[Guest Post] Danganronpa Demo English Dub

Hey everyone! Got a special guest post today from Michaela Laws, who contacted us a while back about using our translation to produce an English dub for the game.

DANGAN RONPA: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Students The Demo – English Dub

Hey Everyone! My name is Michaela Laws and, through a long period of work and some sleepless nights (which were kind of enjoyable and worth it!), I can now present, with a million credits to Project Zetsubou, the Dangan Ronpa Demo fully voiced in English! I really would like to thank Project ZetsubouΒ for helping me out in making this possible and the voice talents that have taken the time out of their lives to voice over the characters in this fantastic game demo! Everyone really did an amazing job!

The voices were added into the game with the help of PZ, so you can download the demo from the link below to receive the PSP demo fully voiced over in English. The ISO is password-protected, but you’ll find the password in the READ ME file!

Download | YouTube Video

— Credits —

Makoto Naegi – Rem McDougal
Leon Kuwata – Alejandro Saab
Sayaka Maizono – Helene Daviau
Chihiro Fujisaki – Azureblend
Kiyotaka Ishimaru – Fredrick Andresen
Kyouko Kirigiri – Jillian Condit
Celestia Ludenburg – Brittany Lauda
Monokuma – Michaela Laws
Byakuya Togami – Peter Gerkman
Touko Fukawa – Maud Duke
Mondo Oowada – Devonte Clark
Hifumi Yamada – Rem McDougal
Aoi Asahina – Arietta
Sakura Oogami – Devonte Clark
Yasuhiro Hagakure (Not featured in this video) – Fredrick Andresen
Junko Enoshima – Amanda Lee

A MAJOR Thank You once again to Project Zetsubou for making this voice over project possible!!

Michaela Laws

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  1. Mike

     /  2013/04/19

    Can we still play the game with the Japanese VA’s but with English text?

    • Yes. The dub is a separate project based on our translation. Our patch will contain the original Japanese voices.

  2. Matt

     /  2013/04/19

    Cool, I will try it out when I get the chance.

  3. This is so awesome! Congratulations to all of you!

  4. Charlotte

     /  2013/04/20

    This may be a stupidly obvious question, but is this only playable on the computer, or may it be on the psp as well? And if it is available to download on the psp, would you need the original game to play it?

    • Yes, it’s playable on a PSP. For the demo, you just need to download the translated version (either the dub linked here or our release with the original voices from the downloads page). For the full game, when it’s out, you’ll need a copy of the original Japanese PSP The Best rerelease in order to apply the patch.

  5. erio

     /  2013/04/20

    when the patch is released, will you add links to download the ISO of “the best”? and if you are what uploading sites will you use? (filecloud,depositfiles,mediafire?)

    • No, we will not be providing pirated copies of the game to download. We will, however, provide instructions on how to purchase and rip your own copy of the game.

  6. Azuru

     /  2013/04/20

    The demo reminded me about this, but are you going to update your Translation Notes or are you waiting until the full game’s released to update all the chapters at once? I know you guys’re switching around some of the old titles, but the main page doesn’t reflect that. I’m gonna miss One Percenter though, ngl.

    • Yeah, we’ll be working on the TL notes sometime after release. We’re leaving the page as-is for the time being since it reflects the translations used in the currently available demo, but it’ll all get updated when the full patch is out.

  7. gunzero005

     /  2013/04/21

    I hope you guys realise you provided me with an awesome videogame version of crack especially with the amazing dubbing

  8. Togamoney

     /  2013/04/22

    Wait….This may seem like a dumb question but can this be played on the PC? If so, then how?

    • It’s playable in JPCSP, but it has framerate issues. Check out this comment and the few following it for some tips on getting it setup.

    • There are a few working PSP emulators for PC. Problem is, each one has it’s own drawbacks. JPCSP has the most compatibility (a lot of games will run on it) but, like BlackDragonHunt said, it has framerate issues. This means that the game will run, but it’ll run very slowly with choppy visuals depending on your settings and PC hardware.

      There is another emulator called PPSSPP which can also run the game. This emulator has no problems with framerate (it can run consistently with 60FPS) but there are not many games that work fully with this emulator. I noticed that Danganronpa crashed a few times when playing on PPSSPP, though I don’t know if others are having that issue too.

      If you have a decent PC with a lot of RAM, I suggest using JPCSP and toggling the settings around until the game is playable. If you have more questions, just comment here and I’ll try to help!

      • There is one caveat here, though. In the emulator’s current state, one of our hacks completely stops the game from working in PPSSPP, but JPCSP and a real PSP handle it just fine. PPSSPP is improving extremely quickly though, so it’s very likely this is only a temporary issue.

  9. Lentfilms

     /  2013/04/22

    Wow! There are very few video game fan dubs created that are actually inserted into the game. I’ll have to replay the demo now. Great job you guys!

  10. @BlackDragonHunt
    I was wondering if you guys had a YouTube channel. It’d give the group some more exposure, and people could subscribe to see what other projects you’ll work on in the future! I’m not too keen on using Twitter lol. Anyways, you guys are doing an awesome job! I really appreciate everything you guys are doing πŸ™‚

  11. Knicknevin

     /  2013/06/05

    So I’m hoping this means that they’ll be doing the full game as well?

  12. Clou

     /  2013/06/10

    Will you still release the japanese dub ? Because I like the original dub better, but thanks for your hard work

  13. You Hou

     /  2013/06/12

    I see a lot of backlash about the choice of voices, and to be honest, it could be done better. I know it’s a separate project, but as a suggestion why don’t you try and get multiple people in on different characters and letting fans vote? Of course this is just a suggestion, I just would like to have a dub worth listening to because to be honest, this has more potential for being a good dub than if it ever got localized.

  14. I could be watching anime, but here's my opinion at...

     /  2013/06/20

    I personally found the dubs to sound nice for the most part, even though it does suffer from bit rate issues — that or just lack of quality microphones.
    If there was any critique, it would be to Naegi’s voice actor. I have to assume some of the cheesiness is deliberate, as to match up to the same anime-esque feel that the Japanese do for theirs. I feel it might be better to sound rather ‘normal’. It does come off as the most jarring, at least for me, when I never hear such teenaged boys speaking like that. Maybe the Japanese dubbed Naegi sounds similar, but it’s only more jarring and more noticeable when I understand the language. Yes, I know, double standards.

    This isn’t to say I automatically accept Japanese voice actors who make males sound like that either, both sides make me cringe.

    Many of the female cast sound like sweet, sweet butter to my ears. πŸ™‚

  15. Licorice

     /  2013/10/26

    I have a question.
    I’m using PPSSPP 9.1, and it works flawlessly with the full game and the japanese voiced demo, but for some reason the voices in this version play double speed.
    Please help.

  16. I already completed the Danggan Ronpa game in the PSP but I’ve heard that you get something by also playing this demo, is that true? If so, what is that “something”?

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