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The screenshots here have been taken from all over the game, and they are presented unmodified. What this means is that someone with a sharp eye can potentially glean information that spoils certain important details about the story. I’ll try to keep the more revealing images toward the end, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Leave now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Sometimes I have no idea what my fingers are doing.

Amazing how a single letter can change the meaning of something so drastically.

M and T are kind of close, right?

This is what happens when you don’t edit a Re:ACT event properly. Maizono’s sprite, and the text box, never went away, and because I had screwed up the event, I was stuck there forever.

And this is what happens when you don’t prepare the font properly.

This is actually a bug with the original game that we fixed. If you look at the haniwa statue in the foyer outside the gym during the chapter 3 investigation, this happens. The issue is there’s no “wait for input” command in the script after the last line, so the box disappears without clearing the text.

This is what happens when you try poking around in files you don’t understand. I was messing with extracting/repacking the game’s models, and, well, I got in a bit over my head. Poor Yamada.

And this is a result of me not learning my lesson with the Yamada thing. I was poking around in the courtroom models and didn’t get them repacked properly, so everyone all bunched up in one place and then the game crashed, which is why this is a photo and not a screenshot.

Again with not handling files properly. Back when we were working on the trial, I erroneously extracted the Machinegun Talk Battle control data as if it were an archive, and every so often it wouldn’t repack properly, leading to the text not showing.

A little whoops that occurred in the transition from the trial to the full game. I brought the graphics over, but I forgot I also had to tell the game that the assets were a different resolution than it was expecting. It wasn’t happy about that.

Erm. That was supposed to go in the comments box in the editor, but it somehow wound up in the text box. Oops.

Super Danganronpa 2

And now some from our canceled Super Danganronpa 2 translation.


I am a good typist, as you’ll see.


A very good typist.


Not quite.


Does anyone like sweaters?


Not a typo! But a line that probably wouldn’t have made the final cut.




How does that work, exactly?


Not here.


Perhaps my greatest typo ever.


I know you wouldn’t.




Probably not.


Do it. Set us free.


When you know you’ve screwed up so bad you just give up before even finishing the thought.




Whatever you say.


I wish I knew.


Some weird fusion of Byakuya and Dracula?


It’s a lost cause.


The game wasn’t very fond of having lots of text on the screen at the same time. This was also a problem with the first game, which we made an effort to fix, but we never got there with SDR2.


New modes means new bugs. I don’t believe we ever actually determined what was happening here before the project was canceled.

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