[Announcement] Super Danganronpa 2 Canceled

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming, after the slip-up the other day, but it’s official now: NISA has picked up Danganronpa 2 (Siliconera article, press release) and will be releasing it for the PS Vita this fall.

Anyway. As we said we would back in July, with NISA’s announcement, we’re stopping work on our translation of the game. As huge fans of the series, we couldn’t be happier that SDR2 is getting an official release. While we do wish we could have been involved in some way, we’re confident NISA will do a great job–and far quicker than we could have possibly managed.

So, what does this mean for Project Zetsubou? Well, we’re planning to finish off the second half of Danganronpa/Zero first, and the Kirigiri novels are still on the table too–we just haven’t had the chance to get our hands on them and see if they’re something we’d like to work on. We also have a few non-Danganronpa project ideas we’re juggling, so we won’t be disappearing anytime soon.



  1. Xobybr

     /  2014/02/13

    This is a huge bummer. I do not have a Vita and have no intention of ever buying one and now i wont be able to play SDR2 :/ i was really looking forward to it too. I guess i have to settle for the lets play things. You guys were good though and i hope the best for you all

    • Mr.Demon

       /  2014/02/15

      Then just buy one.. if you like that much this game, that’s it.

      • Alberet

         /  2014/02/16

        and what if i don’t have the money? i live in chile and here buy a ps vita insn’t easy, it’s to expensive, the only hope for me to play this game was with this translation

      • Twisted Light

         /  2014/05/07

        “just buy one” sounds so easy from you :\
        I am NOT going to buy a console for 2 games , 1 of which i have completed , no matter how strong I like this games.
        And NO, I am not going to try to find some more Vita games I would like so it would justify the purchase.
        Sorry for the rant.

      • And this is WHY Project Zetsubou AREN’T translating SDR2 themselves…

        “…when I’ve completed one already…”
        So, the extra school mode on Danganronpa 1 isn’t worth another go, as well as the supporting of the franchise.

        I’ve played, in emulation and engine ports, a lot of Project Diva, but I still bought Project Diva F ‘Day One’, purely since I was able to say, months later, I helped make the second localization happen.
        To say ‘Oh, I completed it using Project Zetsubou’s translation of the PSP version, so I won’t buy the Vita version…’
        You could do like I have, and buy the game NOW, and get the Vita when you find some games you want for it. And there’s much more than you think.

      • roxazthelight

         /  2014/05/18

        nope, NISA’s trans is shit imho, I’ve seen it on youtube, scans, etc.
        some of their translations makes no sense.
        Zetsubou is much better imo, can understand the story as clear as fuck, dunno if u guys prefer NISA’s

      • Brandon

         /  2014/09/14

        while this may be late, i just wanted to say that not everyone can drop 280 bucks at the drop of a dime for a new game system and games every time it comes out. there are more important things that money could go to, and the fact that this game got a english release on the vita but not the psp is just lazy on the game dev’s part, the only hope we had to play these games on the psp was the translation. now we are left with only the first game translated, which sucks. i was planning on jumping right from the first game, into the second once it was translated and now i have nothing going for me. i’m not gonna go out and blow a crap ton of money on a new game system either for no reason, i have a perfectly good working psp still. and until it craps out on me, that is what i would like to play dangan ronpa on.

    • Nagito Komaeda

       /  2014/02/22

      I live in Chile too, and is not THAT expensive. Actually, is very cheap, with 200u$d you can buy a ps vita, used though.

      • Alberet

         /  2014/03/01

        for you maybe, but not for me

      • Boop

         /  2014/03/01

        200$ for a USED Vita? Cheap? Yeah, right.

      • Drakenero

         /  2014/06/12

        Well then,I’m sorry I’m not a “rich” person like you.To tell you the truth,this game and Persona 4 Golden are the only games that catch my attention,so why would I buy a console I might never use?
        I think there was a project for Final Fantasy Type-0(not sure if I’m right).Well,some guys made an english translation for the PSP relase of that game (never got a PSP english relase)and they NEVER dropped it,even after knowing that the game is going to get an english relase for the Xbox One,so -1 point for you Zetsubou,since you don’t have a point here.

        I’m not going to start a fight here,that’s all I wanted to say.I’m happy that Project Zetsubou translated the first game for the PSP,but that’s it.

        P.D:Vita WILL get an emulator sometime in the future,so people saying things like:”You want the patch so you can play it without buying it” are wrong.

      • The only thing I wish to mention is that if the Vita or 3DS were going to see a emulator, there would be signs of them by now. The ROMs have been dumped, but the problem is that the Vita has plenty of ways to cause trouble for the emulation community, like the fact digital copies and DLC have account hashes baked into the data, which cannot be solved at the moment.

      • Drakenero

         /  2014/06/24

        To Philip:
        I think that the Vita isn’t getting an emulator not because it’s hard to hack,but because of the lack of interest and/or real life problems(but mostly lack of interest).I mean,people are already trying to make a PS3 emulator,or,are you going to tell me that hacking a PS3 is easier than hacking a Vita?Yeah,you mentioned good points,but that doesn’t means that it’s impossible.
        That’s what I think.

      • You can get into the PS3 data structure pretty easily, and BD discs are easily dumped. The Vita doesn’t use a common memory card format, so you can’t hack it via the memory card, and the cartridge media also can’t be easiPly ripped to PC. Even the data when you copy it to PC directly isn’t in a form you can easily decrypt.

        And the amount of Vita hate is pissing me off. If the Vita stinks so much, why is it still alive? The Gameboy and Nintendo DS family have killed off many a console that challenged them, but the Vita has lasted. That means it has managed to claw a good enough market share to profit.

  2. Naegs

     /  2014/02/13

    thank you.

    i REALLY appreciate your job of translating the first game.
    but now my hopes of playing the sequel are gone. And just like many people who have good taste in vidya, i wont buy a shita.

    • The Vita is a fine console though; it just doesn’t have titles that appeal to YOU. I can’t take people seriously when they use the term “shita” anyway.

      • Naegs

         /  2014/02/13

        If you cant take me seriously, then you shouldnt have taken your time to reply.
        I called it shita because that is what it is, Shit. Everything is weeaboo shit, including danganronpa, but i liked this one though, the plot is amazing.
        Everything else is hentai/ecchi/loli shit.

        sorry, that is my opinion.. I will hate NISA for the rest of my life, i was really looking forward to play the sequel..these news not only make me mad, but really sad too.

      • lol

         /  2014/02/14

        “I called it shita because that is what it is, Shit.”
        “Everything else is hentai/ecchi/loli shit.”
        “I will hate NISA for the rest of my life”

        Do you even listen to the garbage that comes out of your mouth? Grow the fuck up.

      • Naegs

         /  2014/02/14

        yes, i do, and i dont see anything wrong with what i said.
        Learn to understand other opinions, you will have to deal with it son, the majority of the gaming community hates the vita, and there is nothing you can do about it.

        now, these guys want us to support NISA, thing that i (as well as many people) wont do, making thousands of people lose their opportunities of playing the sequel.

      • So you hate on the Vita. Boo-fucking-hoo.
        The main reason people hate on the Vita IMHO is simple. It’s not been breached, so you have to, shock horror, buy all the games you want.

        The majority of hate dumb on the 3DS and the Vita isn’t about the fact the 3DS gives you headaches or the Vita is ‘expensive’, it’s the fact the current generation of consoles is not even close to being properly jailbroken.
        If NISA had announced the PSP version of Danganronpa, I ask people like you this…

        Would you actually pay for your copy?

      • I know many gamers hate the Vita; what annoys me more is that you think you’re entitled to a free translation patch without considering that a Western Vita release has more potential to expand DR’s audience. Not everyone is willing to import and rip a Japanese UMD.

      • Boop

         /  2014/02/15

        Philip Elthorpe: Don’t generalize so much. While it’s true that many people hate on the Vita because it’s not jailbroken yet, it’s also true that many people just don’t like it or the games it has. I for, one, won’t get one because not only am I short on money but the games it has have no appeal to me. At least the ones that HAVE been localized. SDR2 was the first game like that. There’s only 1 or 2 more games that interest me but they’re Japan only and God knows if/when they’ll be localized.

        On the other hand, I love my 3DS. It has tons of games I’ve always loved (Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda) and games that I want to try out, like Animal Crossing New Leaf, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bravely Default. Those are just a few games off the top of my head, I feel like I’m forgetting many more.

        Oh right, almost forgot about the Virtual Console that lets me play games I grew up with, that’s a nice touch (heh, see what I did there?).

        Now you might say: “Oh but that’s you, everyone else just complains because they can’t pirate games!”. To which I reply: “Again, not really.” because many of my friends have or would rather have a 3DS over a Vita.

        Oh well, playing DR1 on the PSP was nice and I have to thank PZ for the amazing translation they did. I still play it every now and then. I guess I’ll just have to watch a playthrough of SDR2 on YouTube instead.


      • You make a much better point than those who automatically go ‘It’s a piece of shit, wah wah wah…’ that clearly aren’t interested in paying.

        Yes, it’s a generalization, but understandable. I own a 3DS, I currently, thanks Sony, have enough games for the Vita to keep me busy for months the instant I buy it, but I won’t buy it riow, even though I have games like Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend and the Jak And Daxter & Sly Cooper games, because it’s a investment that I can only make once.

        I don’t consider it a shit console, but I do consider the Playstation Portable to have varying degrees of poor construction and, with one game I owned, genuine legit copy, I actually found they’d got a set of pointers wrong and half the game’s spoken dialogue track would never be heard.

        Some games, like Lumines, I can’t really see me letting go of in a hurry, and some games I really am thankful that they aren’t coming back, but I’ve been gaming long enough, and when I say long enough, I remember the era when you needed earplugs and the patience of a saint to play a game, to know that the majority of Vita haters in this thread don’t REALLY hate the Vita…

        They hate having to pay actual money for their gaming fix.

      • Naegs

         /  2014/02/15

        i never said that i hate the vita, i just dont like it because, like someone already said, their games are shit (IN MY OPINION).

        get some reading comprehension.

      • Naegs

         /  2014/02/15

        however, what i DID say, is that the majority of the gaming community hates it, you can see that by browsing forums or boards.

      • Saiten

         /  2014/02/19

        Actually I was asking myself if I should buy the Vita then I saw that the two danganronpa games are going to be released on vita. No doubt let’s waste money on videogames more and more yay \o/ (At least I agree with one pont : most of the games are shit)

    • Luciferum

       /  2014/02/19

      ‘Shita’ is only the worst derogatory name for a gaming system I’ve ever heard. Good job.

      And the only reason people hate it is the lack of software avaliable for the game. It’s hardware, however, is far superior to that of the 3DS’, whose games always look pretty much terrible.
      Look at any Multi-Plat game and tell me I’m wrong.

      Meh. Cry harder.

      • Boop

         /  2014/02/20

        Sony’s handhelds have better hardware than Nintendo’s handhelds? OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOO–
        No shit, Sherlock, it was always like that.

        Who plays games for the graphics alone anyway? That’s dumb. And that’s why I like my 3DS better: it has good games with okay graphics instead of games that are crap and make up for it with fancy graphics.

        But I grew up in the golden age of gaming where graphics were bad but most games were amazing, so I’m not bound to fancy graphics like most of the sheeple that grew with PS3s and later.

      • Danganronpa surely is another one of those bad games with fancy graphics right? Of course not. You’re not giving the Vita a chance just because it’s a Sony handheld. It’s better to own both and not worry about console wars. Or if you only can afford one, actually state the pros and cons of the other without just shitting all over it. That’s what sets fanboys apart from informed gamers.

      • Boop

         /  2014/02/20

        I didn’t say all the games on the Vita were like that, sorry if it came out like that. I just got sick of seeing that’s guy shitting on the 3DS just because of the graphics.

        “You’re not giving the Vita a chance just because it’s a Sony handheld.”

        I get the feeling you’re calling me a Sony hater? Because if you are you couldn’t be more wrong. I do own a PS2, PS3 and, surprise surprise, a PSP 1000, so I know that their consoles are good. As for the pros and cons of why I prefer the 3DS over the Vita:


        and look, even in this thread of comments: https://danganronpa.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/announcement-super-danganronpa-2-canceled/#comment-2109

        I do have my reasons for liking the 3DS over the Vita and I have posted them here, so don’t get your underwear in a twist because of the one sarcastic reply I made.

      • Alright, those are better points. I agree with the Vita having overpriced memory cards, but in the end it’s still more fair than some of the pricing schemes of some smartphones (some charge $100 to double the memory for example). Not to mention first-party Nintendo games hardly go down in price, while many Vita games go down in price or become free on PS+. In the end I’ve actually spent more on the 3DS despite a cheaper entry point. I have around the same amount of games for both though.
        Honestly, I’m more concerned about the people who feel entitled to a free English patch for a game they may have or have not paid for. Some openly admit to pirating the game, sometimes even running it on an emulator, and just use the Vita as a pretext.

    • jm8080

       /  2014/03/13

      owwwww we have another pirate over here, the only reason that you don’t want a VITA is because its not hackable yet and you can’t play games for free

      • Boop

         /  2014/03/14

        We’ve already gone through this. There’s people that actually have very few reasons to get a Vita, and it’s not just because it hasn’t been hacked (yet).

  3. Hopefully this will push people to actually buy and support the franchise. Not sure how great the localization will be, but at least this will eliminate any potential pirates. Can’t wait to play this game on my Vita.

    • TSaulZ

       /  2014/02/14

      I think it’s doing pretty well! All Dangan Ronpa copies are in low stock in nearly every Video Game store nearby. I’m going to have to grab my copy too!

    • Namiirei

       /  2014/02/22

      Sales are not bad for a game like this (especially in France, where i am).

      People like the game, Videogames sites like Gamekult like it too, it’s great.

      I can’t wait for the second one, i played it in jap, and i stopped it when i learned about the first danganronpa released here…damn, i want it so badly.

      And the psvita is a great console, way better than the 3ds for the hardware, online, store, touchpad, etc…but she’s not popular actuallay, so she lacks some games (but this year is different).

  4. YAY

     /  2014/02/13

    Yup. It was great news to me they announced the English localization for the second game. TBH a good amount of people did pirate the Danganronpa 1 game due to the English patch because of how the PSP got jailbreak so easily early on in its life cycle. Then there is the PSP Emulator which meant some people did not spend money to import the game to use the English patch on.

    Good riddance the Vita hasn’t been jailbreak so far to play Vita games. Though they did manage to jailbreak the PSP side of the vita, but that is as far as I expect them to go.

    • Have to agree with you there, my friends were playing Danganronpa on their psp’s before it even came out, they wanted me to play it to, but that i meant i’d have to pirate the game like them i told them i’d rather wait for it to come out the Vita which was worth the wait glad Danganronpa 2 is coming out too can’t wait to play, and kind of glad my friends won’t pirate the game again it pissed me off a little.
      Anyways i’m glad i bought the Vita got to play great games on it, and its a great system in my opinion better than the 3ds. The main reason i bought a Vita was to play Persona 4 Golden, Main reason i bought a 3ds was to play Devil Survivor Overclocked, that is all bye bye now

  5. Spike

     /  2014/02/13

    I am just praying that they hire better Voice Actors this time… or they don’t hire Kira Buckland. Seriously, this game doesn’t need any giant memes.

    • reckless

       /  2014/02/17

      I am just glad that I can put on the Japanese voice cast. That would have been the one deal breaker for me… However since they did include it I will be picking up both the 1st and 2nd games. I will likely wait and pick the first up right around the time of the 2nds release to see if it drops in price… I would love to buy it now but I did it the “right” way with the first and imported a copy of DR1(the best or whatever haha). So, paying the import price hike and then buying new on Vita is not something I am looking to do.

  6. megamixer

     /  2014/02/13

    “Hopefully this will push people to actually buy and support the franchise.”
    It in fact does the opposite for me. I imported the first DR (new, naturally) just as your excellent translation patch was being released and was hoping against all hope for the second PSP game to receive one. We’re now on the eve of the Vita’s second birthday in the US, and I can say with ease that I’ll never own one. This is coming from someone who *bought* 50~ PSP games, several of which were imports. Coming off the brilliant and underrated PSPgo, the Vita’s form factor and lack of internal storage is an incredible turn off. The fact that it can’t hold multiple accounts like its console bretheren is also quite poor, and in turn would make importing (digitally) a nightmare. And after 2 years there is still only a single game out for it that I’d want to play, YS: Memories of Celceta. I can understand people enjoying indie games, console portdowns, and MH clones, but none of that is for me. It’s simply not as strong a system for great japanese games as its predecessor was, nor will it be.

  7. Arteezy

     /  2014/02/13

    I’m disappointed… no valentine’s day and SDR2 forcing me to buy a Vita. What a despair filled day.

    • flashmozzg

       /  2014/02/14

      Vita is great though. Especially if you into danganronpa like games. It has Zero Escape too. And Vanillaware games are awesome (Muramasa: rebirth, Dragon’s Crown). Not to mention other great titles. And it’s only 200$ now too (for new slim model). I think you can find it even cheaper.

      • Boop

         /  2014/02/15

        “Only” 200$. I wish I had your income. Not that I’d buy the Vita for just one game.

      • Mr.Demon

         /  2014/02/15

        XBlaze was announced too..for Visual novels fans is a great time to have a Vita… probably this will push more graphic adventures and visual novels to the west…

        people here should be glad that DR is making a change in what is being localized.

      • Kiraly

         /  2014/02/19

        I earn 300$ a month. Buying a Vita (which costs 260$ here) is well beyond my means.

      • popopo

         /  2014/06/25

        Since this seems to be the place to hate on Vita:

  8. Gyro

     /  2014/02/13

    Damn, I won’t play the sequel because I don’t want to buy a Port-Station. Thank you very much for the translation of the first game :3

  9. Zevran

     /  2014/02/14

    God damnit, this is not the news I was hoping for. I don’t have a Vita, and I don’t see myself being able to get one anytime soon. I was also hoping for the 1.2 Reload, but eh.

    Will you guys at least make one if they totally wreck the translation? ;~;

  10. FrostyKuma

     /  2014/02/14

    I really enjoyed your Super translation of the first game, and while I already bought the first game for VITA, and will also buy the LE for the sequel, I will seriously miss your translation choices and the awesome quality of the first game. If it wasn’t for my ability to play the PSP version, I would have never known about or had a chance to play the game at all. While I’m in despair that I won’t be able to play the sequel the same way I did the first game, I guess I can settle for playing the second game from NISA. Now I just need to own a Vita now!

    Super excited for any other PSP game projects you have in mind though – my PSP is in dire need of some more untranslated games, just translated by you guys. Just make sure no one is working on something you guys end up working on before you start your next project please!

  11. “Share Your Despair” is exactly what I was thinking. I’ve heard great things about the sequel and now I’ll never have the chance to play it.

  12. Sarcastic

     /  2014/02/14

    Oh no!
    What am i gonna do now ?
    I can’t pirate the game anymore and have to pay and support the compagny who made the game to be able to play it now.
    That’s completely unthinkable.

    • Dengar

       /  2014/02/14

      Yes, because clearly none of us have actually bought the actual game and patched it ourselves.

      • Gyro

         /  2014/02/14

        You are wrong, very wrong.

    • dboyz

       /  2014/02/14

      +1 for this
      I’ll use this as answer reference to those Vita’s haters comment above =)

    • yukun

       /  2014/02/14

      well, if you can buy me a vita i will definitely want to support the company by buying the english game 🙂

  13. Dengar

     /  2014/02/14

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand the decision. I’m just lamenting the fact that I don’t know if I’ll ever play it. There haven’t been any console sellers for me. And I somehow doubt SDR2 is going to be one.

    That said, thank you guys for introducing me to the series, and know that the fact that I’m even able to feel these lamentations is thanks to you guys (please see this as a good thing).

  14. continue translating for psp pls?!?!?..no?? okaaay.. 😦

  15. John_Scott

     /  2014/02/14

    I loved your translation of DR1 that I have ordered it for the vita. Can’t wait to play SDR2.

  16. is the killer

     /  2014/02/14

    Ordered DR1, and will buy SDR2 as well.

  17. Finjas

     /  2014/02/14

    Does this mean that we’ll get official release with English dub? On Vita, where Undubs arent’ possible yet?
    Ultimate despair.

  18. rexz

     /  2014/02/14

    I hope you guys consider to make PSP version by use official translation after DR2 release a year or two on vita (if you guys want many of us who don’t own Vita to have a chance to play this game.).

    I can’t afford Vita any time soon. Yeah, I despaired right now.

  19. Why do I have to live in the country with the world’s highest taxes over imported goods? Even if I wanted to buy it to support the franchise, it’d cost a fortune. Anyway, thank you guys for translating the first game. Even though some people bash it solely for the reason of you guys using different terminology than they were used to, know that you’ll always have supporters who understand how much work it took to finish the game and with professional-like quality.

  20. Puru

     /  2014/02/14

    Good news, real fans will buy the game and the vita, that’s pretty much all there is to it.
    Thanks for your hard work guys and good luck with your current and future projects 🙂

  21. Mako

     /  2014/02/14

    Damn it. I feel the despair flowing through me. I had high hopes in your translations but its okay, you guys did well enough on the first one and we are grateful on that.

    Still looking forward on your future projects though..

  22. Matt

     /  2014/02/14

    Hopefully this will help to push the sales of the sequel so other Dangan Ronpa content will release here too. Thank you guys for cancelling the translation (no sarcasm). I’m going to buy a Vita and the first game as soon as I have the money.

  23. tsukiyomi

     /  2014/02/14

    It’s a pity you won’t be translating sdr2. I was looking forward to it and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a vita.
    But thank you for translating the first game and introducing me to the danganronpa series.

  24. yukun

     /  2014/02/14

    damn, nisa really fucked up. if only they could release the game for psp id totally buy it, but theres no way im gonna spend $250 on a vita just to play dangan ronpa, lol.

    • Matt

       /  2014/02/14

      The Playstation Vita is only 200 dollars now.

      • yukun

         /  2014/02/14

        not in my country, lol.

      • megamixer

         /  2014/02/14

        “only” $200? This is ignoring the price of a decent memory card, copy of the game, and of course taxes. Besides, who would pay even a flat $200 in order to play a single game? The PSP warranted that exact pricing way back when I first bought one a couple years into its life because there were a good number of games out for it that I’d wanted. Sadly the same cannot be said for the Vita in the same timeframe and its future isn’t looking particularly interesting either.

  25. Michelle

     /  2014/02/14

    Utterly gutted. Both me and my sister managed to play the first game on a PSP emulator. Honestly, neither of us are even close to having the money to get a Vita and buy the game and I so badly wanted to play it. I really didn’t want to have to rely on ‘Lets play’s of SDR2 :/

    • skizezero

       /  2014/02/17

      The hell? You didn’t even support the company or game industry in any way. At least have the decency to get a PSP with a CFW.

  26. Gu

     /  2014/02/14

    I really wish you guys could continue translating it. I have no issue with buying the game or a vita, but your translations are so much more faithful to the actual game. Regardless, i respect your decisions. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on thes series.

  27. Mayo

     /  2014/02/14

    I’ll miss the super duper titles.
    Thanks you for your great work c: You’re the ones thanks to who I discovered the franchise!

  28. MrP

     /  2014/02/14

    Honestly feel bad for anyone who can’t afford it, I’m broke myself but gonna buy this (+ a vita) if its at all possible. Bought a 3DS for VLR after pirating 999, wish I got a vita lol, so will try to do similar for SDR2. Wouldn’t be shocked if it gets a port to another sony platform in due course.

    All in all, its a positive that these sort of games are finally getting legit releases. I hope NISA are doing 2 because SDR sold well. Many thanks to the PZ crew for getting me hooked, I hope you guys aren’t too gutted your current project is cancelled. I really don’t know who in the NISA localisation dept can do a better job than you guys. I know no Japanese, but there wasn’t a cringe inducing line in SDR that I remember. I pray NISA find a way leave an option for original audio, though with some of the talent involved I don’t hold out much hope.

  29. Have to say even though I don’t have a vita i still supported the game Sony hurry up with the vita tv and hackers get normal memcards working on it plz i don’t want to pay 119$ for a good sized official memcard on vita. As for the loss of superior translators for SDR2 I shall see you later space cowboy.

  30. I am so happy i bought a Vita, can’t wait for it to come out so i can play it on there, feel bad for people who can’t afford it, but the Vita isn’t a bad system i love it has great games not as many as there are in Japan but still has great games to play.
    I also own a 3ds which is a equally good system i mostly buy RPG games and sometimes other types.
    Vita games i own so far not many but i’m picky in my games: Persona 4 Golden, VLR, NG1&2, Soul sacrifice, Toukiden, Ys memories of celceta,Ragnorok Odyssey, Danganronpa 1. Going to get FF10, Conception 2, might import a copy of God Eater 2.
    Anyways i like using my vita to watch anime, play my PSP games i own on psp which i rebought to play on Vita, also include PS1 that you can play on vita its fun to take games like Parasite Eve, Dino Crysis, Resident Evil 1,2,3, etc….

    • flashmozzg

       /  2014/02/14

      I also recommend you Muramasa: Rebirth and Zero Escape.

  31. JohnEgbert

     /  2014/02/14

    A bit disappointing that I’ll have to cough up a lot of money for a Vita, which I can’t afford at the time.

  32. Something I have to say to those who are letting their despair about not getting SDR2 on PSP in English…

    The honest reason, and the real reason…
    Look in any games store, and find me the PSP Games department. I’ll wait. You find me a recent PSP release in America or Europe, and I’ll rethink what I’m about to say.

    Basics are, anyway, whatever is said, the PSP is dead in the West. If this was a year or two ago, they’d plan on releasing the PSP version alongside the Vita versions, since it’s not a huge step-up to do so.
    When Playstation Plus came out, it offered, no problem, free games for PS3 and PS Vita, and later it added PS4. The Playstation Portable didn’t even factor into their player base.

    If the PSPgo hadn’t tanked with the customer base, we’d have a PSP still. They attempted a all-digital PSP, and we didn’t want it. So, now, we have the Vita, which is a lot more reliable and has native support for linking up to the PS3 and PS4, as well as more than enough memory to have a second game at least plugged in alongside whatever’s in the slot.
    There’s not going to be a PSP release, there never was going to be a english PSP release, Sony failed with the PSP in the West, released the Vita, and look like they’re going to fail again, and not because it’s a poor system, but because of people who ask ‘Why do you keep releasing on Vita?’ like idiots.

    • Nightmare637

       /  2014/02/14

      Now while I do agree with everything you said, my gamestop still has a psp section.
      It’s like two small shelves but there’s still a section.

      I’m definitely pre ordering the second game the second a LE is announced, just as I didw ith the first.

    • Anonymous

       /  2014/02/14

      People don’t want all digital, and won’t the foreseeable future.
      People don’t care that the Vita has features like linking up to PS3/PS4
      People just want games, and for the moment, the 3DS and other systems are getting far more good games

      “Sony failed with the PSP in the West, released the Vita, and look like they’re going to fail again, and not because it’s a poor system, but because of people who ask ‘Why do you keep releasing on Vita?’ like idiots.”

      The people responding to this aren’t going to be saying “Why do you keep releasing on Vita” about release after release, they are saying that only about the one franchise exclusive to this system in the West with 2 games, and most people won’t buy a $200 system because there are 2 exclusives they care about after the system has been out for a couple years.

    • yukun

       /  2014/02/15

      Well, in my city even the biggest game store had only 20 vita games when I asked while they had a really large variety of PSP games, used and new ones. I don’t know anyone who own a Vita, to be honest, because it’s still too expensive in my country for people to get.
      I also own a second-handed 3DS, which was really cheap because there are no games for it available anywhere here and you have to order them from abroad. And it’s basically the same with Vita (though the system itself is twice as expensive as 3DS), that’s why releasing the game for PSP in Europe would be a good idea.
      By the way, even if I had the money for the system (I can always try to save up and buy it after a year or so), the only games I’d want would be DR, SDR2 and Project Diva, so that’s kind of pointless.

      • Luciferum

         /  2014/02/19

        ” And it’s basically the same with Vita (though the system itself is twice as expensive as 3DS), that’s why releasing the game for PSP in Europe would be a good idea.”

        Oh, so it’s a good idea because your one country out in the middle of nowhere don’t have games for the Vita and the 3DS on the shelves? The UK, France, Germany all make up Europe too, and they do have 3DS and Vita games on their shelves.
        In the UK, the 3DS is more expensive than the Vita. Not to mention games like Pokemon and the like NEVER drop in price.
        I got VLR for £5. Persona 4 Golden for £15.

        Nobody wants PSP games anymore. Just you. The west cares about Progression quite a great deal. If you care that much about a visual novel, why don’t you just watch an LP? There’s full translations of LP’s on YouTube right now.

    • megamixer

       /  2014/02/21

      “Look in any games store, and find me the PSP Games department. I’ll wait. You find me a recent PSP release in America or Europe, and I’ll rethink what I’m about to say.”
      I went into a Gamestop late last august and bought Sweet Fuse: By Your Side. Is that recent enough? 2013 saw a good number of retail PSP releases, Hakuoki, Black Rock Shooter, and others. Also, are you completely disregarding PSN releases? Sony America themselves published 2 PSP games last year, both digital-only. Both Corpse Party games were DD-only and successful for XSeed. Natsume put out Carnage Heart EXA & Mystic Chronicles. Why couldn’t either DR be made available that way? Digital-only for PSP, physical & digital for Vita. There are still PSP games making their way over this year, too, by the way. Heck, just look at the PS Store. Streetkix: Freestyle came out for the PSP this year.

      “When Playstation Plus came out, it offered, no problem, free games for PS3 and PS Vita, and later it added PS4. The Playstation Portable didn’t even factor into their player base.”
      PSP games had been given out with PS+ even before the Vita.

  33. Ash-ash

     /  2014/02/14

    >good job
    Are you kidding me? Your translation for first one was better (personal opinion).

    • yukun

       /  2014/02/15

      I personally liked Oren’s version most, since I like translations that are close to the original. But Project Zetsubou did a great job too, their translation is definitely better than NISA’s.

      • matoi

         /  2014/02/15

        genocider jack xDD!!!11

        le epic translation xD

      • Ash-ash

         /  2014/02/16

        I wouldn’t bitch over it if translation was actually good. (I’m not into console wars even if I own 3DS) I played this Dangan on Vita (my friend owns one, we just gave it a shot) and like seriously… NISA isn’t good at this. It is seriously bad publisher (again only my opinion). And here’s why they suck again:
        >Translation worse than fan translation
        >Releasing 2 parts separately to get moar $$$

      • >Translation worse than fan translation
        I wish to point out something…
        Tales Of Phantasia – Done in-house by Nintendo. Was notorious with fans for name translations that were laughable and voiced dialogue that was wince-worthy.
        Final Fantasy – The scripts were laughable, due to things like Faris having dialogue that was not understandable in Final Fantasy 5 on PS1.
        Both of those have much better translations due to fans, and also have had much better ones since their first one.

        >Releasing 2 parts separately to get moar $$$
        That probably wasn’t their fault. Let’s say they waited until they had both games finished. Now, we know they’ve done some work on SDR2, but we don’t know how much they have done now, beyond bugtesting and Q&A. Possibly, the price is a bit high, but again, they’re getting the first bite of the cherry, not the second, which Spike Chunsoft was with Reload.

      • Ash-ash

         /  2014/02/16

        >FF V
        Remind me when they were released.
        Also, this thing about saying “That probably wasn’t their fault”. I may be stupid but I don’t want to pay 2x for something that Japan had in one pack (also I’m not into buying ports to buy same game TWICE). I am consumer, I want to save money, that’s why I’m talkin’ ’bout it. I don’t care about their reasons, I care about myself.

      • Keep in mind this is the first official release of DR in the West. Japan had full-price PSP games when they were first released. Plus, NISA can’t just release two games at once without gauging how popular it is first. Localizing two full games is not cheap.

  34. Nisa is garbage

     /  2014/02/14

    I rather learn japanese than buying the worst fucking handheld console in the history of mankind.

    • Luciferum

       /  2014/02/19

      It’s actually the best in terms of hardware. And that’s a fact whether you like it or not. Games on the 3DS look and sound horrible.

      • blarghar

         /  2014/02/21

        but they are still better than the games the shita has.

      • Brandon

         /  2014/09/14

        if your playing a game for graphics and sound, your not playing for the right reasons. if you remember when we where kids (if you are that old) we had games that where in the style of nes snes and sega genesis gameboys as well. and we got along just fine, however once bigger consoles came out that offered all these great graphics, people forgot how happy they where to just play a game no matter how it looked or sounded. and honestly its only gotten worse as the years progressed, now a days all someone cares about is how a game looks at sounds. if it doesn’t look or sound good to them, they pass it over giving the excuse that they think it sucks. and because they refuse to give it a chance, they end up missing some great games. I don’t need fancy graphics or sound, if the game does what it’s supposed to then its a fantastic title. ( hows that resistance game on the vita by the way? oh wait despite its great graphics and sound it sucked balls, the game was recycled ideas horrible lagging online play etc need i go on?) my 3ds see’s more action then a vita would with me, and do you know why? because the 3ds library is huge and vast. they have games iike azure striker gunvolt (in the tune of mega man) mario (mario party, mario kart, mario and luigi dream team, luigi’s mansion) pokemon which a lot of kids grew up with (me included) they are getting persona here in november and super smash bros 4 next month. the 3ds library has something for everyone, and i have more hope in that then i do a vita. the only good games i have seen on the vita are persona 4 golden and the dangan ronpa games. the psp had its fair share of great games as well, resistance, street fighter, dangan ronpa, mega man, twisted metal, call of duty games, rpg games. need i really need to go on? but because they thought that the psp was a dying system (thats what they call it when they want to push a new system on the people) they stoped making games for it.

  35. Celes

     /  2014/02/14

    This is extremely despairing news for me. Last generation of console wars I got sick of shelling out $200+ for a system for one game or one series I enjoyed and vowed not to do that again…so no Vita for me. Or SDR2. Have a PSP, so was hoping hard you’d complete SDR2. Ah well.

    Thank you for your astounding job on the first game, Project Zetsubou. I am glad you will be working on Zero, though. You’re a great group and your efforts are deeply appreciated.

  36. randomguy

     /  2014/02/14

    Who would’ve thought Project Zetsubou would end up so full of despair?

  37. Huehuehue

     /  2014/02/14

    Don’t have a Vita so this is sad to hear. Still though, thanks for all the hardwork so far (:

  38. kb

     /  2014/02/14

    This is for those who wanted to buy a Vita but couldn’t afford it yet..

    If you could save like $50 a month, you would be able to buy a Vita + MC by July/August. The game won’t be out until Fall anyway and they didn’t mention early/mid/late Fall. That will give you plenty of time to save up for a Vita + MC AND the game. Even if you couldn’t save $50 you should still save $10 or $20 or whatever amount you can and still be able to buy a Vita and the game (but will probably be a bit late). I’m a uni student and my allowance is below $100 a month, I live in a dorm and I need to use the money to buy food/school materials/etc but I manage my money so that I’m able to buy the games I want. So please don’t tell me that you couldn’t even afford to save $10 a month…who cares if you will only able to buy the game 1234 months after the release? At least you will still be able to play it.

    Anyway thanks for everything PZ! I look forward to Danganronpa/Zero. 😀

    • Anonymous

       /  2014/02/14

      There is a difference between being able to vs being willing to spend $200 for a system you otherwise don’t want.

      • kb

         /  2014/02/14

        That’s why I stated
        “This is for those who wanted to buy a Vita but couldn’t afford it yet..” 🙂

    • MrP

       /  2014/02/15

      I understand where your coming from. I pirate a ton of stuff and buy next to nothing. I think the only game I bought in the last 5 years for myself was VLR (+3DS). SDR2 is the only game I would consider buying right now and I think even with the cost of a vita its worth it. I’ll do it if at all possible and wouldn’t consider it unfair given I got the first great game for free.

      Thing is, even though I’m broke (by UK standards) and 10~20 $ is just about managable, for some people around the world $40 per month is out of the question. Especially given ridiculous import taxes that hike console prices 4-5x what we pay. Would you buy a Vita, just for SDR2, for ~$1000? On a $200 per month income? If that’s your situation, or you honestly never pirate stuff, then I can see how this is a bitch if you really enjoyed the 1st game.

      But for the rest of the broke ass pirates in my position, stop complaining and go out and by something for once if you think its really worth it.

    • yukun

       /  2014/02/15

      Your comment is pointless, if you can save $50 every month then you can obviously afford the system. I get an allowance of $15 and can’t find a job anywhere at my age, that’s what I mean by ‘I can’t afford it’

      • kb

         /  2014/02/15

        @yukun You get $15 a month? Well sorry then. I did mention that it doesn’t need to be $50, it could be $1 a month or even less than that. But whatever it is pointless anyway and I’m not the one who doesn’t have a Vita.

        @MrP I don’t live in the US or UK (I live in ‘third world’ country). I don’t know about import taxes and stuff but the Vita sold at the Sony Center in my country is only $10-$30 higher than the US price (though local gameshops here sell it much cheaper). I saved money to buy a Vita JUST for VLR and P4G with only saving less than $20 a month. Just like you, I pirate stuff too and I’m not entirely against it. I’m only giving a suggestion about saving money but it is pointless (this is the internet after all). I don’t even know why I even bother. But good to know you’re giving your all to buy it since I can understand how you feel. I’ll disappear now. Wheee

  39. whatawaste

     /  2014/02/14

    welp guess i won’t ever get to play this game oh well. p disappointing really.

  40. Seyser Koze

     /  2014/02/14

    You guys are comedy gold.

  41. Jay

     /  2014/02/15

    Just want to say, thanks so much guys.
    Your translation of the first game led me to what’s become one of my favorite game series 🙂
    Furthermore, it was undoubtedly the best translation patch of a non-English game I’ve seen. It was professional, fitting (as far as I could tell from my limited Japanese knowledge), and you even went so far as to edit all the graphics and little fiddly bits – most translators just go straight for the text. You really went the extra mile, and it culminated in a fantastic patch.

    I was debating buying a Vita for the NISA release of the first game, but after hearing this I’m definitely going to save up. Not sure what other games are going to be on there, but I’m sure I’ll find some goodies.

    Seriously looking forward to your translation of DR/Zero and the Kirigiri books.
    (And, for all these people saying ‘Oh, guess I’ll never play this game then.’, I don’t see what the problem is? The Vita is a perfectly technologically capable handheld, and it’s got backward compatibility with a large number of PSP games, too. I see a lot of hate for the Vita, but to me it seems like a really good system? Not trying to be rude or anything, but I can’t really fault it other than a lack of larger game series…it seems like a good buy, especially for how cheap you can get it these days…)

  42. Celestia

     /  2014/02/15

    Look at all these mad pirates.

    • And the handful of people who are genuinely annoyed with not having the money for the console.

    • matoi

       /  2014/02/15

      How does it feel that you pay for your shitty games, while we “the pirates” get good games for free?

      inb4 SDR2

      yes, you are right, sdr2 is the only game in the world.

  43. Irufort Grantz

     /  2014/02/15

    i must say i am dissapointed, your works really made love this series by all means.
    But i must not give in to despair! I will acquire by all means to play the games! Even if i have to buy vita to play the sequel, rather than not playing it by myself and just relying on the “let’s play” ! My love for Dangan Ronpa cannot be stopped!! 😡

  44. Saxz

     /  2014/02/15

    So much despair.
    Monokuma will be proud of this.

    I’m here just to say thanks for your hard work in the first game translation, Project Zetsubou.

    It’s very nice translation indeed and I think its give NISA some kind of push to pick this game too (That sudden Best Buy Danganronpa boost at the same week the translation released).

    For all whiner
    Stop whining
    Well…Even if you’re all still whining
    Nothing will change though

    All you can do is to buy the 2nd game when it release from a company that you think shit and the console that you think shit too

  45. Linkerz

     /  2014/02/15

    I have enough money for the console and both of the games and I am considering buying a Vita and SDR2 after this announcement. However I sincerely enjoyed the translation you guys have done for the first game. Literally, the best thing since sliced bread. I am sad that you guys aren’t continuing on to translate the second game. But I am wondering what will happen after you guys have finished translating Danganronpa Zero and (possibly?) Danganronpa Kirigiri. There are already translations for Danganronpa IF and the original manga. Will you be doing anything else relating to Danganronpa? Or are you finished after you’re done with the translation of Zero?

  46. Dudes,just buy a ps vita,there are tons of great exclusives out there for it!
    Tearaway,Gravity Rush,Soul Sacrifice,Unit 13,Wipout 2048,Uncharted golden abyss,LittleBigPlanet Vita,Ys memories of celceta,Persona 4 golden,Txk,Olli Olli,Lumines electric symphony to name a few!

    • matoi

       /  2014/02/15

      >implying the vita has a good price.

      please kill yourself, as well as Nisa.

      • Sane man

         /  2014/02/16

        Well aren’t you a little bundle of joy.

    • Boop

       /  2014/02/16

      “there are tons of great exclusives out there for it!”

      Just because they’re great for you (and you probably like them) doesn’t mean they’re great for everyone and they will like them.

      Besides, the Vita is way too expensive. In my country, the normal 3DS costs ~170 euros, which is ~233 dollars while the Vita is at ~205 euros, which “translates” to ~280 dollars. Not to mention the Memory Cards. A 16GB card for the Vita is ~36 euros (~50 dollars). With that money I can get a 32GB card for the 3DS and still have 5 euros (3 dollars) left for something else.

      • Kiraly

         /  2014/02/19

        A 32GB card for the 3DS can be as cheap as 20$ (over here at least, but the rest of the prices are the same). Taking advantage of the numerous promotions Nintendo has, you can buy a 3DS + a game + a memory card and everything else you need for well under 200EUR, with shipping. You might hit the price of a Vita is you go for the XL.

        I wish SDR2 was on 3DS.

        This really sucks. brb learning Japanese

      • Boop

         /  2014/02/20

        Yeah, I left out those sales because I forgot about them! I actually got my 3DS when the Ocarina of Time version (edition, whatever you want to call it), with the (physical) game included, was at the price of a normal 3DS. And it even brought a 2GB card already.

        I wish SDR2 was on 3DS too. But I guess that’s as likely as Bravely Default getting on the VIta. :/

  47. Dear project Zetsubou: Fuck you, you are giving money to NISA who censors games all the time and shit out terrible translations, you are not helping the original developers, you are only helping the NISA jews, you are a disgrace to fantranslators. Thats all.

    • Dear Troll,
      Please die,
      Actual fan.

      • Dear shill
        Please kill yourself
        Actual person with a brain

      • I could waste several paragraphs giving my real opinion of your eloquent missives, but I’ll just give you two.

        You clearly don’t understand that this is a FAN translation group, meaning they make no money and earn no money. If Spike Chunsoft were to contact PZ’s moderators and order all translations to cease tomorrow, they’d have to do it like yesterday.
        Nippon Ichi are not Blind Idiot Translation Inc, and the censorship was all warranted and non-invasive. You are full of hate dumb, and it’s a waste of my time to persuade you otherwise.

      • That never stopped good fantranslators before,

      • Also are you defending censorship? holy crap Im done here

      • Luciferum

         /  2014/02/19

        Oh, you’re done? Good. Less tears to clean up.
        And Nisa’s censorship is nothing. What are you raging about?

  48. Narukami Yu

     /  2014/02/15

    Bad news for us psp owners that cannot afford a vita… in my country argentina the ps vita cost around $450 dollars, even the psp was expensive… very sad news….

  49. Ash-ash

     /  2014/02/15

    First time when “Share Your Despair” actually makes sense…

    • I can understand that. The price point for the Vita isn’t the kindest, and in the UK, where I live, Danganronpa DL Edition is £35. I’m hoping it does get enough votes to be in Playstation Plus for 2014 though, then I know Monokuma will not make me feel despair.

  50. Are you guys going to still release the script editor you were using for SDR2?

  51. seinii

     /  2014/02/16

    I’d just like to say that your translation on the first one was absolutely amazing and it won’t be forgotten. Although we all truly hoped that someone better than NISA picked it up, we’ll have to deal with it. You guys have really done a great job and it’d be too bad if you guys dropped instantly. Hopefully you can translate most of the novels and still stick around for much longer. If you left, we’d all miss you.
    Thanks for all of your hard work, Project Zetsubou.

  52. Sane man

     /  2014/02/16

    Man, so much whining.

    • Linkerz

       /  2014/02/16

      And for every whiner there is, another gives gratitude. Look on the bright side.

      • Hagawesome

         /  2014/02/16

        Agreed. For all the whiners there are, there are just as many people thanking Project Zetsubou. ‘Cause you know, they did a great job and introduced us to the series. Not sure what your point in posting “lol whiners” is except wasting space, dude.

    • Boop

       /  2014/02/17

      You do see the irony of your comment, don’t you?

  53. Mark

     /  2014/02/16

    Welp time to learn japanese, Im not giving NISA money thats for sure.

    • Linkerz

       /  2014/02/16

      I wish you the best of luck in your quest to learn the Japanese language!

  54. Kintrex

     /  2014/02/16

    Well, I’m still gonna get it. I’m not sad because I have to buy it now, I was planning to anyway. I’m just kind of bummed because I really liked you guys’ translation style.

  55. Davee

     /  2014/02/16

    I just bought a Vita and picked up DR1.

    Seems great so far, just as good as the one’s you guys did. Good job!

    Also picked up Ys Celceta, which is god damn fantastic.

    • Narukami Yu

       /  2014/02/17

      Pick Persona 4 Golden best game for the vita.

      • blarghar

         /  2014/02/17

        Persona 4 golden is the casualized version of the ps2 version, made for people who cant get past shadow yukiko or kanji on the original version.

      • You do realize there’s a very hard mode right? Also the calling for help feature is completely optional. P4 isn’t that hard of a game to begin with. The Vita version is an upgrade in every way.

      • Luciferum

         /  2014/02/19

        >Implying Persona 4 was never casual to begin with

        Spoiler alert: It was. It was very easy, and it wasn’t user friendly.
        TBH, the combat wasn’t even fun. In the beginning, it had a little challenge, and then it just divulged into buffing and debuffing.

        In short, not fun at all, really. But, meh, nobody recommended it for the combat.

      • blarghar

         /  2014/02/21

        very hard mode is easy too, the bosses still have weaknesses.

        persona 4 golden edition is shit, as well as NISA.

      • This is some serious delusion. Golden has additional Social Links as well as extra events in the year. You don’t play Persona just for the dungeon-crawling anyway; SMT is better in that regard. The only reason to hate Golden is if you’re a Vita hater.

  56. Devon Jones

     /  2014/02/17

    I’mma gonna be sad but thanks for making the first game!
    and such, I love to buy the Vita only for those games…. but not a big fan of the Vita so oh well. Back to the 3ds thanks for working very hard, hope the future shines bright

  57. Would you comment on NIS America’s translation of DR1? Phoenix Spaulding’s statements about their philosophy on localization are worrying.

    • Not owning a Vita, I haven’t had a chance to play it myself, but based on the screenshots Ritobito has shared and some videos I’ve watched on Youtube, the translation itself looks mostly rock solid. Aside from a couple careless, mostly insignificant mistakes (which our patch was not free of, either), all I can really fault them for are some nitpicky editing/style differences.

  58. Haru

     /  2014/02/18

    Hello BlackDragonHunt
    I download your The Super Duper Script Editor 2 but I can’t set up a workspace, please help me.
    Could you still making this editor 2 ?

    • It says very clearly on the Bitbucket page that the second editor is unsupported, broken, incomplete, and not of any use to the average user. You’re going to have to dig into the code, find what does what you want, and piece it together yourself. There’s even a hint about where to look.

  59. lolzor

     /  2014/02/18

    Well, might as well jump onto the bandwagon

    1. YOU can buy the game console. But not everyone here has the ability to shell out 200+ dollars on a game console and only be able to buy a handful of games

    2. You can’t buy the games that you want because the stores on your country only offers a select few games for the vita, hell even for a 3ds. You can’t import games because:

    * You live in a underdeveloped country.
    * The import taxes to just ship the game will cost you triple of the price of the game, making it severely uneconomical.
    * Shipping will not guarantee your game will be delivered because of your location

    I really like the vita, I really do. Compared to the 3ds in my opinion, the vita is more beautiful. If not for the inconvenience that I will be facing when I would be buying games, I’ve already bought it

    Don’t get me wrong. I pirate games too. Typically the games that I pirate are the games that I can’t get on this God-forsaken country. When I really like a game for example, Danganronpa, I would import it, even if it will not arrive to my house. So I was really sad that the project was scrapped.

    Well, Project Zetsubou, thank you for Danganronpa. I don’t think I’ll ever see the sequel of the damn thing. Well either way, thank you again.

    • 1. OK, Yes, the price is high for the basic console, but Sony are always looking to make it cheaper.
      2. Sony has the Playstation Network service, which means I can buy a copy of DR1 or SDR2 straight off them.

      If you can’t get PSN in your region, sure, you can’t get the game at all, but Sony are being good enough to actually release a lot more games for download sale, which ISN’T restricted by import taxes or other shit like that.

      • reckless

         /  2014/02/20

        Just playing devils advocate here… (I have a Vita and Internets :O) but based upon the other points lolzor made it may be safe to assume that he does not have access to reliable wireless internet.

  60. null

     /  2014/02/18

    Well, fuck. Guess I won’t be playing SDR2

  61. jang

     /  2014/02/18

    Damn. I guess i should play Danganronpa 1 again and get it over with.

  62. It’s not about having a vita or not >……….< DX "share your despair"? well translators ;~; you got it alright DX! I would pay money just for you to finish translating x_x idk how much but if you make a donation thing or something, i would definitely help

  63. It’s not about having a vita or not, This is horrible news!

    The nis america release of Dangan ronpa cuts things in the subs and switches up what the characters refer to eachother as DX creating a fan fiction work! not actual dangan ronpa 1!!!

    Problem 1: Ishimaru isn’t so moral compass when every one and their mothers call him Taka which is a simplified version of his first name! Even playing as naegi, when characters call me makoto, it’s like dude… I just met you @_@ in japan to be called by your last name is like your title, it defines who you are o.o once you’re friends with people you can go by first names if you want… the game doesn’t take place in america, nis just wanted to remove all japanese tradition from the game, making the american version faan fiction from nis!

    Problem 2: Naegi has gone half retarded, Theirs this 1 part where Enoshima is like, ” some guys are so annoying, they always say 24 at the KOB, like if i can’t see right through them” and then you as naegi have to figure out what she is talking about by picking between 3 answers… and the answer is Karaoke! you know this because you probably involved your self with teen age life in japan, well is all based on Japanese tradition not american so i think that shouldn’t have been changed cause changing stuff just makes it fan fiction… BUT THAT ISN’T EVEN THE PROBLEM HERE! The REAL problem is what they changed it to!!! Enoshima is like “some guys are so annoying, they always go wanna hang? like if i can’t see right through them”, and you playing as naegi are like “does she mean hanger, hang coat, or hang out?” x_x apparently i’m roleplaying an idiot… and i shouldn’t respect the writer, cause who cares about an idiot! pure fan fiction from nis america! they could have atleasttt changed it to something else karaoke related in america or teenage outside life related =_= but ideally not change anything at all and only translate it

    Problem 3: Yamada LOVES talking about traps, fujoshi (rotten girls)… Nis america censored the hell out of him and said oh I like things that shouldn’t be liked ok? =_= are kidding me? again FAN FICTIOOOOOON from nis america! this isn’t only a translation but a change too!

    It’s not even fan fiction… this is more like publishers fiction or something D:!!!
    Their are many more problems i probably found and forgot! or haven’t found yet… and these problems are subtle yes… but atleast with the fan sub, fans can get the game in a much more purer form! a form like how the original writers intended for you to witness! DX “share your despair”? well translators ;~; you got it alright DX! I would pay money just for you to finish translating x_x idk how much but if you make a donation thing or something, i would definitely help

    • btw I am getting all the american versions of the game… don’t get me wrong >.< I already have part 1 which is how i know all this info… I'm just so sad that the purity isn't going to be there at all any more x_x and i'm still in the beginning of my path to learning japanese DX!!

    • sorry that i’m having a heart attack x_x i know you probably would claim your translation isn’t perfect either… sorry for the pressure… i’m sorry v_v sorry… I don’t really know what else to say… >__< but yeah your version of the game is definitely more purer and faithful to the original game! take that as a praise/compliment!!!!

      • it’s my fault really for not learning japanese faster.. augh these comment things are so annoying, cutting off just for making 1 little face =_=

    • JohnJRenns

       /  2014/02/21

      You must remember that this is ‘localization’, not ‘translation’. Translation is when you literally translate the [insert that language here], localization is when you make that game suitable for your country/language. For example: Genocide Shou’s name was changed because name ‘Shou’ is a boy’s name on Japan, so players should expect her as a male, but obviously people who doesn’t live/interested in Japan doesn’t know that, but Project Despair ‘translated’ that name(ジェノサイダー翔) into ‘Genocide Syo/Shou’, but NISA knew where Chunsoft was going with that name, and changed(localized) it into ‘Genocide Jack’, and ‘Jack’ is a boy’s name in North America. This is the difference. This paticualr ‘Version’ of the original game called ‘Trigger Happy Havoc’ was designed to be suitable for North American players, and North American players does not know most of the Japanese traditions(They have their own traditions, why would they care about the Japaneses’ ones unless they are interested? They just want to play the game.). Makoto being more stupid and annoying(not his voice, but him just being him) though, I can’t say whatever to that, because well… he is more stupid and annoying. Also, calling them by first name is because that’s what you do in America, you do introduce yourself as your full name like John Renns or Kevin Phlips, but after that, you don’t say ‘Hey, Kevin Phlips, did you read the newspaper today?’ you say ‘Hey Kevin, —” it doesn’t matter if you met them for the first time, and game KEEP insists that you and your classmates are ‘friends’ and that you should corperate doing class trials. That’s the reason why they call them by their first names(also, some names are just too long/hard to pronounce for Americans, so they created a nicknames for them.). But I gotta agree on you not getting the ‘Ultimate Fan Fiction Creator’, since it’s not an fan fiction, it’s more like manga. but since some Americans doesn’t know that ‘Manga’ is a Japanese comic(or something along those lines), they changed it to ‘Fan Fiction’ when they can change it into ‘Ultimate Japanese Comic Creator’ or something. I mean, they called Genocide Jack a ‘Ultimate Murderous Fiend’, that was really long so why not make it like that? But I think it’s because ‘Fan Fiction’ sounds more interesting. Also, I understand why you like the ‘translation’ better then ‘Localization’ because translation is literally translating the game, so it’s more ‘faithfull’ to the original game. Also, if you REALLY like the original game that much, you should know by now that game is trying to make you feel that you are playing as an idiot at first, but becomes the most important person by the end of the game. so ‘roleplaying as an idiot’ doesn’t matter.

      • That’s a damn good point, J.J. Renns makes. People who rant that NISA’s translations and censorship are shit…
        Constantly, with games like TERA and the MMOG Queen’s Blade, people complain vehemently, and these aren’t NISA localizations, about how the ‘lolita’ characters have censorship, which is done not because they want to ‘corrupt the purity of the game’, but because American censorship laws are much stricter than the Far East.

        In Japan, they don’t give a shit about showing a girl around 12 naked in a videogame, as long as there’s no clear shots of her crotch, however, obscured ones are fine.
        In America, you attempt anything like that, and you’d get it pulled due to the same laws that get pedophilia removed from the internet as soon as it’s found.

        Due to that, the hot springs mini-game was cut from both Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z, with the rewards being granted in a different way, and, again, people complained that we weren’t getting the full game since NISA ‘censored important content’.
        There’s very little to censor in Danganronpa, since the pink blood already did most of that censorship, the only changes to the script are so a player understands the characters much better than the direct fan translation used for the PSP version.

        There’s a difference between censorship and cut content, and I’ve only seen NISA fall foul of cut content once. However, Another company, Namco Bandai, however, I only have one word: Vesperia.

      • augh, I know dude, but yeah you’re roleplaying someone who thinks they are small in the beginning but it’s supposed to be demonstrated with the fear of your favorite characters dying i think XD well either way that is just our opinion! I think that the game shouldn’t be touched in any way… but to be honest I have to admit that this is probably getting the original creators more money… and then they create more amazing games like this with that money ♥ Super Fair I guess, this is one of the very few games giving me hope in the future of the video game industry! >.<

      • What I appreciated about Project Zetsubou was that it preserves as much of the original work as possible. This is especially relevant for something like Dangan Ronpa, which is built on layers of genre references and intended for a genre-savvy audience in the first place. As a fan familiar with the culture, I have no interest in heavy localization for mainstream consumption, and NISA will happily throw fans under the bus if it means more sales. They haven’t convinced me that they take these concerns seriously. In fact, if you read Phoenix Spaulding in the Silliconera interview, they are more concerned with “accessibility” than being faithful to the original work.

        At some point, accessibility becomes absurd, as whoever did the Ace Attorney localizations wrote themselves into a corner with the setting.

      • This reminds me of the Samuri Pizza Cats debacle.

        Compare the english subtitled releases of Kyattou Ninden Teyandee to the equivalent Samuri Pizza Cats episode.
        You’ll find most of the jokes in KNT make no sense, while every joke in SPC will make you at least chuckle.

        Dangan Ronpa and Ace Attorney both were translated to allow people to understand the game, and any culture shock was minimized. I’ve seen several japanese anime adaptations of US franchises which are far from what we’d expect, and maybe even would get fans declare the franchise is ‘ruined forever’.

        The reality is that we’re totally different cultures, and to declare that a game was ruined by globalization…
        Go play Ouendan rather than EBA, Go play Pocket Monsters intead of POKeMON. Mother instead of Earthbound…
        You might feel it is much more accurate, but you’re also not enjoying it as much as you think.

  64. “share your despair” pretty accurate…
    im in despair right now cuz i have to wait for release D:

  65. Helix

     /  2014/02/20

    I usually hate lets plays but I’m glad they exist now since this is one of the few games where I’m more interested in its story than actually playing it. I never buy a console/handheld for one game and this isn’t the game that’s going to change my mind. Thank you for your great work on the first game and off to YouTube I go.

    • I feel the same exact way, i’m already on part 4
      Like i’m not going to witness the NISA version first >.<!

  66. SuckingNIScocklol

     /  2014/02/21

    Okay, you want me to pay 300 Eur to get a hold of a Vita + Order online the game?
    In sweden there is no PSVita library in stores, you’ll just have the most generic titles there.

    Fuck you.

  67. Anon

     /  2014/02/21

    fine for me..
    i can read japanese word 🙂

  68. Why you guys don’t translate the Artbooks? I’m sure that have a lot of special and interesting informations.

  69. Jacqueline

     /  2014/02/21

    Aw, sadly I don’t have Vita. Thanks for the translation for Dangan Ronpa though!

  70. Linkerz

     /  2014/02/22

    Let us all consult the almighty Helix fossil.

  71. I’m disappointed not because I can’t play it earlier, but mainly because your translations felt wayyyy nicer and were more consistent with the assets and environments of the game. Chapter 2, the “Blood Lust” on the wall was less impressive and bland compared to how you put in “Blood Bath Fever.”

    There’s also my issue with NISA’s choice in fonts… Awesome that they’re using a more variety nowadays, but they make some weird choices in what font is used for what.

  72. Mike

     /  2014/02/23

    Well, for anyone who said your hopes for playing the two are gone, there are THREE ways for you to play this game. One, buy a Ps Vita. Two, learn Japanese language. And three, like me who also can’t afford to buy ps vita and didn’t want to wait until I mastered Japanese, play Jap-version with LP that all over the internet. You didn’t even need to know Hiragana or Katakana to play the second with LP, but you can play it just fine even it’ll need more time than to play directly.
    It’s just the matter of hardwork if you really loves this series.
    Here’s LP that I used to play the two:
    1. http://danganronpa2mirror.tumblr.com/post/55269573689/table-of-contents (First half of the game)
    2. http://birdmanronpa.tumblr.com/masterlist (Second Half of the game)

    Well, don’t give up to play this game dude, cause the second is MUCH more better than the first.

  73. Zuou

     /  2014/02/24

    It’s not that I hate Vita or anything, Sure, english localization is cool but english voice actors? That’s a completely different story altogether. I admit, MOST english voice acting (or dub, as we all know it by) had thrown me off a number of good games before; the game’s cool and all, but the cheesy english voices piled on top of the mortifyingly cheesy lines completely killed the game’s atmosphere. As things stands now, I probably won’t be getting the localized super danganronpa 2 unless it comes with dual language option. For now, i’ll just use LP to play the japanese version and pray be that someday, somehow, there’s people kind and knowledgeable enough to make an undubbed version of the game.

    Plus, i can’t bear to hear my adorable friendly neighborhood homicide maniac Genocider Sho (Genocider Jill in english locale. Genocider Jill? That sound’s almost as scary as my potato chips) in english dub. Her japanese voice gave her the ultimate glory already and I won’t let that be tarnished!

    • The Vita release of the first game has dual audio. And so will the second one.

      • Zuou

         /  2014/02/25

        Good to know that. But still, Genocider Jill? *shivers*

  74. fawkes

     /  2014/02/25

    I kind of feel like people are looking for reasons to hate on the NISA release…it’s not a bad translation and despite my skepticism, the Vita is a nice console. I bought a Vita for Danganronpa, but was pretty happy to see all the JRPGs it has. If you enjoy Danganronpa you probably like the other games available on the Vita.

    It’s months until the game comes out, so if you really penny pinch hard enough, you can probably save enough money to get one eventually. If you don’t think you can ever in your life have enough money to get it, maybe you should revaluate if you should be even be gaming in your current financial situation. Being able to play the games you want isn’t something you’re entitled to…its for people who can afford to. That might sound unfair, but games are a product/privilege for consumers who actually buy them.

    Orrrrr…you could watch the lets plays for free I suppose…but honestly, you should support the game devs if you’re a real fan…

  75. Kaeshite

     /  2014/02/26

    Hey guys, sad to see you guys stopping with the translation, I was wondering could I ask of you guys how you guys did the translation so maybe I can continue it? If you don’t want to tell me I fully understand so, no hard feelings. Good luck to all of you what you’ll end up doing next.

  76. Cluster_F_Bomb

     /  2014/02/26

    Strong in this comment section, entitlement is…

  77. Zetta

     /  2014/02/28

    Just thought I’d throw out there that there exists a fully translated Super Danganronpa 2 patch in simplified Chinese. The group that did the translation, Pujia’s quality is high and on-par with Project Zetsubou’s (in terms of both the script and image/video editing).

    They just released it in the beginning of the year, and I am currently playing through it. This may be a good option for those of you who know the language better than Japanese and have no plans or means to get a Vita anytime soon.

  78. paulo

     /  2014/02/28

    please get patch i really want it

  79. Well, I simply can’t understand people who are actually happy to pay for a shitty localization which will most likely cut any cultural references and Monokuma only knows what else. If you don’t understand Japanese culture than maybe it’s about time to go and learn instead of being happy about destroying the feeling of the original product just for the convenience of all the ignorants to still stay that way.
    It’s indeed a sad and very despair inducing news. Dear Project Zetsubou, thank you very much for giving me one of the best weeks of my life with your translation of DR. Too bad I can’t play the sequel too, but oh well – that’s the way life goes.
    Also kind regards to all of the foreign culture ignorants. Go play your localizations and stay stupid forever.

    • Anony

       /  2014/05/07

      Why should anyone ever have to learn about a culture to enjoy a game? Why would anyone want to have to google every cultural reference to understand what the characters are talking about? Sounds like you’re the ignorant one here. Go play your games in Japanese and stay closed minded forever.

  80. ZetsubouLucy

     /  2014/03/01

    WHY!?!?!? Forget NIS America!!!! They will release the PSV version, not the PSP! Please, release the PSP version!!! Not everyone has a PSV. So, please, release the PSP version! Everyone here wants it, too!

    • Linkerz

       /  2014/03/02

      I’m sorry to say that we all can’t have what we want. It’s the way life goes…

  81. The RBG

     /  2014/03/03

    Since you won’t translate Super Danganronpa 2, would you be willing to create an alternate patch giving psp users the vita translation, sound, and artwork? I’m not even sure that the artwork is possible, (due to higher resolutions, complications, etc.), but could you guys try? Thanks.

    • No. Even ignoring the fact that doing so would go against our desire to support the official release, it’d be far too much work. Since the Vita isn’t hacked, and we can’t just crack open the game’s data, we’d have to type the whole thing out manually, line by line, re-edit the images/movies, record all the new voices and insert them by hand.

      • The RBG

         /  2014/03/03

        dang. oh well.

      • I don’t mind a text-only patch, but to patch the PSP version to match the Vita version literally would be effectively doing what I do not, and never would, want PZ to do, which is to give away £40 worth of game for nothing, by simply turning a free patch into a free version of the retail game.

  82. can you translate fairy tail portable guild 2

  83. This make me a little sad. PSvita hasnt’ so much games I like and I won’t buy it just for this game, even if i really like the plot. I guess I will follow some gameplays or wait for the anime. It’s a pity that there isn’t a PC version, because I’d buy it for sure.

  84. Cluster_F_Bomb

     /  2014/03/05

    So much despair in this comments, Monokuma would be proud.

  85. Look, I know what you’re trying to say PZ. You want to promote the game, unless I’m mistaken here in my interpretation. That’s fine. I have NO problem with that whatsoever beyond my one argument listed below.

    I was planning to buy a PSP with custom firmware for a while now. But that was halted because even with my income I had to wait a year to get my internet turned back on due to a simple couple of skipped payments that resulted in an old Comcast bill the SAME price as a Vita keeps being claimed to be here.

    Around $200, just over that I think, minus of course any installation fees.

    Now, that has NOTHING to do with the Vita, the PSP, or Danganronpa, but let me continue, please.

    I had to wait for a year until the next tax season to get it back on. With my expenses, I couldn’t afford to even save up enough money for full payment.

    I love the hell out of this series. I used a friend’s internet to grab the English patched version of the game at the recommendation of a separate and rather dependable friend of mine when it comes to games, anime, comics, all that stuff.

    I grabbed the English version and the latest version of PPSSPP and went to town. And I loved it. I loved the hell out of it. It really gave me something new to do to kill time.

    And not only did I love the game, I loved the characters. I loved the music. Call me a greedy pirate, I downloaded the OST for the game and animation, and I listen to it frequently lately. It’s catchy.

    I watched the anime. I read Danganronpa IF. I loved both, grabbed IF in pdf format, and I already loved Narita.

    However, I won’t be getting a Vita anytime soon.

    I have some extra money coming in soon, and I already have plans on what to do with it. A better computer is at the top of the list. Sometime after that I hope to get a good PSP with custom firmware, perhaps. But I know next to nothing about the Vita, and while laziness isn’t exactly a good excuse I never really had an intention to buy it, either at all or for some time. Even knowing that DR is on it doesn’t really change my mind too much, and I know full well that that is my decision.

    The reason behind my decision, is that to my knowledge(and I could be wrong here)there are minor improvements to the Vita localization. Even with better graphics, still, I think Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was amazing as it was on the PSP. Would better graphics make it better? Yeah, it’d be a positive factor. Would it be a deciding selling point for me or, in fact, everyone? Yes and no. Depending on the person, yes, but myself included I’m willing to bet that there’s a decent variety of people that wouldn’t buy the localization entirely on the basis of better graphics. Now, I know full well that’s not the only addition to the localization, but I know enough to know that the additions just aren’t worth buying a whole new game(not strictly in my case by the way, before people start pointing out that I technically pirated it, I’m speaking in general of course)or even a new system.

    I’m not saying all of this with the intention of painting myself as lazy, or a ruthless pirate who doesn’t care about the industry. If I could afford to support it, I would. I’d look into the Vita more, consider and even jot down games of interest that I’d like to buy or at least hold interest in, grab the localizations, the whole nine yards. But I’d like to think I’m a realist. I have no major plans to support the industry at the cost of setting back a few months of planning and a few more of some extra cash and risk the goals I’ve already set being set back for a good period of time or even indefinitely for an unknown period of time.

    If I can afford to get a Vita in the future after at least the most important of my goals is reached, I will. But all that said, I personally feel that this is restricting. When I looked at your translation, I didn’t look at it as another thing to pirate. I looked at it as a game that I wouldn’t be able to play otherwise(at the time), regardless of legalities. A game that I wouldn’t be able to play properly, with a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on, not because of laws but because of language barriers.

    At the same time, I was delighted because at the time I didn’t, and still don’t, own a PSP. yet I had the means to play it regardless, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Then again, now that it’s localized on the Vita I can’t complain about never playing it due to language barriers, and this entire lengthy comment IS coming from a guy who doesn’t view piracy as anything evil or depraved, but rather something normal and commonplace that requires no strict gagging or control.

    In any case, I’m disappointed that you won’t continue the translation for Super Danganronpa 2, as that means I won’t be able to play it for some time(hey, that’s life)but at the same time I’m rather grateful for your translation of the first game. I’d like for you to continue the translation of the second game, even if that is just wishful thinking, but it’s your decision and I don’t mind you sticking to it. To be honest, I like that you are, regardless of the negative opinions I have towards it.

    Thanks for all the hard work, Project Zetsubou. You provided me a great game and you guys, and my friend who recommended your translation to me, are effectively the ones who introduced me to this series.

  86. Something to note for people who are looking at the game, but don’t want to necessarily pay…

    Playstation Plus releases games whose metacritic scores are 70% or above. Danganronpa is 81% at the moment. Wait long enough, and Monokuma will be foiled again.

  87. Okay, I feel just as sad to hear this as the rest of you. The only way I even played the first game was through zetsubou. But seriously, you may say its too expensive to buy a vita, but at least you’re not a 14 year old whose parents would find it ridiculous to buy something like that. Not to mention I don’t have the money, or the means of getting it, and I also don’t have access. Living in Tasmania with no access to ebay means that.

    So thanks for the ride zetsubou! You guys have tried your best for us! 🙂

    • Heina

       /  2015/04/07


  88. Ezra

     /  2014/03/14

    I was planning to buy a 3DS, this was a big bummer for me.
    Just hope some other team will takeover the project, tho…. really

  89. I bet we all saw this coming. Still, thank you so much for all the work! I can’t wait for Danganronpa/Zero.

  90. Ash-ash

     /  2014/03/17

    Ok so I’m back right here and I don’t know if someone will be interested. So as you said patch for SDR2 is canceled. So maybe you’ll try to patch other games? And by other games I mean… Akiba’S Trip plus, maybe? From this what I know no one is interested in patching this and maybe you’ll get huge support…

  91. Makoto

     /  2014/03/18

    Now that I think about it, since the SDR2 Zetsubou translation is now cancelled, did the team have ideas for what the Super Duper titles were going to be?

  92. Mina

     /  2014/03/19

    You can’t deny that a lot of the people who left a comment here just wants it for free, which is pretty sad. Besides, Vita has more games worth playing now than it did a year ago, paying 200$ for it is not that bad.

    • That’s the thing that gets up my nose. People are acting like NISA are Monokuma’s mouthpieces, when they’ve given the latest version with all the features, and no noticeable cuts, to the world, just because “We can’t download a free version of the english script and patch it into our copy.”

      Something important to consider for everyone who moans that they can’t have it in english any more…
      You need to patch it into the game, not run a program on your PSP/Vita to overlay the english straight up. It’s too complicated by far.
      That means that everyone who plays the game in english on PSP is asking for the game and patch for free.

      Newsflash for people like you…
      If you don’t want to pay, you won’t get nice things any more. For example, someone dumped the entire Blazblue series on PC in arcade form. As a result, Arc System Works got a incredibly lukewarm reception on PC to releasing Blazblue Calamity Trigger, and there’s no plans whatsoever for any further games.
      NIS America are getting excellent sales and Metacritic scores right now on Dangan Ronpa. If people decided, just because ‘It’s on Vita and costs money’, they’d not buy it, and the sales figures plummeted or it just did not sell…
      Yes, you’d get your SDR2 Translation from Project Zetsubou, but it would be a pyrrhic victory, since Monokuma would have the last laugh… since it would mean no official translation will ever happen.

      • Asiórak

         /  2014/03/20

        I’m not going to give them money because they are shitty in this what they’re doing. I’ve found out how to play this game without actually buying Vita myself. My Senran Kagura (3DS) for her SDR2… Sounds like plan. (borrowing consoles… so sweet)

      • Mina

         /  2014/04/27

        @Philip You’re so right. Vita is prolly not the problem anyway, these people will not like it released in any console that hasn’t been hacked.

        @Asiórak Keep your imaginary money, NISA’s translation for THH:Danganronpa was pretty good and I think their translation for SDR2 would be just as good or even better, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, you’ve never paid for Danganronpa anyway, why start now right?

        Why can’t people understand the fact that gaming costs money? If you can’t pay for it then I think playing games is the last thing you’re supposed to be doing right now.

      • DL

         /  2014/04/27

        Well I can see what people, are saying, As for me Well I might buy the second one…. but I kinda don’t want to, Cause Well the way I see it. I see a Video Game as a Movie and you have your right actors with the right characters. don’t get me wrong. I supported and bought games that have been translated, But when I saw the 1st Danga Ronpa game trailer…… and the video on youtube, I’ve Felt that NIS Didn’t do Justice For the game i felt they pretty much rushed it just to see how much the game would be sold here,

      • Brandon

         /  2014/09/14

        while i can admire your points philip allow me to put it to you this way, if i had to choose between the vita which is 200 plus bucks if you facter in the game and the memory card. or bills that really needed my money? i’m gonna pick the bills and food clothes etc if they had bothered to release this game on the psp in english i would have bought it, one because i already own a working psp and 2 i would have had a easier time money wise for it seeing it would have only been 40 bucks at least.

  93. why only on psvita? thats not fair for the psp gamers >.<

    • Brandon

       /  2014/09/14

      of course not thats the point, sony pushed the ps vita due to the fact that “they” thought the psp was a dying system.

  94. Dedbolz

     /  2014/03/25

    Sad to hear you’re not going to translate SDR2. I personally think the way you guys translated DR, as I have played BOTH your version as well as the Vita release of DR by NISA, has more style and context to the words used in the translation (including the use of “Ultimate” instead of “Super Duper X”). Either way though, looking forward to the translation of DR2 and thank you again for the original translation of DR

  95. Arul

     /  2014/03/25

    godammit! it’s for ps vita! then WTF the psp version was canceled!? not everyone has a PS vita you know?!

  96. Anyway, At first, I felt a little sad…
    Thinking “I can’t buy a PS Vita x.X, and I don’t like it either”

    But for those who wants a little of “Kibougamine”.

    You can play it in Japanese with a Dynamic Style.
    I mean, It’s recommended playing from an emulator (I reccomend ppsspp)
    Next step is download the game (of course…), and finally enter this site


    (The original site needs you to create an account and pay… This site share that content.. So.. Let’s grateful it.)

    Last thing to do is adjust Chrome to size 125% (if you want) after you enter in the prologue
    (Somethin like this: http://puu.sh/7LwL9.jpg ) and put the ppsspp like this image I made as an example: http://puu.sh/7LwR0.jpg

    and scroll down with the arrow in your keyboard and play with a Gamepad or something
    This is the effect:

    1. http://puu.sh/7Lx6X.jpg
    2. http://puu.sh/7Lxbk.jpg
    3. http://puu.sh/7LxeK.jpg
    4. http://puu.sh/7LxhT.jpg

    this method allow you to play even is the window’s game isn’t the active one.

    Other Stuff are in the options of the Ppsspp:

    The first: “Keep PPSSPP on Top”; I’m pretty sure everyone knows how it works
    The next is the Rendering Mode
    And Last: http://puu.sh/7LxzM.jpg ; the texture scaling to Auto

    These options are necessary for play perfectly.

    I hope I could help anyone and well…

    Better a little -Kibougamine- than gettin’ lost in the -Zetsubou- because you couldn’t play the english translation x.x

    See ya’

  97. kira1000

     /  2014/03/28

    It is annoying for those like me who can not see the screen on the vita and rely on programs like remotejoylite to play the great PSP titles, if only sony had made a similar feature for the vita but made it require a PS3/PS4 to do so.

  98. NA

     /  2014/03/30

    Would have been awesome if NISAmerica just contracted you guys so the first and second games had your personal (IMO) better touch with regards to everything (fonts, figures of speech, etc).

  99. Kibou-chan vs Zetsubou-kun

     /  2014/04/02

    My Despair O_O

    This really gave me a huge shock. I don’t a Vita and I don’t plan on getting one, because I love my PSP and I would never replace it with a different gaming console… Danganronpa is one of my favorite games and I was really happy when Project Zetsubou announced their translation of SDR2 and I was really looking forward to it,but I felt despair when they said that it was cancelled and NISA is doing it instead and it will only be translated for the Vita. I really appreciate Project Zetsubou’s hardwork in translating the First Game… Keep up the good work because we will always support you.

  100. Gara245

     /  2014/04/03

    the translation you guys made was awesome and when I get the game on vita im sure im still going to like yours better so its kinda sad that you aren’t translating the second game but still wish you good luck on future translations
    PS you should change your faq it still says your going to do the translation

  101. Lettuce

     /  2014/04/08

    It’s unfortunate that NISA happened to pick this up, though not because of any censoring or localization choices. I find their writing to be lacking in general, both in terms of personality and even coherent character development. It’s pretty evident when you compare the scene near the beginning (where each character is introduced) between NISA and PZ’s versions that NISA really has trouble writing effective dialogue. PZ’s script clearly differentiates each character and conveys their eccentricities through only a few lines during the relatively short introduction scenes, whereas NISA uses much the same tone throughout, which makes the characters seem much less interesting as a whole.

    I really can’t bring myself to go any further with the Vita version due to NISA’s disappointing writing. At this point I’m probably just going to go for the Japanese version of SD2, though I really would have liked to see what you guys at Project Zetsubou could have done with it in English. Oh well, thanks for your amazing work on the original, and good luck with whatever you’ve got in store for the future!

  102. Gregor

     /  2014/04/11

    It’s time to wait for a vita emulator then… See you In 15 years!

  103. Eclise

     /  2014/04/15

    Thank you for all your hard work. Though I don’t think I can afford a Vita for the next few year, still I respect your decision
    Just a request from me: can you guy make a partial patch from the part you have finished? I would like to try out a little bit of the SuperDanganronpa to see if it’s worth the saving for both the console and the game

  104. So…there’s no hope for me to play Danganronpa 2 in PSP…?


    And thank your for all of your hardwork for translated DR1…. :””’)

  105. Alex

     /  2014/04/27

    My friends have basically convinced me that I need to get a Vita. Looks like I will be stuck in despair this year.

  106. RangerIke

     /  2014/04/28

    I got my Vita $1I10 and a 32 gb memory card for $20 because of a Gamestop deal at Christmas so I am Looking forward to getting SDR2.

  107. OK, My last words on this subject. There are three good reasons that the Vita version(s) are superior to the Zetsubou-translated game.
    1. Achievements – You might disagree, but the PSP version is devoid of any kind of sense that you’ve completed the game beyond that you unlock ‘stuff’ that is meaningless when the game is turned off. The Vita version however has PSN achievement support, meaning you can show your friends that you beat the game in a way that won’t disappear.
    2. Definitive Edition – The version NISA is localizing is a version that is remastered and enhanced compared to the PSP version, and, hopefully, will be accepted as close to what could be considered the one true english script. Even the Let’s Play versions have some issues, most notably with how to translate the events at the very end of Chapter 5 of SDR2, with whole segments left untouched. NISA will even translate that.
    3. Buy once, Own forever – This is an odd one. You get Danganronpa on PSP, the UMD is far from guaranteed not to fall apart, and the PSP itself doesn’t give you a virtual guarantee you’ll not lose everything when the console is lost or fails. You get it on PSN for Vita, even if you lose your Vita, the cloud saving and fact the game isn’t a physical object means you’re not forced to replace the entire game, it’s guaranteed to still be your game this time NEXT year, and the year after.

    • asdf

       /  2014/05/30

      I’m sorry but this post is a load of bullshit.

      1. Oh, thank GOD I can show everyone I beat this game! Now all my friends can see how cool I am, for sure.
      Seriously? Achievements are just as meaningful/meaningless as the ‘stuff’ you mention. Seriously who gives a shit.

      2. Highly subjective.

      3. Absolutely false. The exact opposite is actually true. If you own a physical object, it truly is YOURS. You can lose it, it can be stolen, whatever. As long as you have it, it’s YOURS. A DRM-protected virtual copy, on the other hand… It’s not really yours. It belongs to the company you bought it from, and they just give you “permission” to use it. If they want, they can take it away from you, no questions asked. Sure, it’s unlikely it’ll happen tomorrow, or in the next few years, but can you really trust them to keep providing a service that gives them no profit forever? Can you trust Sony to even EXIST forever?
      The answer is no. No you can’t.

  108. Fikwriter

     /  2014/05/04

    Only one thing I can’t get – why won’t anyone just copy-paste text from NISA Vita version to make a PSP one? I don’t think it would be any different for 2 consoles, just need a way to extract text…
    There we will get english translation for PSP game too. Is that not possible?

    • Boop

       /  2014/05/04

      Hoo boy, prepare yourself for people going on (even more) TL;DR rants about people only wanting the PSP version translated so they can just torrent the game instead of buying it.

      • Fikwriter

         /  2014/05/04

        What is TL and DR? (Sorry, English is not my main). Also, what’s wrong with downloading a torrent game? People are rarely buying anything they can get for free anyway.

      • TL:DR is Too Long, Didn’t Read. Put more simply, You could say whatever you like, but they’d not read it since they didn’t seemingly have the time to do so.
        And the problem with the way you think is simple. Atlus and NIS are giving Spike Chunsoft a chance, a miniscule chance, to release two fairly niche titles in the West, Conception and Danganronpa.
        Let’s say everyone who knew of a good torrent, or leeched off a source which offered pre-patched PSP ISOs, and decided to declare ‘TL;DR’ over the fact they’re costing Atlus, NIS and Spike Chunsoft money.
        SDR2 comes out in English, and fails to sell anywhere near expectations. Spike Chunsoft looks at Danganronpa 3, and declares no official US/EU version will be released, and it will be Vita exclusive.
        Guess why Monokuma will be laughing… Yes, those people who decided ‘Can’t be arsed to pay’… cost everyone the next game.

        The only reason we’re getting Project Diva F 2nd this Fall is that the fans put their money where their mouth is, and put Miku at the top of sales charts globally. The only reason we could not get the next Danganronpa game or spin-off… is that seemingly no-one’s buying.

      • Fikwriter

         /  2014/05/05

        Ok, got it know. The case is much more complicated that I could have thought =|
        No complaints then. Should give up the hope of playing Danganronpa 2, tho.

  109. This sucks. They’ll likely Americanize the fuck out of it.

    • Anon

       /  2014/05/07

      Yeah, I mean, that IS the point of a localization. That way American fans can understand what’s going on in the game. God, I hate weeaboos.

  110. KyuuBii

     /  2014/05/04

    is there an english patch for SDR2?? you see, I have the japanese version of it and would really like it if there is a patch. while searching the net, some people suggested some sites, most are those “survey” sites. could someone tell me if those sites are legit. if not, and if there is an english patch, could someone be nice enough to send me a link?? thank you.

    • There isn’t. All those sites were using an incomplete demo patch. I’m not sure if it was the one from here, though.

  111. Well I’m sad too, because I won’t be able to play it… South American here, the price of a Vita on our currency is one grand and a half. As in, three months on minimum wage ‘~’;; So yeah, no go for me.

    But I’m happy, mostly because that’ll make the game accessible for much more people. Good choice, PZ.

  112. rangerike

     /  2014/05/15

    So what happened to the DanganRonpa/Zero translation? It has been at the same percentage for months and there’s been no info or updates about its progress.

    • Oh yeah, oops. I’ve talked about it on my personal Twitter a handful of times, but I forgot to say anything formally. Shortly after this post went live, I got hired by MangaGamer to do programming for licensed VNs, and not long following that, I was also taken on to do a translation project with JAST USA. As such, DR/Z is low priority for the moment, but we don’t consider the project dead. I wouldn’t expect to see anything this year, though.

      • rangerike

         /  2014/05/15

        Thanks for the info and good luck on your other projects.

  113. Loggi

     /  2014/05/17

    Aaaaand my only hope to play this game is gone. I already have a 3ds and i don’t want to buy a Vita just for one game. I’m really disapponted.

  114. Nyananana Hahahahaha

     /  2014/05/18

    I heard people were actually upset that such a great series is being localized which will have support from it’s so called fans, and lo and behold its true. If you want to play this game buy a vita. There are other games you’d most likely enjoy as well, so shut up about the no games thing (that title belongs to WiiU). Too expensive? Please, set aside $20 a month and you can buy one by the end of the year. Still mad? Good, I’ll get to play this game and none of you will because of your entitlement to wanting thing free. I might not even play it on launch day, I could set it aside and play whenever I please, a luxury all you complainers can’t have :^)

    • Boop

       /  2014/05/19

      *Yawn* You guys are still around?

      • Nyananana Hahahahaha

         /  2014/05/19

        Just like you it seems. Have you manned up enough to actually buy things you apparently want, or are you still a child on yo momma’s allowance? Yo momma so poor she go to KFC and lick other people’s fingers.

      • Boop

         /  2014/05/19

        Actually, I already played the game. The wonders of having good friends.

        Nice mom joke though, bet you’re real famous during your school lunch break.

      • Nyananana Hahahahaha

         /  2014/05/20

        So your friend sat next to you as you emulated the game and he told you what the text said in real time? Sounds like a watered down experience.

        The only one famous at lunch break is yo momma, for her sucky sucky skills.

      • Boop

         /  2014/05/20

        Nope, he actually has the game on the PSP and showed me the tumblr blogs with translations. He only needed to translate the third chapter’s trial for me.

        Have fun with your overpriced, crappy Vita; the money I save on not getting it will go to games that I want and that come out on the decent consoles that I own :3

        That said, bye. You’re boring and your “jokes” are boring. I’m not about to waste time on a middle schooler that can’t come up with something better.

      • [Clap clap clap clap]
        And this is why Project Zetsubou aren’t translating SDR2.

        I found a Let’s Play of SDR2 which overlaid the english as best as they could, but the font in areas was inappropriate, and there were several translation failures.
        So, I guess I’m not going to buy it, since I’ve seen the game played in english. WRONG.

        Even if Nippon Ichi’s translation, which some people seem to compare to a monkey writing it or Google Translate, is poorly done, it’s translated every single asset possible, including some that Project Zetsubou and SomethingAwful missed.
        With Danganronpa 1, You get the entire Vita-exclusive, note that before you say ‘I have a friend with the PSP’, School Mode segment which has a cameo by one of Alter Ego’s daughters.
        With Danganronpa 2, The end of the fifth chapter literally is a absolute nightmare for a translator, and also, there is no in-engine translated version.

        Also, the Vita is much better than a PSPgo, and is starting to price similar to the 3DS. If you think a console with a f-ing huge drive in the back is better than one which uses high capacity memory cards, you’re clearly deluded.

      • Nyananana Hahahahaha

         /  2014/05/20

        And you’d think yo momma could come up with better moves in bed, but we can’t all have what we want can we :^)

      • Boop

         /  2014/05/22

        @Philip Elthorpe

        Don’t care about that much. I understood the story, it was what I wanted. If I want something better or just check stuff that the original PSP games don’t have then I’ll just do like several other people and check YouTube Let’s Plays of the official translation once it’s out. And I don’t need to pay for the console or game that way either.

        As for your last paragraph, I might be understanding that wrong (kinda tired), but the memory thing doesn’t matter much to me either. Like I stated in some earlier post, I don’t like the Vita because it only has 2 or 3 games that actually interest me as opposed to the many that the 3DS has.

        Anyway, I’m done now. I buy enough games that I don’t feel bad when I play a copy that a friend of mine imported while using internet translations to understand it.

      • Oh right, so the whole fact you got to enjoy the story for ‘free’ means that NISA and Spike Chunsoft can go F- themselves, you’re not paying for the game to show support for the franchise.

        Such a wonderful fan of the franchise. I buy the Koei Warriors franchise constantly and recently began looking into seriously supporting Project Diva after SEGA began licensing it for Europe, and I have supported Super Robot Wars for the better part of a decade. I even have Danganronpa on my smartphone. And it’s expensive, it’s sometimes less than rewarding, but damn, I feel good when I see I own those games.

        Do you want to go with what’s out right now, forget getting a Vita, there’s Let’s Plays to look at the segments you can’t play on it, and realize that you just cost Spike Chunsoft a sale?
        Or do you want to ignore that there’s an easy option? The Vita has a stellar collection of games, and Playstation Plus is more than worth the outlay.

      • Boop

         /  2014/05/24

        Like I said earlier, I’ve bought enough games that I don’t feel bad about not paying for one. I’ll even add to that: I own enough games from Spike and Chunsoft (from before the companies merged) and from NISA that I don’t feel bad about not supporting them for one game.

        “The Vita has a stellar collection of games, and Playstation Plus is more than worth the outlay.”

        That’s subjective. What you consider a great game might be considered crap by someone else. I’ve gone through the list of Vita games and, to be honest, there’s not much that interests me. Most games that do that I already have on other platforms (several of them I even have on the PC), and I’ve already stated that I’m not willing to spend €205 (almost $280) on a console just because it has 2 or 3 games that I actually like. Not to mention the added costs of the Memory Card and the games themselves.

        As for Playstation Plus… call me old fashioned, but I still prefer to own physical copies of console games. And I don’t play console games often enough anymore to justify the subscription fee on that service anyway.

    • kek

       /  2014/05/22

      A lot of it has to do with the fact you are a casual and have shit taste and can’t distinguish great games in front of you. If you liked DR, there are other games for you, but I guess unless its 240p its a deal breaker for you.

    • anon

       /  2014/07/08


      pick one faggot.

  115. e.cayazzo

     /  2014/05/23

    I don’t understand…
    If the first one has released on PS Vita localizedm and still you did the translation, why cancel this? 😦

    • The reason they aren’t localizing the second one is that the localization was done with the first on the understanding the game was unlikely to be localized at that point.
      PZ are showing a lot of respect for NIS, which the people on this topic don’t seem to want to, for localizing the games, knowing that if they localized the second game, it would waste NIS’s efforts completely.
      We would be doing exactly what Monokuma wants… since no more games would be localized.

      • Brandon

         /  2014/09/14

        no what monokuma wants is the despair to be spread, which is whats happening due to the company that made the games in the first place being to lazy to release a western version. and before you say anything, if they got localized on the vita they obviously did a good enough job on the psp, so once again its just the company that made it being to lazy to give the fans a westernized release.

      • What is this if it’s not a westernized release?
        The PSP has been discontinued in most major stores, so it would be a WORSE decision to release it as a PSP release. Some games have come out for PSP, with Vita compatibility, but from a market standpoint, why release a PSP version for the Vita when there is already a Vita version?

        It’s like how Toukiden in Japan is PSP/Vita cross-play, but is Vita exclusive in America and Europe. Add the fact Danganronpa PSP is a lesser quality release, and you know you’re beating a drum that already needed repairs.
        We’re not getting a english PSP release, so stop asking.

      • Boop

         /  2014/09/15

        “The PSP has been discontinued in most major stores, so it would be a WORSE decision to release it as a PSP release.”

        True, except you seem to forget that the announcement for a western release of Danganronpa was made MONTHS before the announcement that the PSP was going to be discontinued… not to mention the fact that during said months some other games still came out for the PSP.

        Also this: “Add the fact Danganronpa PSP is a lesser quality release, and you know you’re beating a drum that already needed repairs.”

        If by lesser quality you mean graphics… come on, it’s a visual novel. DR and SDR2 looked fine on the PSP, I doubt the Vita will improve a whole lot on it. If someone is heavily concerned about graphics on a visual novel, they really need to re-check their priorities lol.
        If you mean the extra content that the Vita has when compared to the PSP version… It’d probably have saved the devs time to just add that to the PSP version instead of porting the whole thing to the Vita and then adding the new stuff.

        Just wanted to point those things out. Other than that I have to agree with what you said.

  116. saduser

     /  2014/05/24

    cancel the translation…this must be real despair…. ; n ; dammit Junko!

  117. rerune55

     /  2014/05/25

    For the most part people wait for the reviews of games even though there not 100% reliable not matter what any one says majority of people do this and end up taking someones opinion as fact not everyone but a majority and you can’t say a games shit tell you’ve actually played it I under stand how some people can afford a ps vita and yeah it has its problems but its like a portable console most stories in portable games ca almost never be taken seriously so I like it and plus a company can be judged by there games they make but you can’t just completely give up hope I love my ps vita but something the seriously is stupid is the cost of the memory cards and also its region locked but I found plenty of games on it that are fun oh and also you can get almost all the games of every console on the vita from the store so before you go say somethings shit try it first if you did try the ps vita go ahead but thats just your opinion but don’t give up on the games. wow I sound like a angry nerd ha 😛

  118. Jesse

     /  2014/05/27

    The game is now playable on ppsspp , but sadly you can’t understand anything … welp time to buy a vita.

  119. Naegi

     /  2014/06/04

    Now I really falling to despair
    Is not like i dont want to buy PS Vita
    The machine is cheap
    But the games is more expensive than machine
    And PS Vita not have promising future

  120. Damsel in Distress

     /  2014/06/05

    This breaks my heart. I was actually waiting for your release. I liked the first series, I was hoping you were gonna push through with the second one no matter how long. Not everyone here in the Philippines (and not everyone I know) has a Vita. 😦

  121. ebichugun

     /  2014/06/09

    Can I unpack translated *.acb files from psvita SDR2 rip?

  122. BOB

     /  2014/06/13

    disappointed i cant stand the english voices

    • Nightmare637

       /  2014/06/13

      Good thing it’s going to be Dual Audio then huh. ^_^

  123. DarkFire2

     /  2014/06/13

    you know that you can ask nisamerica to make dual subs? Drakengard 3 did it i think but the true subs were dlc :0 I don’t care about it being dlc! I want it sooo badly on danganronpa two D: so like i went to the official website of nisamerica and requested that…
    Dual Subs! Localized and True! http://nisamerica.com/index.php?nav=s
    I hope it works >.<

    • DarkFire2

       /  2014/06/13

      uh nvm they replied to me with bad news, oh well haha

    • DarkFire2

       /  2014/06/13

      they said that since they are a small company they can’t handle making multiple sub versions ._. :c what if we offer a donation XD auugh

  124. If any case that the game translation and dub suck(well I seen the trailer and it really suck) please continue your project on translating danganronpa 2

  125. Vote with my wallet

     /  2014/07/08

    None of that Vita hate, but I just can’t justify giving NISA any money after their history of shoddy translations, game breaking bugs (such as crashing during mandatory boss fights in some games), and rampant censorship. I’m sorry that the company in some way affects your motivation to translate this game but I guess I’ll have to look for a different translation.

  126. Ouroboros

     /  2014/07/08

    I appreciate japanese dub, and English voice can be seriously bad with games like this, so is there really no chance of a super danganronpa 2 translation happening if they decide to not allow japanese language with English sub.

  127. cries 😥 i dont like official release,i dont like englisj voice actors

  128. Monokumas Apprentice

     /  2014/07/29

    Well I loved your translation of the first Part and am kinda angry at NIS for changing and switching Stuff around like hell.
    I played my way through the first 2 trials of the 2nd part (JAP original psp version) using trial and error but I kinda got to like the Characters too much as to go on without understanding a single goddamn word…

    So all I wanna say is Thanks to Project Zetsubou for Danganronpa 1 you did an awesome Piece of Work *bows*

  129. Raze

     /  2014/07/29

    vita is a fail product in my country plus i don’t have any money so yeah if you all could continue this project that would be great

    • Boop

       /  2014/07/30

      Don’t bother. They won’t continue it. Either use the translated Let’s Plays on tumblr or just watch a Let’s Play of the Vita version on YouTube, after the game releases.

  130. chae ree

     /  2014/08/12

    Love how most people just say, “Oh boohoo just buy the fucking vita” when as stated by some above, not EVERYONE has the money for it, let alone the game itself. Some people don’t have money to spend on games, because there’s other things we may need instead of that kind of stuff. My mom bought me a Ps1 and 2 growing up, and I received a 3DS as a Christmas gift even though she hardly has any money left after paying for the rent, bills, food and etc. I had to get a job to help us stay in the apartment we live in now.

    TL;DR: Not everyone has the money to spend on games as freely as they want.

    • chae ree

       /  2014/08/12

      Anyway, I appreciate how Project Zetsubou worked their asses off to translate the game until this far. Thanks guys!

    • Boop

       /  2014/08/13

      Hoo, boy, did you use the wrong words. Prepare your anus for when the Ass Ravaging Team of the Anti-Piracy Crew arrives.

    • Personally, I could afford the game and I would buy it, but I can’t afford a Vita.

      I had to choose what to spend an entire month’s pay on last autumn, and, well, the 3DS won out.

    • Brandon

       /  2014/09/16

      see this guy gets it, whenever it comes to the gaming community the answer for everything? just go out and buy the new thing. if your lagging in pc gaming “go out and buy a new computer noob” sure let me go blow 500-1000 bucks. “you wanted this game on the psp? to bad go buy a vita (insert name here) ” sure let me get right on that 300 bucks i need, if their bringing persona to the 3ds, i’ll just wait and see if they decide to bring this to it as well, then at least i only have to spend 40 bucks, compared to the 300 bucks i would have to waste that could be going towards medical bills that ACUTALLY NEED THE MONEY.

  131. FlameTaJaDoru

     /  2014/08/16

    Let’s see our options;
    – Learn Japanese and play the PSP ISO, which’ll probably take a few months
    – Wait for another more pirate-oriented fan translation group to pick DR2 up, which’ll probably take a few months
    – Save money to buy VITA and DR2, which’ll probably take a few months
    – Watch a translated Let’s Play
    Of to YouTube we go!

    • I’ve watched the best translated Let’s Play, and it has several instances of where material isn’t translated, and also uses overlaying which is far from perfect.

      • anon

         /  2014/08/30

        still better than buying a shitty console for just one good game.

        inb4 it’s not the only good game.

  132. peyton gravley

     /  2014/08/22

    nooo please dont do this, you were my only hope. im 14 and im so much in love with danganronpa and i need number 2. i need to know what happens, dammit man i cant even save 200 then buy the game.

  133. Superfield

     /  2014/09/03

    After having seen less than the first hour of the official English dub of SDR2 (and having seen a video translation of the Japanese version), I couldn’t be more disappointed that there won’t be a comparable version of SDR2 to Project Zetsubou’s translation of DR1. So many things about the dubs just suck the life out of the games, and it’s not something that turning on the Japanese voices can fix. The fonts are changed from interesting and appropriate to the most stock, bland and boring fonts that default Microsoft Word has to offer, the characters all refer to each other by their first names instead of their last for no reason whatsoever (oh, I’m sorry, to make A SINGLE CLUE make sense, when our good friends at Project Zetsubou made it work perfectly fine without that), and then there’s replacing “Super Duper High School” or “Super High School Level” (which, as far as I’m concerned, are both perfectly valid options) with “Ultimate” (can you say bland?). And don’t even get me started on calling Mankind’s Most Despairingly Maleficent and Monstrous Malefaction/The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event In the History of Mankind (once again, I’m down with either) with “The Tragedy”. Oh, wow, I really feel like it was terrible now. Feel the weight of this event through the terror of an article and a noun.

    It’s just a rather bitter pill to swallow that the only way to experience this game the way it was truly meant to for anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese is to watch xplodax and TheLifeliketextube’s playthroughs on YouTube. All because they decided to release the dub of the first game when they did.

    I guess there’s always the hope that, sometime, years in the future, Project Zetsubou will decide to do it, since the dub sucks and they won’t have lawyers breathing down their necks for copyright on a recently-released property. But that’s a long shot.

    If there’s even an inkling of a desire in any of Project Zetsubou’s members to translate SDR2, I support and encourage that inkling. I don’t care what I have to pay; I want SDR2 without the corporate corner-cutting.

  134. Levani

     /  2014/09/13

    What are you talking about. The translation is pretty damn good. Don’t forget this is a localization too. Having honorifics in a localization is a bad idea.

    • rangerike

       /  2014/09/24

      I agree entirely. Most of these people probably haven’t seen anything or have seen very little of NISA’s translation.

  135. Your translation is better then the official one, so this is a bummer. Plus I don’t own a vita, so 😦

  136. Frosty

     /  2014/09/20

    I just wanted to thank you guys again for getting me into the Danganronpa series on the PSP and allowing me to experience the game to it’s fullest. I’ve actually bought the LEs for both games from NISA and while the first game was a little disappointing from what I played versus your translation, I’m still enjoying the second game immensely since there isn’t any translation to compare it to.

    Once again, thanks a ton for introducing me to such an enjoyable series of games I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, and hopefully sometime in the future you’ll be able to translate another PSP game that deserves more recognition than it currently has in the English speaking world. Thanks for all your hard work!

  137. Claudia

     /  2014/10/22

    I did a quick Amazon search not even one seller ships the English version to my country. And local sellers don’t have Japanese games at all. I have a PSP and did not find P3P at all on retail stores or second-hand stores. Importing it was out of the question because of the high price (over $100). Don’t get me wrong, I bought my PSP just for Crisis Core and spend a fortune on it: around $350 for game + PSP but having an unofficial translation helped people like us that couldn’t get the game because of these kind of restrictions. I could import the japanese game though but as I don’t speak an ounce of japanese I was hoping the localized version to be a bit more accesible. Anyway, thanks for your first translation of DR! I hope I can get the PS Vita version of SDR2 somehow.

  138. Alexstrazsa

     /  2014/11/08

    It’s too bad the official localization is going to be trash 😦

  139. cheshire-cat

     /  2014/11/17

    Despair… despair everywhere… Not everyone can “just go and buy Vita” … It’s not so easy. And about this english version… it just sucks…

  140. evy

     /  2014/12/02

    I was gettint a vita but instead I decide to get a psp.? Why?! Because the psvita has no games whatsover and plus I don’t want to buy a console just for one frickin game! I mean I can’t even buy them in stores because here in italy it’s really fucking difficult to find them! As a fan of this series I’m really sad there is no translation for the second game.NOT EVERYONE HAS A PSVITA GUYS,SO IT WILL STILL BE APPRATIATED TO HAVE DANGAN RONPA 2 TRANSLATED FOR THE PSP!

  141. I have the perfect solution, listen to my evil plan!

    Spike localize this game in PS Vita. What if Project Zetsubou can simply take what was translated and insert into the Japanese version, making the necessary
    changes to keep the story less dumb as possible. I mean getting the text files from the English version and
    put them on the Jap version.

    *dr evil laugh*

  142. Mokona27

     /  2014/12/12

    Guys, I love your Danganronpa translation! Actually I love games with the original voices in japanese, but with english text translation, so I was really waiting for you to do the sequel’s. I can’t buy the Vita and the game because of monetary problems, that’s why I’m hopping for a “stop” and not a real “cancelation”.
    In other way if a had the money… I wouldn’t buy the game because I saw NISA’s official trailers of the game and I hated the voices in english, I hated so much Monokuma’s voice! It wasn’t cute at all!

    By the way, thanks for the Danganronpa translation, I love it so much! The only thing I didn’t like was Hagakure’s way of talk, but all the rest of the game was very cool!

  143. Muhammad

     /  2014/12/16


    ok serious face

    I just started liking the danganronpa series meaning I just played the first game which this amazing team created for the psp thank you very much!

    However even though Nisa announced the new localization for Sdr2 im abgry I real wanted to play this on the psp
    Its not fair for us psp owners
    Isn’t it possible to find someone who has a vita and copy the script from the vita version into the psp version
    I meab shed some light our way

    Also if you are considering other psp projects please please could you check out the Starry sky after winter portable gane.i really hope you attempt translating it!

  144. FRNZLove

     /  2014/12/24

    Well, it looks like the official localization is total shit.
    zetsubou why ;_;

  145. Monokuma

     /  2014/12/26

    Is there any chance of a super duper translation tool for the super danganronpa 2?

    Im currently using the script editor to translate the first game to brazillian portuguese snd people are asking me if im going to translate the second game but since i have know idea how the rom hacking works for any vita game I’m afraid i cannot do it.

    Answer me by email if you prefer.

    If it wont be a script editor release for the second game I’d like to know how did it work for thw first game so I could try it with the second game.

    Thank you very much!

  146. cchiu23

     /  2014/12/26

    glad to see you guys doing this! it sucks for the devs when people don’t buy their game and have no incentives to bring it to places that are unwilling to help them (*cough* japanese only psp games)

    i love SDR2 and my vita (vita is way better than 3ds in my opinion)

  147. somebody

     /  2015/01/01

    I support your choice to not translate it, but I probably just wont buy the second one because I don’t have a Vita and no English version on my console of choice, maybe someday I’ll get one. Dunno.

  148. Upupupupupupu

     /  2015/01/08

    Share my despair? You frikkin’ got it!

    It all started when I was so full of joy knowing that you guys planned to translate SDR2 in PSP, and then NISA announced the localization in PSVita.

    So, what makes me succumbed into despair? Here, three of my many many reasons to despair:
    2. The localization is so much crap, I mean which of this sounds cooler too you; “Super Duper High School” or just plain, boring “Ultimate”?
    3. I won’t ever buy a PSV. 3DS is sooooooo much better. I can still play some good games with PSP, though.

    I just wish that you guys don’t really cancel it…


    • Heina

       /  2015/04/07

      Um… what’s with the localization stuff in PSVita?? Sorry, I really am not familiar with this stuff…

  149. Did you guys noticed how much errors the NIS translation had? It was surprisingly unprofessional @_@’

  150. Frosty

     /  2015/02/02

    If you ever get interested in TLing a game again, it looks like the third game in the Disaster Report series for PSP is looking for help:


  151. monokuma

     /  2015/02/17

    why it dont come out on the ps4

  152. AuronZX

     /  2015/02/28

    Unlike most of the people here, i won’t buy a Vita because its expensive compared to its library. there isnt many interisting games for Vita, just the Persona 4, Danganronpa’s and maybe Freedom Wars.

  153. Heina

     /  2015/04/07

    Well… I feel a huge amount of despair right now! (Junko! What have you done??) And there is no way I can convince my parents to buy a ps vita just for one game cause we both know it’s quite ridiculous to buy one gadget just for one game… Our situation’s quite different because we value every penny my parents earn… I wished I was an adult once like most of you guys T-T But I feel this tinge of hope!! Someday… an english translation will be released… I still believe… TT-TT

  154. Heina

     /  2015/04/07

    Anyway… I really appreciate your translations on the first game! And I know great deals of efforts were done to translate Japanese! Thank you for the first game translation ^-^

  155. please i beg to you, make an english patch for super danganronpa 2…, you make everyone who already play danganronpa losing their hope *literally

  156. orig4mi

     /  2015/06/05

    Can’t you guys at least share what you have done so other people can continue the work? I would appreciate it…

  157. WxAaRoNxW

     /  2015/06/10

    is it possible to at least port the translation of the Vita to the PSP? cause I can’t buy a Vita.
    reason: 14 years old, don’t have a job

    • WxAaRoNxW

       /  2015/06/10

      Kinda like what they just did here https://gbatemp.net/threads/sword-art-online-infinity-moment-psp.342727/
      here’s the text on what i’m talking about:
      “We’re (…) waiting to see if [Sword Art Online – Hollow Fragment’s] translation is better than the Asian English release got, as you can see in the screenshots above, it’s not very good. If the translation is good, then we will see if we can extract the texts from Hollow Fragment and port it over. If not, then we will likely continue making our own translation. A port would be much faster, if it is possible to do, which is why I would prefer to use that.”

  158. At least give us what you guys had so far so we can continue…
    Please… I’m in deeeep despair because of this and I need this game in Project Zetsubou, not in NISA-english. As long as there is no 3DS version, I will never be able to play the game otherwise. Just give us what you guys had so far and allow me or other people to bring it to an end so there is an actual good version of the game avaiable. I’m not hating the Vita, but I am pretty sure many people would appreciate a PSP english version.

    • Danganronpa 2 revival

       /  2015/07/11

      Hey i have thus fully transalated

  159. I really like this translation
    U did really great translation @ the 1st game of danganronpa
    so, im begging u to continue this translation for the 2nd danganronpa

    and btw, i hve seen everybody’s despair right ?
    so pls continue to translate the 2nd danganronpa

    thanks for the attention 🙂

  160. just finished the game, and i really love the translation!
    well, it’s kinda sad that this ride will stop in the first game.
    i really looking forward to play SDR2, but i wouldn’t just buy vita for playing 1 game.
    and moreover it’s badly translated and got really awfully localized.
    (yeah i’m looking at you NISA!)

    hope you guys consider the fact that many still uses PSP instead of PS Vita.
    but, yea that just my opinion. could be wrong too, based on each other perspective.

    so please, if you guys wanna continue the translation. or change your mind.
    we’ll really appreciate it! and best regard for you guys! thanks for the hard work!


  161. Danganronpa 2 revival

     /  2015/07/11

    Guys does anyone want Danganronpa 2 on psp transalated

    If so look

    Hey guys there’s actualy an english translation for this game here:http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3522115

    We juust need hackers and scriptors now since all transalations are done

    • Moreguns Freeman

       /  2015/07/17

      “We juust need hackers and scriptors now since all transalations are done”

      Actually, the person that made that thread stopped before the trial on Chapter 3 got underway. There are translations of the following chapters in tumblr blogs, though, but no one decided to make a patch until now so I doubt anyone will bother.

  162. Naegi Makoto

     /  2015/07/16

    In my opinion, I don’t think that is fair. Because some people don’t have money to buy a PS Vita or don’t have the parents permission to buy one. In my case, I don’t like the english voices, I can’t stand them and it’s not the same thing. Your translation is better than NISA translation. So please continue to translate Super Danganronpa 2, Me and the other Danganronpa fans would be grateful. Give us hope! 🙂

    • Danganronpa 2 revival

       /  2015/07/16

      Its already transalated 100%

    • Danganronpa 2 revival

       /  2015/07/16

      Its already done 100%

      • Naegi Makoto

         /  2015/07/20

        I meant for them to continue to make the patch to download and play. Sorry, I wrote it wrong…

  163. LowRyder

     /  2015/07/20

    Dear Zetsubou team,
    I’m writing this post to thank you for your wonderful translation effort of the first Danganronpa and to tell you how much I loved it. It had heart and it perfectly embodied your affection for the title, so much that I can’t see myself reading Super Danganronpa (yes, I’m buying a PSVita just for this) without the flavor you’ve been able to add to the first episode.

    After finishing the game I proceeded to read some stuff from the official PSVita version via Youtube, and it just couldn’t compare for me. It felt strangely academic, while your version was zany, whacky and successfully “packed a punch”. I loved how it did everything it could to convey the emotion and the sense of drama and silliness permeating this little gem of a game. It’s an approach I really like to take when translating myself (English to Italian). Your characters’ dialogues, characterization and mannerisms were truly outstanding, and I couldn’t help but taste the same flavor, the same spark of greatness (as far as localizations go) that had made a series like Phoenix Wright so great and appealing to western audiences.

    While I share the sentiment regarding SDR being translated, I’m still sad you can’t help in any way. I will embrace my despair and go on to play. But I won’t forget about you.

    Have a good one, guys. You’ve done a wondrous job.

  164. Despaired Guy

     /  2015/08/18

    Well, I know you guys are great fans of the franchise and everything, and are happy for the oficial release. I just wanted to say (and I will thank you if you guys can answer this and continue the project), I know a lot of my friends that can’t play SDR2, because they don’t have an PS Vita and can’t afford to have one. I know it’s a lot of work, but I see lots of fans of this franchise wishing to have an English Patch for the PSP version, and I’m one of those persons. I liked NIS America translation, but you guys made an even better translation in DR1, with an awesome caracterization of the places, and the emotions were pretty awesome. So that’s why I, and a lot of more people, wish you guys could continue the Project for SDR2. Thanks for reading.

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