Plans for the Future

Some exciting stuff has happened over the past week or so, and as a result we’ve had a lot of people asking what our plans are for the future. Since things have finally settled down a bit, we figured now would be a good time to start answering those questions.

First of all, if you somehow missed the excitement, NIS America announced plans to release Danganronpa (under the name “Trigger Happy Havoc: Dangan Ronpa”) for the PlayStation Vita in 2014. This came as a bit of a surprise to us, since we had just released our translation patch a couple weeks earlier. Naturally, there was some confusion and worry about the future of the project.

Anyway, after some discussion amongst the team and an amazing conversation with Houk from NISA (who is totally awesome, by the way), this is what we decided on:

  • Danganronpa/Zero: At this point, we have no reason to believe DR/Z has been picked up by anyone, so we will continue working on this.
  • Danganronpa: Kirigiri: Since this isn’t being written by Kazutaka Kodaka, we will not be making a decision until the book is out and we have had a chance to read it ourselves.
  • The drama CDs: We still intend to translate the drama CDs we have (which, at this point, consists of Another Story: Black/White and the five tracks on the Rearrange Soundtrack that came with the limited edition of the PSP The Best release). These are fairly low-priority, so don’t expect them to show up anytime soon. If we find ourselves in possession of any others, we will probably do those as well.
  • Super Danganronpa 2: All we can say about this is that the game will be made playable in English at some point in time. If NIS America announces plans to release it, then we won’t. If they don’t, well… just buy the Vita release of the first game and make sure it doesn’t come to that.

In any event, expect less frequent updates in general.


Hey guys, Ritobito here. It’s kinda funny – not long after the NISA announcement, a very cool person I admire from the niche-Japanese-games industry tweeted me, asking how we felt now that our game was getting an official localization. I knew what he meant pretty much immediately, of course. It was a cocktail of emotions all at once – we were thrilled that our favorite game was getting an official release outside of Japan, something we’d dreamed about for years but had thought impossible at this point. But at the same time we had to wonder: where do we go from here? Is this the end of the ride, when this incredible group was just finding its groove? We all knew there was always a possibility of our project getting shut down from the moment we announced it publicly in December, but it was something else entirely to watch this situation unfold, everything suddenly up in the air.

I guess what I’m saying is: we really do empathize with and understand all of the concerns brought up here. However, I think it’s most important to point out: “All we can say about this is that the game will be made playable in English at some point in time.” Whether it be via NISA or our ragtag troupe, we just don’t know yet.

Update 2:



  1. Nero

     /  2013/07/14

    I really loved your translation. I’ll be lying if I said that this news pleases me, but I wish you guys the best.
    That said, I would love if your team decided to tackle another translation project! The PSP has too many games that have no chance of being localized, and I don’t want your talents go to waste…

  2. Fukawa

     /  2013/07/14

    SDR2 is probably what people are most interested in, but you’re not being too clear about it. Are you still working on it or not? It kind of seems like you’ve put it on hiatus until you hear something from NISA. This is kind of a big deal. The people who were originally working on the original Higurashi VN project just disappeared after months spent working on the project and over a year or so of fans waiting. They had promised not to abandon the project, encouraging everyone to hunt down and buy the games, just like you’ve done. If you suddenly decide to cancel the project, all those people who trusted you and imported the game are totally screwed. And this one is much harder to get than the first, as well as a lot more expensive.

  3. Nyne

     /  2013/07/14

    So, in case of SDR2… PSP owners get shafted, either way. These are quite disappointing news.

    • Rimi

       /  2013/07/14

      True. For me (and probably for many other people), buying an imported game is stretching the budget; buying a new game system, on the other hand, is simply out of the equation. I really appreciate what Project Zetsubou has done thus far, but if no PSP localisation (whether by PZ or NISA) of SDR2 is made available, I guess I’ll just have to look for a Let’s Play, or try to improve my Japanese. And it’s a shame, because I’m willing to bet there are quite a few PSP owners who could afford the game (thus boosting sales and spreading the word, bringing in more potential buyers), but not another console.

      I’m also willing to bet that PSP owners in the West (not just NA) outnumber Vita owners.

      • Nyne

         /  2013/07/14

        Yeah, Vita sales figures aren’t exactly stellar which makes me wonder just how great Trigger Happy Havoc sales are gonna be.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to sound like an ingrate. I never would’ve even heard of this excellent game if I haven’t stumbled upon this translation. The team did an absolutely fantastic job of translating this game and I am extremely grateful to them. It’s just that this is extremely disappointing especially since the team themselves said SDR2 “completely blows the first game out of the water”.

        Not to mention that NISA didn’t even confirm the localization of SDR2, it’s under a huge MAYBE. So let’s say Trigger Happy Havoc comes out in Q1 2014 like they’ve announced, it’s gonna take a while for them to check the sales numbers, so most likely we won’t even know if we’ll be getting SDR2 at all until… well… probably this time next year. And in the best case scenario, they approve the localization of SDR2 and we don’t get it until… 2015, most likely. By that time, I might as well learn Japanese on my own. =/

        I am tremendously grateful to all Project Zetsubou members for all the hard work they’ve put into this and I know you guys don’t owe us anything, in fact, we owe a lot to you… but I REALLY hope you guys will reconsider this decision and continue working on SDR2.

  4. Either way, if you choose to translate it or to not translate it (SDR2), thanks a bunch for introducing me to this wonderful game and thank you for the hard work you’ve all put in to fully translating the first game. I’m sure many people are appreciative of your work.

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  6. Fadeout

     /  2013/07/14


    Goddamnit NISA.

    Gone are the hopes of playing 2 emulated on PC. Why game companies ALWAYS have to ruin much superior fan work?

    So, project dead. Thank you very much.

    • bill

       /  2013/07/18

      so you’re telling me that you like the game but don’t want to pay for it?
      get a life dude……
      (Not that i hate the fan work though, in fact i love it)

      • Anix

         /  2013/07/28

        Some people (most people, if sales figures are anything to go by) don’t have a Vita. Even in Japan, it would sell more by being on a psp despite being older.

        Some people care so much about something that they are willing to import games, make and patch ISOs, and even try to learn the entire language just to play it. So when they are denied the ability to play a game just because it’s on a system not worth buying, it’s kind of frustrating. Especially if the only real reason for that decision is a vain attempt to drive Vita sales.

        Also, as someone who has bought many Tokypop products over the years, the professional, double-priced, mass audience translations are usually far inferior than the versions made by someone who actually cares about what they are reading.

        NISA tends to do some pretty good localizations, but they are by no means literal translations.

      • Matt

         /  2013/11/11

        its not like that, i would never buy a shitty vita, the system is BAD.

  7. Saki

     /  2013/07/14

    Thank you for the status update! I have very mixed feelings on NISA’s decision to pick the game up so far, so I’m relieved that you’re still working on this series, even if things are uncertain at best for Super Danganronpa 2 at the moment. I’ve really enjoyed your patch for Danganronpa, so no matter what, I’ll be looking forward to your translation of Danganronpa/Zero and the drama CDs.

    Regarding the CDs, actually: Water Orion’s online store is currently selling the Another Story: Crimson/Peach CDs. I’m not entirely certain if they ship outside of Japan, but I *believe* they do, so maybe that’s something you could look into? They’re based on existing scenes, but some tracks differ significantly enough that they might be worth translating.

    No matter what you do, though, I wish you the best in the future, and will be looking forward to any further translations you choose to work on.

  8. pg.

     /  2013/07/14

    kind of a middle-finger to those who imported the second game and now are being forced to buy a system which hasn’t gotten enough good games to justify a purchase yet.Now if only NISA could announce the PSP versions even if it’s digital release only,I won’t complain anymore.

  9. JohnEgbert

     /  2013/07/14

    So…you’re not gonna do anything with SDR2 unless NISA says something? 😦

  10. so much for that, well, lets wait like 2/3 years

  11. First of all, thanks a lot for the translation of the first game. I really liked it. I shared the ¨hope¨ with all my friends and some strangers that were looking for a recommendation. I even lent my PSP to a friend so she could play it.

    About the localization. Even if it brings me joy to know that NISA decided to localize the first game, and even the sequel if it sells well. It only brings me despair to know that you guys are going to drop it if that happens. (or that it´s already dropped, for all I know)
    Luckily, I had the privilege to play the first game on a PSP, after saving for 5 years to buy it, instead of having to use an emulator like most of the people I know. But sadly, I cant afford a Vita, and the same goes for my friends (and I am sure that we are not the only ones). So its kinda sad that all the ¨hope¨ I shared in the beginning will end up in ¨despair¨.

    I hope that all these events were not thanks to Monokuma´s schemes. Only Deadpool is allowed to break the fourth wall. lol.

    …Well, I guess I will try to beat that despair with a Let’s Play at some point, and share it with my friends. Its the least I can do to honor the ¨hope¨ this game and you guys gave us with the translation patch.

    On a side note, I would say that this despairing situation is quite fitting. After having played the game and all… and Its ¨Project Zetsubou¨ and not ¨Project Kibou¨ after all… (bad pun FTW).

    Anyway. Keep up the good work and stay awesome. I will be looking forward to your future works.

  12. Azarif

     /  2013/07/14

    So… The project is dead?

  13. Thank you for your hard work i´ll hope you can translate the novels and the second game because you did a great job and do you know where can i download those drama cd of course not translated i´ve been looking for them and can´t find´em or if you can share the ones you have.

    Well i think thats all and i´ll be waiting for your next work.

  14. The Headmaster

     /  2013/07/14

    Project Zetsubou a.k.a. Super High School Despair – is not embodied in one single entity. It’s not unreasonable for an alternative group to be working in the shadows.


  15. Fadeout

     /  2013/07/14

    The BIG problem here is that there are millions of interesting things that go untranslated.

    Why commercial companies ALWAYS have to step on fan translations toes? Do you have money and resources to translate stuff, why the hell picking up a project that has been just finished, and WELL DONE? Why should we care about NISA? Why can’t they use that time to give us something else?

    Instead what we get now? A possible commercial translation some years in the future on a platform no one wants to buy. At least Danganronpa 1 is well emulated on PC. This means that the great majority of those who enjoyed it now won’t be able to.

    That’s all commercial companies end up doing? Narrowing the amount of stuff we have access to? Closing the market further than how it is already?

    • noname

       /  2013/07/15

      So many things wrong with this comment.
      1) The companies do not aim to translate as many games as possible. They are companies, people like us, that want to make money off their job.
      2) Fan translations are more or less illegal to begin with. At best it’s in grey zone. The original company and the ones they make contract with reserve all rights with the game.
      3) Emulation is a consideration now? Oh my. People who do not own PSP or the game should NOT be enjoying this game. Video games are not necessities. These are NOT our basic needs and we are NOT entitled to them.

      • noname2

         /  2013/11/11

        Oh my god, how selfish of you. That comment is so wrong, i would never buy a psp..

  16. Arche

     /  2013/07/14

    Here’s hoping for the best with SDR2. I had a blast with your translation of Danganronpa, but don’t own a Vita, so being able to play the second game on a PSP would be a real treat

  17. Johnny Johnny

     /  2013/07/15

    Well that’s a rather large load of bullshit.

  18. Viper

     /  2013/07/15

    Vita + Already fan translated + No new features, Its safe to assume that SDR2 wont be localisated.

    plz do it

  19. Levani

     /  2013/07/15

    Really disappointed. I can’t afford a Vita….And even if I did, by the time NISA decides to either do or don’t do DR2, I’ll be able to read the JPN version on my PSP anyway.

    Welp, this gives me another boost and a goal for learning JPN. Katakana and Hiragana down, along with 20 Kanji, 1980 Kanji and grammar to go. Yay.

  20. Burnt Toaster

     /  2013/07/15

    I just recently bought a PSP just for your English translation on Danganronpa. I’ve finished the game and well it was amazing. Now, NISA announces they’ll officially localize Danganronpa 1+2, and well I’m kind of disappointed seeing as how I just bought a PSP and now I’ll have to buy a PSVita in order to play the second one. It’d be great If you’d be able to translate the second one, but that’s “you guys'” choice (he he he). Anyways I appreciated your hard work on the first translation and it won’t matter if you don’t translate SDR2 seeing how hard it is and how much blood and sweat you’d have to put into that. Have a nice day!

  21. Lentfilms

     /  2013/07/15

    Thank you so much for your hard and for handling NISA’s announcement with maturity.

  22. Yeah… The news about the localization gave me a “WHAT!” reaction too; Actually I’m having mixed feelings about it, but thanks to you guys, I managed to finish the game just before the anime broadcasted. This gives me the pleasure of being able to enjoy both media because you released the patch early.

  23. Knicknevin

     /  2013/07/15

    >Buy the Vita version

    This line of thought would suggest the Vita is worth buying.

    While I can understand the decision to release it on the Vita, the PSP being a dead console in the west, the Vita itself isn’t really much better off. Actually, it’s much worse- the Vita has sold less than half as many units the PSP did in the same period. Barely a quarter in fact, and the larger portion of those are in Japan.

    I’d love for Dangan Ronpa to be a commercial success in the west, and encourage the release of more such games in the future (AA Investigations 2 please….), but the Vita just ISN’T the console to make it happen. Make an upscaled version for the PS3 or 4? Sure. Release it on PSN for the 75 MILLION PSP units sold worldwide? Hell yeah. Bring it to other consoles/tablets/phones? Sure. Throw all your chips down on the Vita, which has sold barely more than 4 million units worldwide (well, maybe closer to 5 now, my numbers are from January)? It just seems self defeating.

    Granted, saying the Vita isn’t worth making good games for because no one owns the console is something of a Catch-22- no one owns the console because of a lack of good games, but no one makes good games because no one owns the console… Well, the blame for that failure is on Sony’s head.

    A re-release of the original games on the Vita makes sense for Japan- the series already has an audience there, so people who want the new content will have an incentive to buy the remake.

    I feel like NISA choosing the Vita as the console to introduce Dangan Ronpa to the west is just setting themselves up for disappointment. Time will tell I guess. Still, I doubt they license the second game until they have sales figures for the first. So, it’s hard to be too optimistic about it. Maybe I’ve just got too much Despair…

    • alien

       /  2013/07/18

      Just because it sold less than PSP, it doesn’t mean that PSV is much worse than PSP, you should buy the console and try it for yourself

      • Boop

         /  2013/10/27

        No one’s saying it’s worse. It’s just not worth it. Many people have no interest in any PSV games, and don’t want (or can’t) buy a console just to play ONE game

      • No one buys a console for one game. Whether DanganRonpa is the only game worth it on Vita for you is your problem. It’s not something you have to buy at launch. It is always possible to pick up the Vita late in its life cycle. The PSP’s library wasn’t particularly stellar from its first couple years either.

      • Boop

         /  2013/11/02


        “Whether DanganRonpa is the only game worth it on Vita for you is your problem.”

        No, it’s not just my problem. It’s also the problem of who made the game and who did the official translation. If I’m not buying it, then they’re not getting my money. And those guys have it worse because if it actually comes to that, I can just watch a Let’s Play of the game on YouTube. I won’t have the fun of playing it, but I’ll have the joy of actually knowing how the story goes, how Monokuma is still kicking around and how in the world Togami got that fat.

        Multiply that for a few hundred or a few thousand people and they’re missing quite a bit of profit. Obviously, if PZ releases a translation for the PSP version, it’s bound to have people pirating the game and patching it, but there’s also a lot of people that would import the game, get its ISO and patch it to play on their PSPs, whoch happened with me and, as far as I could tell from a few comments, happened with a few other people too. I think that some even got SDR2 already in hopes that PZ releases their translation.

      • NISA would still most likely see more sales on Vita versus sales on PSP regardless of how low the sales are. Vita’s sales are low, but since it is impossible to pirate games, there is a higher likelihood of potential buyers.

        Not as many have the ability to import + patch a PSP game to play PZ’s translation. Especially when piracy for PSP owners is often the fast, cheap way to play the game.

        Even regardless of which would sell more copies (a PZ translation with importers of the Japanese PSP version, or NISA localization on Vita), I see the series having more presence in the West with a localization.

    • The Vita may not be worth buying for many people, but you have to start somewhere. Even if it takes years to build up a respectable library to non-niche gamers. DanganRonpa would be a fine addition. The PSP version would probably do much worse in the West due to piracy regardless of its large install base.
      You have to consider it also isn’t just the same game; visuals have been significantly improved, as well as the addition of School Mode, etc. I’m buying it despite having played the PSP version.

  24. Roman

     /  2013/07/15

    Thank you guys so much for the translation. Too bad about the vita. And now i don’t really know what to do with my imported SDR2. Oh well. At least i was able to play the first one thanks to you guys.

  25. you could do a fan translation for SDR2, then offer it to NISA afterwards if they want to release the Vita version

  26. Kivet

     /  2013/07/15

    Yeah, just want to chime in and agree with most people that I really don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on buying a new console to buy DR for a chance at SDR2 (not to mention I already have a perfectly fine copy of DR courtesy of you) and am disappointed but understanding of your attitude. Good to see you’ll be working on interstitial material in the meantime. I do hope after the release of the Vita version you’ll start work on SDR2 for the PSP if the Vita version doesn’t turn out to be a runaway success (which my sceptical side finds exceeding likely).

  27. Helena

     /  2013/07/15

    If the SDR2 translation patch project ends up being thrown away cause of a VITA release, I’ll be so sad.. not everyone can afford a PSP Vita 😦

    • I kind of feel the same, but Project Zetsubou is still awesome for all the work they’ve done.

      I also hope that the Project Zetsubou team will stay united.

      Good day, everyone.

  28. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, by boyfriend was the project lead for the Tales of Graces translation project. Namco Bandai announced that Tales of Graces was going to be officially localized literally RIGHT before they were ready to release. But hey, he ended up having some cool chats with some folks at Namco-Bandai, so it ended well. Plus, Namco-Bandai’s really been on a Tales game localization spree since they released Graces!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your translation of Danganronpa for the PSP. As someone who has at least a little knowledge of Japanese, I must say that you did a stellar localization job. If NISA’s translation reaches even a fraction of the quality of your work, I’ll be happy (though a little part of me is sad that NISA isn’t using your translation, but hey). Either way, looks like I’ll finally be picking up a Vita, if only to play NISA’s take on Danganronpa!

  29. dotachino

     /  2013/07/16

    If they (NIS) will be publishing Super Danganronpa 2, i hope they’ll release both for the PSP and the PS Vita version, since tons of people already played the first game on PSP thanks to your amazing effort

    I Hope the best for you guys, AND for the franchise, of course

    Don’t fall into despair guys, There’s a ray of hope beyond despair

  30. rexz

     /  2013/07/17

    I understand that you guys don’t want to work on dangan 2 if it will have official release.
    If they announce localization dangan 1+2,yeah that would be good but they don’t.
    If dangan 1 sell bad it likely they will not localize dangan 2.

    If either they localize dangan 2 or you guys decide to translate dangan 2,it will be a long time before i have a chance to play this game.( 3 years minimum if it got locallize or 1-2 years if you guys translate it)

    well personally I want you guys to translate this because i like your translation ( you guys are like professional ) and it will be on psp (I don’t own vita).

  31. Don Slipo

     /  2013/07/17

    I understand myself the “fear” of only Vita release of DR and SDR2 but for all we know Vita cost my drop even more for it in the next year or 2 😉

  32. Jamie

     /  2013/07/18

    Wait i thought they were releasing Dangan 1.2 under a diffrent name? cause in japan 1.2 is both dangan and super dangan in one game on the vita and NISA was making that one?

    • The Japanese Vita port contains both games, yes, but the version NISA is releasing will only contain the first game.

      • Jamie

         /  2013/07/19

        Ohhhh~ so their really only waiting till the japanese vita port is made then NISA will take the second one out and just leave the first one? sounds like them lol but i heard that NISA is really into physical sales so its all kinds of up in the air.

  33. nagito komaeda

     /  2013/07/19

    First of all ‘good works’ for the translation on the first game of Dangan Ronpa!!
    thanks to that i can enjoy the game on my PSP.

    and i would like to ask, WHY if NISA plans to realease the SDR2 in english then ‘you guys’ need to stop the work???????????????

    is if NISA realease SDR2 english in vita, then ‘you guys’ translate is useless?
    of course NOT!! isnt it?????
    because what ‘you guys’ try to translate is on PSP and what NISA want to release is on VITA am i wrong???? anybody????????????
    then back again in the cicle WHY IF NISA PLANS TO RELEASE THEN ‘YOU GUYS’ WONT?WHY??

    so… if you can, please finish SDR2 translation before 2014 come please!!!
    (sorry for my bad english)

  34. mous

     /  2013/07/22

    I’ll buy DR2 regardless on which system it is released. I still hope for a swift translation, though.

  35. Hey guys! REALLY amazing work here. The translation was EPIC! I almost thought it was an official release.. thanks to the hope you’ve given me in playing the game, i’m now DESPAIRING over not being able to play SDR2 XD

  36. Siquall

     /  2013/07/23

    I hope you will translate the second one for psp, it would be great 🙂

    If not, then i would play in jap..even if it’s harder for me.

  37. CPkmn

     /  2013/07/29

    Just thought I’d drop in and say thank you to Project Zetsubou for the despair they shared. I finished Danganronpa very early this month and since then have been playing SDR2. I know Japanese, but I don’t mind playing fan translated games if they’re translated well.

    I thought I’d also share that I’ve figured out how to unpack, repack, and trim SDR and its scripts this week (since the current project zetsubou script editor doesn’t work with SDR2). I made a small translation test with my custom editor in the main menu of the game. Of course, I’m not associated with project zetsubou so don’t take this as an official translation picture!

  38. Please, release Super Danganronpa 2 even if NISA does. They obviously release only Vita version, not PSP. So… You is our only hope!

  39. SaCred

     /  2013/07/31

    Hei thanks for the patch for DanganRonpa I just watched the anime first a week ago, I searching n found if there is the game of it. I Don’t know japanese, so I searched for the patch, and taaadaaa, I found your website. Very grateful to found this website and get the patch for the game, THANKS FOR YOUR HARDWORK N SWEAT !!!, I finished it just in two days and read the DanganRonpa IF, I wish you can full translate the SDR2 even NISA will be releasing it in early 2014

  40. SW99

     /  2013/07/31

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the wonderful translation. Ever since I got the game on my PSP, I’ve been having non-stop fun for like 2 days and I just finished the story today.
    I don’t own a Vita so it’d suck if I can’t play SDR2 and I really hope you can do the translation. I also hope that if NISA does translate it, release it on PSP AND Vita. I get it if you won’t release the fan-translation for the game and I wouldn’t mind resorting to Let’s Plays but it just isn’t the same as having it in my hands and playing it; Dangan Ronpa is THAT good.

  41. Lord Kaczy

     /  2013/08/01

    First i wanted to thank you for your hard work i really appreciate it . Second ,Are you updating your progress recently or after a big step in translation? Are you focused on dang/zero or sdpa2? I would be grateful for your reply 😉 .

  42. Really glad you’re holding off and encouraging people to buy the Vita localization. Danganronpa needs presence in the West, and it would suffer much piracy if NISA went for a PSP release.
    Yes, the Vita isn’t that popular in the West, but obviously it needs games like this in the first place to gain some sales. It’s severely underrated and I’m satisfied with the library so far and what’s upcoming. It will be glorious to experience Danganronpa again with a higher resolution OLED display.

    • Naegs

       /  2014/01/18

      implying someone would buy a vita just for one game.

      • No one buys a system for one game. DanganRonpa is there to add to the number of good games to buy for the Vita, obviously.

  43. Atikal

     /  2013/08/03

    Really happy to hear that Danganronpa is being localized. I’m gonna buy it even though i don’t have a PS vita, just to support. Really hoping that SDR2 will be playable on the psp, cause like i said i don’t have a PS vita, and don’t have a lot of funds. Whether it be you guys of NIS America.

  44. Lainer

     /  2013/08/03

    Thanks for everything you’ve done. It is very disappointing to hear that the SDR2 translation will most likely never be released and I am unable to play the game that I imported. Learning Japanese or buying a Vita (as well as the Vita release) is completely out of the question in my current circumstances. I guess the only thing left for me to do is save myself from despair and drop this series after a single game. There is one guy who is currently attempting to translate both DRZ and DR2, but he’s doing a pretty terrible job and is hiding behind a paywall.

    I hope that you have a change of heart.

  45. Dahspare

     /  2013/08/04

    I really love the work you guys did on the translation, with all the quirky references from other games or anime. I really hope you work on the PSP Translation of SDR2, because I have yet to have funds for a Vita and after I finished your translated game I was looking everywhere for an SDR2 translation.

  46. Touzenda

     /  2013/08/12

    Even when NISA releases it, I can guarantee it won’t be nearly as good as the Project Zetsubou release. You guys did an amazing job. I would love it if you guys completed SDR2, but the progress seems to be going very slowly. However, I think all of us fans can agree, waiting for your work to be complete is well worth it. Keep on going, guys, and don’t be discouraged. Keep in mind that NISA is only releasing DR1. They haven’t announced any plans for SDR2.

  47. Break

     /  2013/08/14

    So as i understand it, NIS only released DR for PSVita, so will you still do the patch for the actual PSP version of SDR2 if NIS only releases the Vita version of that as well? Since i figure quite a bunch of us, me included, only have a PSP, but not a Vita, and may not plan on buying one in th enear future (just talking for me, i plan on going for a PS3 now that the 4 is about to come out for strategical reasons.)

    • The point is to encourage the success of the DR localization so that we could possibly get SDR2 localized as well.
      If they just release the SDR2 translation, no one will feel like buying the DR localization, and SDR2 won’t get localized.

  48. Kyle

     /  2013/08/14

    Why couldn’t NISA just translate DanganRonpa 1+2 Reload instead of doing on the first game and maybe the second?

    • Nyne

       /  2013/08/15

      Because this way they can charge us for each game separately.

      • Or they’re just testing the waters and not wasting money on the second game if the first one happens to fail.
        I still hope it’s not full-priced for the first game though.

  49. rexz

     /  2013/08/17

    I hate the fact that when a game got localize we got the first but not guarantee the second.

    Mugen no frontier exceed,lord of apocalypse,.hack link,fate extra ccc,legend of hero trail in the sky 2 etc.I wait and wait and wait….. but no hope.

    • RYSO

       /  2013/08/29

      The end of Dangan Ronpa is actually not very sequel-provoking, so I doubt anyone new to the series will even notice there should be a continuation.

    • DaviKaze

       /  2013/09/08

      Except that TitS 2 just got confirmed for steam and psp releases next year.

  50. Shirayuki

     /  2013/08/19

    Thank you very much for the excellent translation! I enjoy it very much although the English translation sometimes a bit too complicated for non-speaking English country… But it’s fine and still so much fun!

    As for the translation for Dangan2, I feel the same with the previous comments about not having vita and would prefer you to translate the PSP version. So I would propose an idea about releasing the game one year or some months after the official translation. You know, this works in idol where after some time being they release they old PV for free in youtube channel. This way the official translation would already gain the benefit for the game or cover the production cost…. Just an idea.

    Hope You’ll still release Dangan2 translation in PSP 🙂

  51. Niwok

     /  2013/08/19

    but if you don’t realize the SDR2 we have to buy the psvita to play that game..and no anybody have enough money to buy that…and then buy the damm game! D:

  52. Phileon

     /  2013/08/20

    I just finished Danganronpa last night, playing 6 days straight, then I searched if there was a second game. I hoping you guys will translate SDR2 on PSP. Us fans are counting on you!

  53. Frosty the Snowman

     /  2013/08/22

    Thanks so much for all the work you put into Danganronpa! I only heard about the game days before you released the patch, so I really feel like I lucked out. Just wanted to thank you guys again, and I’ll be sure to pick it up for the Vita when NISA releases it, even though I don’t even own a Vita yet. Maybe since it got a price drop (along with it’s memory cards), I might pick one up when it comes out.

    Keep up the good work, and I hope you all put 120% into the sequel, just like you did with the original game. A hundred thanks to all the team at Project Zetsubou!

  54. Accel Kaiser

     /  2013/08/24

    Guys do not give up! You did such a amazing and phenomenal job with the first sequel! I would rather play your translation of the game rather than NISAs. You guys do it much better so dont give up! There are a lot of fans who are in love with Danganronpa because of you! So please don’t give up and try your best with the sequel! You can do it!

  55. slystrife

     /  2013/08/26

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say fantastic work on this and ask a question regarding your future endeavors. I’m sure you guys know (or maybe you don’t) on how Atlus skipped out on localizing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP due to “mysterious circumstances”, I personally think Atlus Japan just refused to have their staff work on it since they were no longer involved with the PSP after EPP was released in Japan.

    Would this possibly something for you to consider? Do you even like Persona? I know the game being previously released in English on the PS1 might make the project less appealing. However, there’s quite a bit of new story content written by the original writer and tons of fans are clamoring for it. In the end, I’d understand if it’s not something you guys are interested in but it would mean a lot to everyone if you put it on your potential projects lists. Thanks for listening!


  56. vitasucks

     /  2013/08/26


    I don’t want to get a vita just for DR2. The Vita sucks!, Make that translation public…

    • >the Vita sucks
      >it gets a game you want
      >it still sucks
      I still don’t get it. Support the localization, man.

      • lolz

         /  2013/08/27

        >paying 200€ for Vita, because MAYBE one interesting game will be released on this system in 2015

      • Your loss, it already has lots of games I’m interested in.

      • Boop

         /  2013/11/02

        At the moment, the PS Vita isn’t that appealing for many people. The price is too high, even for the wi-fi only version (I, for one, can’t actually afford one at the moment). As for “interesting games”, that’s subjective: Vita games that _I_ find interesting, I already own on the PC (Terraria, Rogue Legacy, Lone Survivor, to name a few). Many of the other games are desperate rehashes of iOS/Android apps (Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc); I already have an Android phone where I can play those on whenever and wherever I want – which happens to be a lot more pocket friendly than the huge PS Vita. Add to that that most other games don’t seem that special or interesting for _me_ and that’s so many less points in making me want to get a Vita.

        I actually went and imported DR1 for the PSP when a friend of mine told me about it and showed me this fantranslation. I would gladly get SDR2 on the PSP if Project Zetsubou also translated and released it _even_ if NISA released their own translation for the Vita. If it comes to that, then I’ll just watch a Let’s Play of SDR2 on YouTube.

        On a random note, SDR2 isn’t the only Vita game that I’m interested in; Corpse Party: BloodDrive is another game I’d simply love to play, but alas, two games are not enough to get me to buy the Vita (Especially when neither game has been announced to have an official English translation yet).

        Don’t think that I’m attacking you or anything – far from it. I’m just trying to help you understand that while the Vita might have several games that _you_ are interested in, that doesn’t hold true for many people. Nor am I too cheap to support these games: I own both Corpse Party games and DR1 for the PSP, and I’d gladly buy SDR2 for the PSP if Project Zetsubou actually released a translation for it. I just don’t like the idea of getting an overpriced console because of TWO games that we don’t know we’ll even get when I have a perfectly good PSP with tons of games that I do enjoy.

      • I see your point. There are plenty of indie ports and mobile rehashes, yes, but also plenty of enhanced ports for those who may have missed the original release or a superior multiplats. P4G, Muramasa Rebirth, Disgaea 3 (has all DLC), VLR (no save bug + better sound and visuals), Atelier Totori+/Meruru+, etc. Exclusives such as Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush are very fun. Not to mention upcoming releases that look very nice such as GE2 and Freedom Wars.

        Of course, these may not at all interest you in the end, but I’m just trying to get across that it isn’t purely indie and mobile ports. It isn’t even that overpriced when the 3DS XL is almost the same price with much worse hardware (not bashing though, have a regular 3DS and enjoy it), and the Vita-2000 and TV will be even cheaper as they don’t require memory cards (though 1GB is sparse).

  57. Joshua Rúa

     /  2013/08/28

    29/08/2013 , this is the date of me (a spanish gamer) ending this amazing game wich you , Project Zetsubou , translated with such skill I couldnt believe it was fan-translated . You , ladies and gentlemen , have done one of the most amazing challenges I have witnessed , and I have HOPE that you keep this amazing work for a long time. I will wait patiently , drowning in DESPAIR until you or NISA release the 2nd game in english .

    Again , thank you very much for your effort and I wish you good luck for the next installment.

  58. Shu

     /  2013/09/02

    I’ve played a lot of games which had a fan-made translation, but I didn’t know this was the case until I stumbled upon this blog searching about it. I just wanted to say to whoever contributed to this project “Thank you”, since being able to play such a great game with such a high quality translation was an incredible experience. I’ll be waiting for a translation for SDR2, official or not , and gladly wait for yours in the event NISA decides not to release it. Good work!

  59. Somebody please clear up my confusion: Japan will release DR and SDR2 in a one-pack game for the Vita, but NISA will only localize the first game for the Vita??

  60. DaviKaze

     /  2013/09/08

    Just picked this up on a whim thanks to the article on rhdn. It was a really good time! Thanks for the translation – I’m always trying to find quality stuff to play. I legit feel bad for you guys though, getting all these gnarly, selfish pirate commentors. I guess that’s human nature though!

  61. Kosmox

     /  2013/09/12

    Good news!
    If you are afraid, that you won’t be able to play SDR2 if it will be released on Vita by NISA, because of high prize of console, hear this: DanganRonpa 1&2 Reload will be playable on Vita TV (source: )
    Vita TV is gonna cost only 100$

  62. RiN

     /  2013/09/13

    GREAT translation!!! Thank you so much!!!
    Please continue your translation project for SDR2 !!!!

  63. No offense but…

    i write this as i m a danganronpa player myself with logic level murderer XD might a little bit harsh

    danganronpa 1 had been translated and many people already play or finished it on PSP


    NISA will localize the first danganronpa and many people already had played it on PSP so the sales will be low or even doesnt reach their target for translating


    boom the end

    • The game still has a few new changes like some script changes during free time and the addition of the School Mode to DR1. That and alot of people will still buy it for high res graphics.

  64. my despair :

    i just want to say this translation is on perfect level! it look like a us version from top game publisher, seriously! maybe a little to no odd gramar but overal its great


  65. Unknown

     /  2013/09/15

    Well,first of all,thank you for the translation of the first game.I could finish it in english without problems.
    Anyway,a translation for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 should be made.I know that there is a chance that it will get an english relase in the future,but I am sure it will be for the Vita.So,even if it gets relased in english for the Vita(99.00% of chance that if it gets an english translation it will be for the Vita),you could translate it for the PSP.I mean,the people who bought the game for the PSP will be disappointed.Then again,it is your choice to make a translation for the game or not,heh.
    Oh,and by the way,if you decide to continue with the translation,could you make something like a partial-patch?(Like,relase the patch for the first chapter and etc)
    (Sorry for the long comment and my bad gramar)

  66. Xobybr

     /  2013/09/15

    Thats lame :/ i dont want to have to waste my money on the Vita (and its super overpriced memory cards)

    I really wish you guys would release the PSP patch even if it does get localized for Vita

    Ive been reading a SDR2 lets play (not the SA one because its so slow) and it so awesome and i would love to play it but i would not love having to pay an excessive ammount of money for a Vita and its $50 memory cards :/

    Plus i guess the people localizing DR1 are know for their not so great localizations so its good that you guys released yours first

  67. whatever NIS America released it or not please work on it we want SDR2 from you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase 🙂

  68. caio

     /  2013/09/22

    GO NUTSS!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh #AndAlso_3 !!!!!

  69. maou

     /  2013/09/26

    Thank you for the hard rock guys, Can’t wait for your release on Danganronpa Zero Vol 1 & 2!

  70. NYOOM

     /  2013/10/01

    So uh, NISA is localizing Dangan Ronpa, and they are dubbing it too. If they do show news that they will localize SDR2, is it possible for you guys to release SDR2 since some people may not be fans of dubs.

  71. Naeggs

     /  2013/10/04

    I was wondering, I heard that dangan ronpa 1.2 reload would have an additional dating sim…will uh um NISA’s dangan ronpa have that too, and is your SDR2 table updated o.O

    • Kosmox

       /  2013/10/04

      Yes, Dangan Ronpa by NISA will have “school mode”.
      In one of tweets, PZ said, that they will update table once they pass certein points like “investigation”, “class trial” etc. By last bunch of screenshots we can said, that current table update ended at “found the body”.
      Ofc they (probably) translated more by now, but they no longer update weekly. Also keep in mind, that SDR2 is longer than 1, and have more text.

  72. Fikwriter

     /  2013/10/05

    Well… Ya know, I loved the game this much thanks to you. This translation was like… Awesome. I loved everything, it was really clear and understandable (English is not my native, but I got no problem with the text)
    Thus, I have a proposion for you.
    Don’t you mind if I use your scripts and translate them into Russion? I’m not really into programming, so I can translate and send script back when I finish…
    So you could make a patch =3
    Of course, I will not take any parts of your translation, if you don’t like the idea ^^

    • FAQ: Can I use your translation for [translation into another language | translation of other media | a fandub | etc.]?

      Help yourself–as long as you aren’t trying to make money off it without the creators’ permission.

      If you plan to do this, though, it’s up to you to figure out how to use the script editor. We’re not going to make a patch for you.

      • Fikwriter

         /  2013/10/05

        Thanks for help.
        I hope getting used to this editor thing wouldn’t be much pain.

  73. ES

     /  2013/10/07

    I can understand why some people are upset at this (I’m so short on money I never even ended up getting a PSP, let alone a Vita, and now that I actually have some money put aside I can’t even decide which would be more worth it [yes super behind shhh]), but in the long run isn’t this kind of good news?

    If DR is a success then they’ll likely localize SDR2, if SDR2 is a success there’s a chance they’ll even localize the upcoming game(s?). And by that time, if it comes, the Vita should have a lot more games worth interest. While this group certainly has done an amazing job and I’m kind of disappointed they may not be able to release SDR2, and I’m not sure how to feel about this news, shouldn’t we at least support this new release?

    Maybe it’s because I’m not too familiar with official localizations of games like this, and I’ve been out of gaming for so long, but isn’t it a good thing to have games released and supported in the west?

  74. Hagakrue

     /  2013/10/08

    Thanks for the translation! 😀
    But I am wondering, why your translation is different from something awful, my friends say something awful is more accurate, but I love your translation plus something awful is not playable, are you guys just trying not to copy each other? i.e PZ:Super Duper High School SA:Super High School Level

    • Our translation was made in complete isolation from the SA Let’s Play. We did not actively attempt to avoid copying each other–things just ended up different because different people worked on them.

  75. Innocentius

     /  2013/10/22

    First of all, THANK YOU for your translation on DanGanRonpa because of this game my PSP got revived because of you guys XD

    It will suck if the translation is going to be released for the vita, after all, no funding for getting the vita and I personally think that the vita is a great console albeit a bit expensive.. because the only thing that is holding me off from buying a vita is it’s lack of games presently.

    but enough of that, is it possible to port your translation to PSP if, by chance, you release your Vita translation of Super DanGanRonpa 2? And here is to the guys who are seriously waiting for the translation of SDR2 to PSP (“-_-)/

    • We wouldn’t be translating it for the Vita, NISA would. If we release a patch, it will be for the PSP version. But if NISA says they’re going to do it, we won’t release anything. So if a Vita version does come out, we won’t back-port it to the PSP.

  76. Arya

     /  2013/10/31

    The translation for the 1st Chapter is already complete! That was fast 🙂 Thank you very much for all your hard work. Can´t wait to play DR2

  77. Patrick Abraham

     /  2013/11/18

    Omg! I loved your Dangan Ronpa translation. This news is the best. Keep on doing what your doing guys. It is eternally appreciated. I love Dangan Ronpa soo much. 😀

    Kudos to the translation team!!!!

  78. Jade

     /  2013/12/05

    i really hope you guys get the translation out before they do! i loved your tanslation of the first game, and its in my understanding that the official english release will have english voice acting, but i would much rather prefer the japanese 😦

    • The localization will have dual-audio, so both English and Japanese voices. It’s NISA, they usually do this.

  79. Lydon Moffat

     /  2013/12/07

    I’m just wondering, since you’re saying you won’t release the translation for Dangan Ronpa 2 if an official one is made (which is allegedly planned for the US) if the unofficial one would still be released for people who are outside of the US region?

  80. Mai

     /  2013/12/11

    Do you guys have any idea when you might be finished with the patch? I´m guessing it won´t be on time for Christmas holidays *cries*
    Keep up the good work! It´s wonderful what you´ve been doing 🙂

    • Boop

       /  2013/12/15

      It might not even be finished (or at least released) at all. They say that they’ll only release the patch if NISA shows no plans of translating the game on the PSVita. Since NISA hasn’t said anything about that (I think, I haven’t been keeping up with that – I have no interest on the Vita and even if I had I’m not able to buy it anytime soon), Project Zetsubou is also saying nothing about their own translation.

  81. I personally liked your translation of Dangan Ronpa better. I’m really looking forward to your translation of Dangan Ronpa 2. I already have the PSP game. I’m just waiting for the translation. It’s not exactly exciting to play the game by reading english walkthroughs, since they give away which ones to shoot during trials. :[ Takes away the fun in it. Do your best and Happy Holidays.

  82. WrightisRight

     /  2013/12/24

    Unsubscribing. Deleting someone’s comment is pretty cold.. You made a translating mistake. It happens, but when you don’t acknowledge it and even delete comments of people who even mention it, that just makes you look bad. And not just you, but your whole group.

    • I made myself explicitly clear on the discussion page (where comments of that nature belong, anyway). Any posts asserting that particular line is an error not backed with evidence will be summarily deleted. I’m not trying to cover up a “mistake,” I’m just tired of running around in circles about the thing with people who assume they know enough Japanese to comment on the correctness of a line when they still need to use a third-party translation to play the game.

      No, it’s not a mistake. And no, we’re not going to update the patch. But that has nothing to do with whether we made a mistake or not. No matter what errors might be present in the script (and I assure you, we’ve found several), our patch is final, as we’ve chosen to support NISA and their official release. Updating our patch would be disingenuous.

      • WrightisRight

         /  2013/12/24

        [More of that “going in circles” nonsense I was talking about. Drop it. I’m serious.]

  83. Yossarian

     /  2013/12/30

    Vita doesn’t suck. While Sony of course is quite stupid sometimes (memory cards), the hardware itself is much, much better than any other handheld device out there. Let’s hope for price drops or buy bundles! Vita + 8GB memcard and a game (Killzone, normally a full price game) for 160€ here!

  84. Xion

     /  2014/01/02

    The Chinese translated version of Danganronpa 2 was just released today ~
    Still looking forward to the English translation 😀

    • Boop

       /  2014/01/05

      I guessing you might as well wait for NISA to release it on the Vita. By the look of things, Project Zetsubou either slowed down a lot or stopped completely.

  85. hyperassasin

     /  2014/01/14

    you guys made a wonderful work with DR 1 , i sincerely don’t know if nisa will release SDR2 with the official english translation ,but i wish you guys release it first , playing the game in walkthoughs isn’t so funny ’cause the trials… i hope someday you release the full translation of SDR2 , i’m very stuck in the series
    P.S:sorry for my bad english XD

  86. Congrund

     /  2014/02/04

    16.1%…16.1% …16.1% …16.1% …16.1% …16.1% …16.1% ……….ZETSUBOUSHITA!!

  87. Katya

     /  2014/02/07

    thank you very much for translation <3!!!!!!, it`s a difficult work, isn`t it? Russian fans wish you good luck and much time for translation of SDR2)))) We`ll be waiting for you! Much love ❤

  88. Codex Anagram

     /  2015/03/22

    Hey how about the reload one? I admire you for translating Japanese because I can’t read but you can read it. I read that danganronpa 3 in being written but not yet arranging the scenario. I look further on your translations

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