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Since the need to avoid spoilers is stifling discussion in the release post, I figured we needed a place people could talk about the game more freely.

I’m sure this would work better on a forum or something, but we’re just a simple blog, so this will have to do.

A few ground rules:

  1. Be civil.
  2. The entirety of Danganronpa: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Students is fair game, but no spoilers for Zero or SDR2.
  3. You are free to ask why we translated certain things the way we did, but this is not the place to argue the pros and cons of different translations.


  1. In response to this comment and the rest of the thread preceding it.

    Klee covered the character development subject very well here, and I pretty much agree with everything he said.

    Leon may not have gotten any drastic development, but he grows from the hotheaded “I hate baseball but it was a convenient way to get into the school” punk he was at the beginning to something slightly more than that. He figures out that he was being dishonest with himself and what he wants out of his life. After spending some time away from the game, he realizes that he actually does enjoy playing it, and his so-called dream to become a musician wasn’t as important to him as he first thought it was. It’s not the most original character arc, but he’s literally only around for one chapter, and that doesn’t even take into account all the things you can infer about him from the way he behaves during ch1.

    While I will agree that some of the characters had weaker development than others, saying there was no development at all is doing the game and the writer a huge disservice. Like Klee said, it doesn’t have to be drastic or some huge change. And, in fact, the majority of the game’s development leans on the subtle side.

    No, you would assume that every blonde girl you see is stupid. And that just happened in the game

    Mukuro is not stupid. She was putting on a performance, playing the character that would draw the least suspicion. She was intentionally pretending to be the cliché associated with her image. And Enoshima is shown to be extraordinarily intelligent.

    • Knicknevin

       /  2013/07/03

      WRT Mukuro, it certainly seemed like she was in the process of trying to turn over a new leaf, from her final conversation with Naegi. I’d even go so far as to say that was part of why Junko decided to off her: Junko suspected whatever feelings Mukuro may have had for Naegi might have been shaking her resolve and loyalty to her sister. And I think that on some level she DID have some feelings for Naegi: it’s subtle, but in the final case, when you are supposed to be noticing the pattern of ‘Enoshima’s face is hidden in every photo’, I also noticed something else- the only photo where Mukuro makes eye contact with the camera is in the one Naegi took. That, along with the final conversation you have with her, cast her in an entirely new light.

      At first I didn’t think much of it. I only realized the significance of this while going back through earlier chapters to clear up missed scenes and went ‘Oh… damn. Damn.’ I was pretty deeply impressed at how subtly it was hinted at and at how much effort went into building up her character, despite the fact that you never even really meet her.

      • Harley

         /  2013/07/06

        What’s the problem with people like you? Always seeing feelings where there aren’t. Always shipping characters like Sakura x Asahina or Moon x Ishimaru. Are you nuts?
        Can’t you comprehend the meaning of thw word “friendship”?!
        Is it too difficult?

      • DLC

         /  2013/07/06

        There’s is absolutely no reason for you to be a dick about someone seeing feelings between two characters. Even if you don’t agree with people shipping two characters, it’s uncalled for to be so rude to someone about it. You’re adding nothing to the conversation, and shaming others just because they have a different interpretation of the characters than you.

      • Klee

         /  2013/07/08

        I completely agree with DLC – there’s no need to be disrespectful, and note that one of the first ground rules up above is, very simply, “Be civil.” Shoutout to DLC by the way, for speaking up about it.

        Anyway, I agree with Knicknevin. Also want to point out that in Danganronpa IF (sorry if this is considered spoilers, but IF wasn’t listed above), the exact same point about Mukuro only looking into the camera when Naegi takes the picture is outright mentioned by Junko. Hell, IF practically confirms Mukuro having feelings for Naegi, but I suppose the canonity can be debated. Still, I very much support the ship!

  2. Junko

     /  2013/07/01

    There IS a forum. Super High School Level Forum.

  3. Junko

     /  2013/07/01

    Wow, not cool. You deleted my comment? I thought this was the discussion thread. Well, whatever. If that’s how you’re gonna be, forget it.

  4. Matt

     /  2013/07/01

    So my question is about Mukuro. I was a little confused on why she refused to go to the class trial. She normally should have went along, right?

    • It was all a plan formed by Junko and Mukuro from the start. Mukuro was suppose to be taken somewhere as a punishment, but Junko betrayed her and killed her instead.

  5. Matt

     /  2013/07/02

    What are some non-spoilerific things I can watch/read/look at about DR2?

    • I’m not sure there’s going to be much in the way of options, to be honest. With what, three (?) different LPs of the game going on right now or something crazy like that, I imagine most of the information out there, in English, is going to be targeted at people reading one of those.

  6. Matt

     /  2013/07/02

    Anyways, On to more discussion. And by that I mean questions.

    1. Did Fujiaski almost break through his amnesia to remember the times he was at the high school? He seemed to feel that he new Naegi from somewhere before.

    2. Could Enoshima still listen into the bath room (the area without cameras) somehow? Or was she just that confident that she felt she didn’t need them?

    3. Why was Monokuma temporarily shut down? Was it because of Alter Ego’s virus or was it just to bait them into finding out that they were on TV/give them hope of escaping to make them despair when they find out that they can’t?

    4. How well do Naegi pancakes go with Oowata butter? Do they go best with artificial Togami or all natural Hagakure maple syrup?

    • I think monokuma was shut down because Enoshima was making the fake kill thing so she wasn´t in the control room for monokuma therefore she couldn´t control it

    • Hannah

       /  2013/07/10

      1. Possibly, but it could just have been a slight feeling of deja vu, which would be a feeling of slight familiarity that Fujisaki’s conscience grasped to and used to created a more tangible memory. Either way, Fujisaki didn’t last long enough for a true breakthrough of his past memories.

      2. Just like with in the washroom, there are supposedly no cameras installed. I suspect that either Monokuma/Junko became suspicious whenever more than one person had particular business in an area without the cameras (such as when Naegi and Kirigiri linger in the hallway outside the bathroom or when everyone stays in the washroom for a decent amount of time). As a result, she would carefully watch over those areas in the future under the suspicion that people were intending to thwart her plans.
      Not necessarily that she was confident that she didn’t need them, but I’m guessing that privacy in the bathrooms/washrooms was the absolute minimum of privacy that she could give them. Especially since she is smart enough and therefore able to reason that something must be going on if multiple people gather in a place without cameras.
      The only other explanation I can give is that she bugged the room or installed some kind of highly concealed camera that not even Kirigiri would notice. It breaks her rule about ‘honesty’ in a way, but she herself has run into an occasion where she neglects fairness as long as it isn’t broadcasted/revealed.

      3. I think it was what you say in the latter—to give them hope and then to utterly crush it. This was part of Junko’s scheme to have them slowly find out about the supposed decay of the world that they wish for. This missing time also puts into account Junko’s preparations of Mukuro Ikusaba’s ‘death’.

      4. Excellently, and why both Togami’s and Hagakure’s, of course. You can’t forget Kirigiri either!

  7. Avenkross

     /  2013/07/03

    I missed a few character page because I was convinced a certain character just didn’t like me enough to show another scene. What’s the best point in the game to spend time with the students regardless of who’s alive? It seems like it may be painful to power through the beginning of a chapter just to max them out.

    • If I’m not mistaken, I believe chapter 2 is the best for collecting events. It has four FTs really close together, and a fifth one a little farther down the line–though you can’t hang out with Togami at all in ch2. If you need Genocider events, ch3 is probably your best bet, since Fukawa is in Genocider mode for all five FTs in that chapter.

  8. doco

     /  2013/07/03

    So I was posting about what I thought about the ending on another forum and this person replies back with saying Junko was the leader of a terrorist group and the outside world was being attacked by them. I saw nowhere in the game mentioning the word “Terrorists” anywhere. Is he wrong about this? Or maybe that information is made available in the sequel and prequel? Not in the first game at all.

    • That information is more thoroughly explained in the sequel.

    • I think it’s just a matter of how you look at it. While the word “terrorist” may not be used in the game, think about what she’s done. She locked a bunch of kids in a school, told them they have to kill each other if they want to get out, hijacked the broadcast signals so she could air the whole thing on live television, and mowed down anyone who tried to come to their rescue. And why did she do this? To induce despair and misery. I would say that probably qualifies as terrorism. And the game makes it clear that SDHS Despair is not just a single person, but a group (of which, at the very least, Junko and Mukuro are members).

      • doco

         /  2013/07/03

        Thanks for clarifying it. My definition of a terrorist is an individual or a group of people who commit violence driven by politics. Which is why I seriously questioned why Junko was a terrorist from his perspective. I just couldn’t see how it was defined as an act of terrorism.

        Depends on peoples definitions of terrorist and terrorism I suppose. I’ll wait for the sequel no matter how long you guys take 🙂

      • If you imagine SDHS Despair’s political/ideological position–the agenda they’re trying to push–as “despair” (which is not all that much of a stretch, to be honest), it fits. Is that how we’re supposed to interpret it? I have no idea, but it’s certainly one way of looking at things.

  9. battlerwright

     /  2013/07/04

    Is danganronpa/zero a prequel or sequel to? Also is it supposed to be read before or after danrangronpa 2?

  10. I´m here just to say that the anime is really good, it´s almost exactly like the game i already want to see the next episode.

  11. 1001

     /  2013/07/05

    Not really a question about the game, but is there a link to the font(s) you guys used?

    • I can’t link you to them, but I can tell you what they’re called. The main script font is a blend of “Meiryo” and “Meiryo UI”, and the trial minigame/emphasis font is a blend of “DF So Gei W7” and “DFG So Gei W7”.

      • 1001

         /  2013/07/05

        Ah, yeah, just the names are fine, sorry. Thank you!

  12. Pallerå

     /  2013/07/05

    Is there a sub group who does DR anime using terms closer to the game translation? I don’t think i can manage with “monobear” very long. also “Super Duper High School Fanzine Maker” ehhhh

  13. woogieboogue

     /  2013/07/05

    do i need the Japanese game to play the english patch

    • Kirlyfish

       /  2013/07/05

      Yes. The patch is just a patch, you need to acquire the game yourself. Free download link discussions are apparently not allowed since the site moderators put up a tutorial on how to get the game by purchasing it.

  14. Harley

     /  2013/07/06

    Hi everyone! I’ve just finished to play it game and I want to thank you all for your hard work.
    You are the best!

  15. ChromeTH

     /  2013/07/07

    Finished the game yesterday thanks to you guys 🙂 now I want to get the character cards completed, is there a guide to which person likes which presents most? Which character takes longest to complete?
    And why is Juno Enoshima so goddam scary? I knew she was a psycho but this was way worse than anything I expected!
    Is it true Spike considers additional sequels?
    Is it worth to buy a Vita to play the remakes (in other words, are there pictures or trailers of them?)
    To those who played the sequel: Is it good? I saw some executions and they seemed way more absurd than in the first one, which kind of annoyed me…

  16. JohnEgbert

     /  2013/07/07

    Hey, is the vita release of Danganronpa going to affect the translation of the second game for the psp?

    • Levani

       /  2013/07/10

      I want to know that too. But it’s useless to ask about that right now I think, if they knew the answer they would have made an announcement. I do hope that whenever they make one, it will be “We will do DG2”. Please don’t turn our hopes into despair! 😀

  17. Léon

     /  2013/07/10

    I guy, i just finish this awesome game thanks for the translation. I have a question : in my movie gallery I lack a video,someone will be how it is obtained? (i have the kirigiri dead)
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

    • Matt

       /  2013/07/10

      I’m guessing that you’re missing the last video. If that’s the case, you need the #92 item, ‘Escape Switch’, and that should unlock it.

  18. Hannah

     /  2013/07/10

    Something that I’ve been wondering for a while—is there ever any explicit (or assumed) reason that Sayaka chose to make Leon her victim (even though things didn’t go as planned)? I can only recall how Leon gapes at her during the class trial demo, and my immediate guess is that it was some sort of honey trap.

    Anyone have other ideas??

    • ChromeTH

       /  2013/07/10

      Well my guess is she just ruled out other victims, they all knew each other only for a few days and she as a girl would have had it easier to lure in a guy, that Left Togami, naegi,Yamada, Oowada, Yamada, Leon and Ishimaru. Togami was to distrusting to go for such an obvious trapp, So would be Oowada, plus killing him in an ambush would still be hard. Ishimaru to stuck up on the rules to leave his room for a girl. Leon made himself look like a Ladykiller whenever he had the chance. Yamada would have been a good choice too
      It was all very improtu and lacked Case3’s planning or case2’s mystery so everything else would be just guessing

  19. I have question regarding the gallery. I have completed the game twice, but still missing one from event gallery and other from movie gallery. For event gallery, I’m missing one between Mysterious Photograph #1 and Cold, Hard Crash. As for movie gallery, I’m missing the very last one. I was told you need Escape Switch, but I have no idea how to acquire it. Do anyone know what I missed and how to obtain those two? Thanks in advance.

    • For the missing event, you need to obtain item #91, “Spirit of Adventure” from the Monomono Machine, then go through chapter 3.

      The last movie does, indeed, require the Escape Switch item, which you can also obtain from the Monomono Machine.

      • Thanks, I just got Spirit of Adventure from the machine. Hopefully I can find Escape Switch sometime soon too.

  20. Kirlyfish

     /  2013/07/12

    *Spoilers for end of Chapter 1* Was it ever explained why the nameplates were switched when Naegi and Maizono swapped rooms? I don’t understand the need to do so, or am I missing something?

    • It was so Leon would end up in the correct room. If the nameplates had stayed in their original positions, Leon would have gone to the room where Naegi was sleeping. Maizono needed him to come to the room she was staying in so she could kill him.

  21. Devilmoon

     /  2013/07/13

    So, what did they find out of the school? Do you think Naegi was part of Super Duper High School Despair or that he knew about what was going on outside the school?
    Also, who was slaughtered in the classroom on fifth floor?

    Are these questions answered in Danganronpa 2 or Zero?

  22. So I just completed the epilogue but I noticed that I was missing the very last thing in the movie gallery. I also noticed that in VNDB that Danganronpa had a “New Game Plus” tag. Does this mean that on my second playthrough of the game, there is an alternative ending beyond the gates?

    • To unlock the last movie, you have to get the “Escape Switch” item from the Monomono Machine. And, in terms of New Game Plus, it’s nothing super special. You just keep your skills/points/free time progress/etc.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/07/15

        How do you get this item? Pretty sure I’ve gotten all the available items from it, but not that one. And how do you get the CG below “Fukawa the Hermit # 1”?

        Also, why did you change the way Yamada speaks? It seriously messes up case 3. The very idea that anyone would try and claim Yamada’s “ak” was trying to say anyone’s name is kind of farfetched, since he was at death’s door. It’s something much more likely to be dismissed as a cry/cough kind of thing. The change was hardly necessary, so why? You could have just kept the name order the same. It’s further messed up by the fact that Celes’ real name has no “ak” in it. It’s “Taeko”. Even worse, it does not have any real “ak” sound in it, either. It’s all just a bit of a stretch for a change that hardly seemed needed in the first place.

      • The machine won’t dispense the “Escape Switch” item until you’ve completed the game. And the other CG is an alternate version of “Fukawa the Hermit” which, if I’m not mistaken, should have shown up pretty soon after the first one.

        We changed the order Yamada says people’s names because we did the same thing for everyone else. It would have stood out much more to have him referring to people using Japanese name order while everyone else used Western order. And remember: it was Celes who first suggested the “…a…k…” (to be precise about how we wrote Yamada saying it) could be part of a name. Oogami recites what she heard, but Celes is the one who leads everyone to the false conclusion that Yamada was trying to name Hagakure. Not knowing that there’s someone else with the name “Yasuhiro” there, it’s hard for anyone to really question her unless they notice the name is in the wrong order–which happens during the trial, and is exactly the same conundrum as in the original, just flipped.

        If you know the answer ahead of time, yeah it seems like a bit of a stretch, but then again, so do a lot of things in that case. For what it is, I think we handled it well enough within the confines of our translation style.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/07/16

        What about the requirements to get into the school, stated at the beginning? I’m sure there were plenty of “acceptable” translations, but the one you gave is definitely not accurate, and that’s kind of a big thing. The one rule is NOT that you have to excel in all subjects, but in one specific field.

      • The Japanese line actually does explicitly say “all subjects.” 各分野において超一流であること — literally, “you must be super top-level in each subject.” After talking about it a little in the staff room, we determined that it probably wasn’t referring to the students’ talents (which are singular but almost always referred to as 才能), but their general academic prowess. It’s a weird line that doesn’t get a lot of attention aside from being copy/pasted into the beginning of every story set in this universe.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/07/19

        But we already know that’s not accurate, especially if you know the school’s purpose. They are interested in the talents they excel in, not their actual grades.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/08/06

        Are you just going to ignore this glaring error? If what I’ve said isn’t enough to convince you, in spite of the fact that everyone knows it refers to one specific area, the characters say it as well. Several characters in the game mention their lack of smarts. Hagakure is the biggest proof that you got it wrong, since we know he gets horrible grades and was held back three times for it.

      • All that suggests is that there are exceptions to the rule, or that the original line is a consistency error. I already admitted it was a weird line, and it’s a point that is literally never discussed, in any detail, anywhere in the series.

        But if you want to accuse us of translating it wrong, you’re going to have to come back with someone who actually speaks Japanese and can put up an argument based on the Japanese text. I’ve already asked a couple friends to look at it for me, and they all agree with my interpretation.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/08/07

        We are talking about a line everyone already knows the meaning of-that the student must excel in one specific field. That’s the whole point of the academy and the titles the students have. The academy could care less about the grades, it’s all about the talents.

      • Again, if you want to debate translation, come back with someone who knows Japanese. Right now, all you’re doing is trying to refute what the text actually says with your preconceived notion of what it should say, which is meaningless.

      • Fukawa

         /  2013/08/25

        It’s NOT my preconceived anything. Everyone knows what it says, and it’s clear your translation is not right. Oren’s is the correct one, as evidenced in the game itself, and even in the books. It’s the whole point of the school!

      • You keep telling yourself that. If “everyone” knew what it said, nobody would need a translation in the first place.

        Either way, this discussion is over. We’re just going in circles here. Any further posts on the matter not backed with actual evidence will be deleted out of hand.

  23. One thing that always kind of bugged me was after one of the trials, can’t remember which, you unlock this floor with a classroom that’s in disarray (I think there’s blood and stuff) Is it ever said what happened there?

  24. reiona

     /  2013/07/20

    I just want to ask you about your translation of Celes name, “セレスティア・ルーデンベルク”. I’ve seen official merchandise that has her name written as “Celestia Ludenberck” and the katakana even ends in ク, not グ, so why did you translate the last name to “Ludenberg”?
    Don’t get me wrong, I think your translation looks way better than the official one, but the original creators seem to have named her that way, so shouldn’t you be true to them?

    • That spelling is explained in a little more detail here: https://danganronpa.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/a-quick-update/

      So basically – Ludenberg looks and sounds like a real name, whereas Ludenberck just sorta… doesn’t. On the other hand, we know that her name is 100% bogus anyway, so it’s entirely plausible she’d put together a more silly, gibberish name like Ludenberck, so there IS that. But personally, I think “Ludenberg” is a lot easier on the eyes (and doesn’t scream of Kinda Lazy Transliteration)

      • Also, for what it’s worth, the German “berg” is, in fact, often spelled with a ク, not a グ.

  25. So did anybody else find it interesting that characters sort of gravitated towards those they were close with pre-amnesia? Which would make sense, since they’re the same people in a sort of fucked up reset, but it was really sad at the same time (especially that group picture at the end of the game). One thing I always found odd was Yamada knowing what Celes’s real name is, because then they /must have/ been close back then.

  26. Itoshiki

     /  2013/07/23

    Is there a guide for giving gifts anywhere? I would like to 100% the game, but some gifts are less obvious than others. I just don’t want to use limited free time slots giving the wrong gifts.

  27. Koto

     /  2013/07/25

    Is it ever mentioned in the game what the puppet master did to their bodies or is it referring to the fact that their memories were erased? I completed the game but it wasn’t clearly answered.

    Also, what’s funny is how Naegi was able to hear Monokuma’s announcement about his hint (the group photos) when he was in the second floor of the dormitory since there were no cameras or screens 😛

  28. Happy Fish

     /  2013/07/25

    So I have only played your translation of the game. Here are some of my questions:

    Is the ending of the world process described in detail somewhere else? Felt that bit was a little rushed or left vague so it could be used in another platform. Is sounds like an anarchist movement that became a worldwide entity with resource control that the girl used to furnish parts of the school with(camera and tvs) just wonder how much influence they had on the set up since the students did most of the shelter work.

    I know there was one reference to explosions(which seem like the hope fighters trying to rescue the students) and one note of “construction” but was anyone from Despair or Monokuma Corp part of building the punishments on the lower levels? To stay true to the rules that is the only place it seems there could be outside help let in.

    Is the method of how the rooms fixed bodies disposed ever explained anywhere? The best guess I could come up with is while the Class trial was going on, the Puppetmaster would have the audio going while controlling a Monokuma to do the clean up.

    Did the writer want to convey something by having most of the murder scenes have “Pepto-Bismol” blood while things like Leon’s execution, the 5th floor classroom and the 2nd floor dorms had real blood?

    The punishment “A space journey”, is it explained if the headmaster was left up there for a period of time and came back down rotted or was it supposed to suggest that he was shot up and burned up on reentry? Wouldn’t make much sense if the girl at the end did the same and came back still alive.

    • Kirigiri

       /  2013/08/08

      The end of the world and the process leading up to it will be described in Zero and SDR2, and how the events in DR1 were made possible will be heavily implied.

      Junko’s execution never really made sense to me either.

    • S

       /  2013/12/21

      The reason for the pink blood is simply for the rating, sorry about any theories I might have destroyed.

    • S

       /  2013/12/21

      Also: “A Space Journey” happened in real-time, or so it’s implied. It’s not like he actually went to space, you know, so that means that he probably burned up coming back.

  29. Valshione

     /  2013/08/02

    what happen with my danganronpa?
    in chapter 5, when i found a mask person, and found the key, i directly go to bio lab, and i’m stuck on that place, everything on chatbox is missing (blank)
    but the bgm still played..
    what should i do?

    • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, upload a save file for us and we’ll look into it.

    • Touzenda

       /  2013/08/12

      Did you press the “L” button?

      • dasdasd

         /  2013/10/21

        does pressing L solves the problem?

  30. Frank

     /  2014/01/08

    Great job with this translation. One of the better ones I’ve read.

    Looking forward to the sequel!

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