[Tutorial] Acquiring the Game

Obviously, if you want to play Danganronpa, you’re going to need a copy of the game first. We here at Project Zetsubou are huge fans of supporting the games we love, so this isn’t going to be a tutorial on piracy. Rather, we’re going to tell you how to purchase your own legitimate copy of the game and dump an ISO that you can use with our patch.

Purchasing the Game

The first thing you need to know is that our patch only works with the PSP The Best re-release of Danganronpa. The Best edition added a bunch of extra artwork, tuned the controls, and fixed a few other problems with the original release of the game, so you’ll need the newer version of the game.

There are a few places you can purchase the game without needing to know Japanese:

If you know of any other import stores that sell the game and have it in-stock, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

Dumping the ISO

First, you’re going to need custom firmware on your PSP. If you’ve never installed a CFW before, I suggest following this tutorial to install 6.60 PRO-C.

  1. Once you’ve got CFW installed and a copy of the game in-hand, put the UMD into your PSP. It should show up on the XMB like any other game.
  2. Press the Select button. A menu like this should appear:
  3. usb-device-umdScroll down to “USB DEVICE” and change it to “UMD Disc,” like it shows in the picture above.
  4. Press Select again or hit “EXIT” to make the menu disappear.
  5. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB. It should show up as an external device on your computer.
  6. Open the device and a single ISO file should be visible there:dr-iso-psp
  7. Copy the ISO to your computer. (It’ll take a while, UMD is slow.)
  8. Rename the file “Danganronpa.iso” or something else more descriptive than “UMD9660.ISO”
  9. If you want to verify you got a clean, proper dump, you can use a program like HashTab to generate hashes for the ISO file.
    1. Size: 1,801,584,640 bytes
    2. CRC32: D4ED9D84
    3. MD5: E653E69DA189D9ACD71C598297FF5E31
    4. SHA-1: FDF4875A5E4B631579DB18512A12468469FC3B74
  10. Go back to the VHS menu and change “USB DEVICE” back to “Memory Stick”:usb-device-ms
  11. Now you can take the UMD out of your PSP and put it away for safe-keeping. 🙂
  12. To be extra sure the dump worked, you can copy the ISO to a folder named “ISO” on the root of your memory stick (just like you did with the demo), and it should show up on the XMB under Game -> Memory Stick.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re ready for the translation patch!

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  1. Are you on PST or something? It’s 4:20am EST here, so I dont know how you found the energy to type that :D.

    Many thanks for the quick and detailed instructions.

  2. dirk

     /  2013/06/23

    I think your hashes are wrong for the clean dump. Mine come out different with both dumps I’ve made. I get E653E69DA189D9ACD71C598297FF5E31 as an MD5. After patching, the hashes on the patch page are correct, though.

    • Oh god, you’re right. My computer can be kind of fickle, and it sometimes gives me incorrect hashes just for kicks.

  3. CRC32: 53A9D24C
    MD5: 9AC3076486293A279C10E1D94CE82B0E
    SHA-1: 84A83BD56D459C37E20483179BEA3A3CAD90D4B5

    Here’s the hashes for my dump. I think I got duped (eg. It was labelled as the PSP Best version) because the patcher says the ISO isn’t the one it’s looking for even after renaming it per the patching instructions.

    • That hash doesn’t match either the original or the re-release, so maybe there was just an error in the dump? Older CFWs sometimes don’t dump a handful of bytes at the end of the file, so make sure the filesize matches the one I just added to the post as well, and then try dumping it again.

  4. Do you have any idea how I could get this working on ppsspp without buying a psp? I’d love to buy the game (that’s affordable) and be able to play it in english on my computer LEGALLY. I’m sorry but I’m not willing to break laws! The whole point of ppsspp is not to buy a psp so is there any way I could buy the disc only and still get it to work in english on ppsspp?

    • If you don’t want to buy a PSP, you’ll probably have to find a friend or someone who has one you can borrow for a couple hours to dump the ISO.

  5. G.N.A.

     /  2013/07/16

    Hi! Is it possible to play it in the PC?

    • G.N.A.

       /  2013/07/16

      And I forgot to ask: the quality/gameplay etc is good if I were to play it in the computer?

  6. Fox

     /  2013/07/17

    This a great patch and I love it, great job to the developers and thank you so much. However, as this was my first time patching a game, I had some difficulty with the instructions as far as how to put the game on the system and get it running. Make sure you put the ISO folder in the first menu that is available, not in any sub-folders, and the CFW must be running to access the game.
    Again, thank you and I hope this helps someone else.

  7. What about PSP Go?

  8. Ren

     /  2013/07/31

    Ah, I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused. Could you still play from the disk even after doing the ISO dump?

  9. johnhermanurias@yahoo.com

     /  2013/08/11

    how do you play this on emulator?

    • You rip the ISO, as per the instructions, optionally apply the English patch, then open it in either PPSSPP or JPCSP.

  10. N

     /  2013/09/01

    so if i did that i would be able to play the game on my psp? cuz i really don’t wanna play it on computer if i will buy original copy

  11. Diogo Luis

     /  2013/09/09

    I downloaded but it just does not work the patch, rename the “Danganronpa.iso” he advises not find the file and rename if it’s the same. I am trying to run using JPCSP. What can I do?

  12. I’m in love with this Theme… Could someone send it to me, or give me a link or something to download it??

    • You mean the PSP theme? IIRC, it was one of the bonuses that came with the SDR2 limited edition. I think it’s also available for sale on the Japanese PSN? But either way, I can’t give you a download link.

  13. xhai

     /  2013/12/20

    Do you have an xdelta patch link.. i cant find it anywhere?

    thank you for the patch

  14. Roseanna

     /  2013/12/27

    How big a memory stick would you say you needed for this? Would a 4 GB one be enough?

  15. i tried your patch but in the prologue the crosser’s not reacting when i press “x” and i can’t get out of that room but if i play the unpatch version its working is there any wrong with the ISO that i dl btw the title of that ISO is Danganronpa PSP the best i need your help i want to play this game so badly

  16. lean

     /  2014/05/13

    hey, can you upload a video for the tutorials? im having a bit hard time to do all tutorials.

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