the TLC position, I’ll come up with a test if anyone actually wants to do this.

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