Quick Update & What’s Coming Next

Hey everyone! I promised a post on Twitter yesterday, so here it is.

To start, I’d like to introduce the three new staff members we’ve added to the team since our last post! Aya Kyunik will be joining us as an image editor alongside Vodka, who has already done some amazing work. We’ve brought pixelz on to help us edit the game’s videos, and we also picked up a fourth tester, Klee, to lend a hand with our second round of testing.

And that brings us to our next topic: we delivered the second patch to our testers last Wednesday, and they are now hard at work tearing apart chapters 2-6, finding typos and grammatical weirdness and all the other icky stuff we don’t want making it into the final patch.

Now, you’ll notice I said they’re checking chapters 2-6, not 1-6. That’s because we’ve realized that our early work–particularly chapter 1–is not up to par with the rest of the script, and Ritobito wants to do another complete editing pass of it after he’s finished the Free Time events. Fortunately, editing is far enough along that it’s not likely to cause any delays with the release of the patch, but we just wanted to let you know what was happening.

After editing is complete–including the re-edit of chapter 1–and all the images and videos have been edited, we’ll be doing one more round of testing. That should go pretty quickly, since the testers are working on the bulk of the script right now. And once we’ve collected all their error reports and fixed the problems, we’ll be ready to release the patch to the public. No date for now (even an approximate), since there’s no saying what might happen in the meantime, but things are moving along at a nice pace.

Anyway, we appreciate your patience and hope you’re as excited about the full patch as we are!

As for Zero, we’ll talk a little bit more about that after the patch is released, but if you want regular updates on how the translation is going in the meantime, follow us on Twitter.



  1. Ed

     /  2013/03/10

    Thank you very much for your hard work.

  2. Lisa

     /  2013/03/10

    It’s great that you guys are dedicated to this project. Thanks for the update

  3. Who?

     /  2013/03/10

    Great work guys. Even though you aren’t getting any money from this you’re taking this seriously. I wish there were more fans like you, you’re amazing!

  4. SolBalmung

     /  2013/03/10

    Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!
    You can’t imagine how much I’m excited to deleve into the weird yet disturbing world of Danganronpa!
    Take all the time you need and again thank you so much for your dedicated work!

  5. Thanks for your hard work, guys. It’s a great contribution to game community.

  6. DANK U

     /  2013/03/11

    love of my life champion of my dreams

  7. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for translating this awesome game for FREE. I have bought a PSP system just to play this! If you ever need assistance from the public (as in donations etc etc), don’t hesitate to let me know! Again, thank you!

  8. kim

     /  2013/03/12

    thank you soo much for hard working guys I will be waiting for it even if it take’s 1year.!
    ganbate! :3

  9. Seems like things are going smoothly 😀 Can’t wait for the final patch!

  10. Zeroshii

     /  2013/03/16

    Wow… so excited! Thank you so much for everything you’re doing, this is so awesome!

  11. Water

     /  2013/03/18

    I cannot wait! Many thanks, guys!! I know there isn’t any estimated time of release. It just feels soooooo close to me. But I’ll wait for how ever long it’ll take. Take your time. I’m still waiting patiently!

  12. thank you soooooo much!!!!!! everyone whos helped translate or just helped with the patch at all!!! i can’t wait to play the final version. the SA forum where i used to read dangan on has just turned into forum you must pay to access??? i think its terrible…i was really enjoying reading it too but i bet playing it is even better!!! im so happy i found out about the translation project!! so thanks once again!!!! your hard work is really really appreciated!!! thank u project zetsubo *bow* *many bow*

  13. hmm…did my comment post! i hope so! not familiar with wordpress ;;;;

    • Sorry about that! Your comment got caught in the spam filter. I’m guessing it happened because of the website you entered (as flattering as it is :)).

  14. Nagito

     /  2013/03/22

    Making progress in the first game means eventually getting to the second game, so I’m excited.

  15. C

     /  2013/03/22

    danggg thanks so much!

    if I bought DR from the japanese PSN store and downloaded it onto my vita, would I still be able to play with project zetsubou’s english patch somehow? or is it a psp-with-umd-only kind of thing?

    • Honestly, I have no idea. I only have access to the UMD version, since that’s the one I bought. I don’t know what, if any, differences there are between the physical and digital releases. I do know there are tools out there to convert downloaded content into ISO files (that’s how the ISO for the demo was created), but beyond that, I wouldn’t be able to say without actually getting my hands on a copy. In theory, it should be possible, I just don’t have the download release on-hand to mess with.

      As for playing it on the Vita, that’s a different story, and entirely a matter of how much progress has been made hacking that system. Which I’m not up-to-date on.

      • C

         /  2013/03/30

        I see I see. Thanks for the input anyway, and good luck with the rest of project zetsubou!

  16. Ace

     /  2013/03/22

    I love that you guys are working to hard to bring this to us, know that it is all very appreciated!

  17. Who?

     /  2013/03/28

    Almost done, OMG!!!

  18. Sin of Seto

     /  2013/03/30

    You guys are fortunate to get this out in time for the optimum interest the anime is going to generate (before and after its airing).

  19. Moo

     /  2013/04/03


  20. Castiel

     /  2013/04/04

    So I’m pretty dumb to these sorts of things so help me out here. Once the final version is released we will need to have the Japanese version of the game in order to apply the translation patch correct? Can this work in a PSP emulator?

    • Yep. You’ll need a copy of the Japanese “PSP The Best” rerelease of the game from 2011.

      While the game does work in JPCSP, it has issues maintaining a decent framerate, and some of the videos/sound don’t play properly. I highly recommend playing it on an actual PSP.

      • kingofgame981

         /  2013/04/04

        About JPCSP, right now the currently built has fixed most of the game’s problem. So is mean the game (Dangan Ronpa: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Student) works completely 100%. But the emulator still eat so many RAM of your computer.

        Super Dangan Ronpa 2 right now only have the problem about the character’s voice, all the other things work fine. Believe me.

        I don’t have PSP so JPCSP is the only one I can enjoy Dangan Ronpa. That’s why I checked everyday how its improved.

  21. I tried the Japanese iso on JPCSP. Sounds work, but voices don’t. The framerate is reduced to the point where it’s playable but everything stutters… However, trying out the Translated Demo on JPCSP, I found that all sounds worked (BGM, SFX and character voices). However, the framerate was so low it was virtually zero fps (for me). If anyone has any good settings for this emulator, please let me know! I have a PSP but I want to get this emulator running properly too 😛

    • kingofgame981

       /  2013/04/05

      That’s weird, the Japanese iso works fine for me on JPCSP (sounds, movies, voices etc.) The JPCSP used so much of your RAM, so low fps is normal. I heard that its also depend on what graphic card you have.

      About the setting, I only tick on “Use vertex cache” on the Video tab. Use also need to turn on “Use Media Engine” (if you have already install SonicStage) and “Decode audio files with SonicStage…”, this may fix your sounds problem. Also “Use complier (dynarec)”, 3000 maximum method size on Complier tab, Anti-aliasing x4.

      That’s what I have setting. Hope it will help you. 😀

      • Thank you very much! I will try out these recommendations right now 😀

  22. Nero

     /  2013/04/06

    Hi! Just dropping by to give my support. I happened to see the game while searching the net and tried your demo. I LOVE IT!!! I haven’t played this kind of games but I really, REALLY liked it! And seeing the progress % , even more excited! Hope it can get finished before April 13 (B-day!) No rushing, just hoping~

  23. Water

     /  2013/04/07

    Whoa… Is it really 99% done? Minna… ;w; Thank you for all your work. I can’t wait when you release it. Just in time for the anime,

  24. fate

     /  2013/04/07

    Im guessing this will be out like by this week? cant wait.

    • Who?

       /  2013/04/07

      I would give it two to three weeks. There’s still video editing and that might take some time.

  25. Yes, I’m expecting the patch in the next month. A release any earlier than that is a great job on the team’s part!

  26. Great job

  27. Rabbit

     /  2013/04/11

    I keep checking every 5 minutes. If i was gay, i would touch myself thinking of you guys. Thank you. Thank you very much. Almost there.

    • Kuriko

       /  2013/04/12

      You sound exactly like me.

  28. BurnMyDread

     /  2013/04/11

    Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in this game!! I’ve really wanted to play the game for myself for a long time,hearing that you’re nearly complete is seriously awesome.You have truly done a fine job.That being said,the downloads….are they going to be password protected?Do we have to do a survey for them?Because in my case,somehow a lot of the surveys I’ve tried end up in failure,along with my money.This is no place to complain,I know,but I wanted to make sure,sorry…

    • Nope, no surveys! Probably no password, either, but if there is one, it’ll be right there in the readme, just like the demo (which we only password-protected so we could ensure people saw the note about the untranslated system menus).

      • BurnMyDread

         /  2013/04/12

        Oh!Thank you so much!!That was certainly a quick reply,but now I’m relieved to hear you say that.I’m really happy now.And again,thanks for your hard work!

  29. Man so close to completion
    The demo has really wet my appetite
    i love me these visual novel games
    can’t wait for the release

  30. Rabbit

     /  2013/04/11

    That 0.1 percent is killing me. =(((

  31. tonberry

     /  2013/04/12

    I just heard of this game and played the demo.

    Oddly enough the bear telling me I’d reached the limit of the demo annoyed me the most out of anything he said.

  32. Nero

     /  2013/04/16

    Yay!! almost there!!
    Keep up the good works! I really looking forward to play it!

  33. Unknown

     /  2013/04/18

    Dat 0.1 percent

  34. That 0.1% must include some really complex stuff. You guys are awesome, take as much time as you need!

  35. deltazechs

     /  2013/04/23

    You guys are doing a great job!
    Can’t wait for the translation of this awesome game!

  36. Thank you so much~ It might be forever before the game comes to the USA! This will hold me over until it does!

  37. Mei-chan

     /  2013/06/01

    Hello!! Thanks for your hard work,can’t wait for the full version to be released!! Speaking of which (and sorry if I’m rude),do you think it will be complete before the end of June? I’m going for a trip to another country,which has almost no net connection,and I wanted something to occupy me.Not that I’m rushing you,my reasonings matter at all really,but I really want to know if it will be complete by then.Seeing 99% for so long really makes us feel frustrated, I bet you feel worse

    • Mei-chan

       /  2013/06/01

      argh,I meant my reasons DON’T matter,sorry…

    • @ Mei-Chan

      I think having vacations over the Summer could be said of several people. I’m doing a trip with family late June.

      I’m not one to rush a project, but it is frustrating to know the translation is at ~99%, yet it’s been several months since an update. If the editing is truly done, I don’t know what the testing reports we’re waiting on means. If they need testing reports, they can release a test-release version, let the fans test it, and it would be done a lot quicker and accurately due to the immense feedback. The movie files are at 6/11, but it was mentioned they may have a release without movies to cut down on the download size, so the remaining movies aren’t really necessary.

      Anyways, if your reasons did not matter, they wouldn’t have opened this site up to comments :D.

      • Mei-chan

         /  2013/06/10

        Ah,no wait! I don’t care about it coming soon,but I don’t want you to cut out any movies,they’re the most interesting part! Well,not the most,but still… I hope at least none of the ‘Punishment videos’ were cut out at least.

  38. lilin08

     /  2013/06/03

    Thank you for translating this! Looking forward to your end results!

  39. Paolo

     /  2013/06/04

    Thanks for all your hard work. Hope to see the full game translation soon. Again thanks

  40. i know that you are using the 2011 (psp the best) ver of dangan ronpa 1 and i was wondering for dangan ronpa 2 are you going to use a regular copy of the game?
    since im considering buying actual copies of the games i want to make sure im getting the right ones

    • If they release an updated version of SDR2, we might consider transitioning to it, but for now we’re working from the original version. If that does happen, we’ll almost certainly release patches for both versions.

  41. VT

     /  2013/06/19

    Well the only thing I care about is the patch being released before the Anime Dangan Ronpa comes out in July so I know the story beforehand.
    I would hate to see spoilers while watching the anime.

  42. Didn’t know they were doing an anime. I might watch that after I beat the game if the anime gets decent reviews.

  43. Darn, no translation yet. Well, I’m now off on vacation. See ya all in a week.

  44. Is there going to be a translation for Super Dangan Ronpa 2? Because i ust fiished the first game and i would love it if you translated the second too.

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