[Release] Danganronpa English Translation v1.0

At long last, the translation patch is here!


[Tutorial] Acquiring the Game

Obviously, if you want to play Danganronpa, you’re going to need a copy of the game first. We here at Project Zetsubou are huge fans of supporting the games we love, so this isn’t going to be a tutorial on piracy. Rather, we’re going to tell you how to purchase your own legitimate copy of the game and dump an ISO that you can use with our patch. (more…)

It’s Coming

It's Coming (1) (more…)

[Guest Post] Danganronpa Demo English Dub

Hey everyone! Got a special guest post today from Michaela Laws, who contacted us a while back about using our translation to produce an English dub for the game. (more…)

Danganronpa Translation Announced!

Hey everyone! After many, many months of working in secret, Project Zetsubou is proud to finally announce our fan translation of Danganronpa: Hope’s Academy and Despair’s Students and, along with it, the release of a playable demo (at the end of the post)! (more…)

Help Wanted!

One of the reasons we announced the translation when we did–and not when it was closer to completion–is because there are some aspects of the project that we can’t feasibly take care of ourselves and still release the patch in a timely manner. We will finish this project whether help comes or not, but a few extra pairs of hands will definitely speed things up, as well as ensure a higher quality final product.


  • Status

    Presently inactive. Most of the staff are working on game localizations in an official capacity now, which obviously takes priority over fan work.
  • Danganronpa

    Demo: Released
    Full Game: Released
  • Danganronpa/Zero

    Scans acquired. Work paused for now.

    TL ED Pages
    Part I 100% 0.0% 245
    Part II 0.0% 0.0% 281
  • Super Danganronpa 2

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