A Quick Update

Not a lot to report this week, nor a lot to talk about, so I’ll make this one quick.

Terminology changes

The One Percenter poll was pretty conclusive, so we’ve decided to change Oowada’s title to “Outlaw Biker.”

Based on this conversation I had with Saki in the comments on last week’s post, we’re now currently leaning toward not changing Ludenberg to Rudenberg, but we’re still open to feedback.

In response to these two comments: we’re aware of the “Ludenberck” spelling used in official materials, but we think it’s kind of silly. ベルク is pretty unambiguously “berg,” and while “berck” exists, the majority of hits for the “Ludenberck” spelling are Danganronpa-related and in reference to the spelling in the visual fanbook.


As I announced on Twitter, Ritobito finished editing chapter 2 a couple days ago, and he’s hard at work on chapter 3.

Things were a little slower on the TLC side, as LordSilent continues to suffer the effects of perpetual allergies.

Hacking is also moving along nicely, with anonscans making short work of several bugs that have plagued us since we started this project. I posted a few pictures on Twitter during the week, and I’ll re-post them here.

We have proper centering on the map screen!

We have proper glyph placement on the ammo and present screens!

And we no longer have to squeeze our descriptions into tiny 17-character lines!

And I’m still hard at work on getting the editor ready for a public release and translating images to be edited, so Zero hasn’t been getting much love, but I expect I should be able to get back to that soon.

We’re still growing!

As I mentioned last week, we took on an image editor, who has now returned and will soon begin work.

We’ve also accepted three testers, and we’re going to begin testing the first two chapters soon. So if you’re interested in nitpicking the hell out of our work, send in an application!



  1. Anonymous

     /  2012/12/21

    I can’t really offer any help besides support! This is all really great progress to see, and I hope things continue to go well for you guys! And I hope Zero’s allergies improve 😦 . ‘Tis the season, I guess.

  2. Pixelz

     /  2012/12/22

    I might be able to help out with the translation, but I haven’t obtained the original game nor a psp. I’ve been panning to buy them for a loooooong while, and I might get them soon. Until then, If there’s like a document with the original text, then I can do my work. 😀

  3. ahhhhh

     /  2013/02/17

    Wow, so far its looking really nice… you guys are working so hard ;u;

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