Danganronpa / Error Reports

This release is no longer supported.

It has been superseded by NISA’s official release for the PS Vita. The original contents of the page have been preserved below, but Project Zetsubou will not be providing any further troubleshooting or support for the patch. Please support the creators by purchasing the Danganronpa games for the PS Vita.


Use this page to report typos/errors/bugs in the translation patch. Please provide screenshots along with your typo/bug reports (if possible), and before you post, please check to see if the error has already been mentioned. If you don’t have a PSP screenshot plugin, most of us use FuSa Screenshot, though it has been known to freeze the game on rare occasions.

Common Issues and Solutions

Crashing after the Spike Logo

Some people are reporting crashes after the Spike logo appears at the very beginning of the game. If you have this problem, please verify that the hashes/file size of the patched ISO match those given below. This issue is most likely caused by an incomplete or botched patch job. The patching process can take a long time, and xdelta doesn’t give progress updates, so it can be difficult to tell if it’s just sitting there or actually working. If you’re on Windows and using the batch file, it will tell you to “Press any key to continue” after the process has finished.

If you still have this problem after confirming that the patch applied correctly, please let us know which CFW you’re on, what model PSP you have, which version of the patch you tried, what CFW plugins you have installed, if you’ve changed any other CFW settings, and what size/brand memory stick you have.

Unable to use the analog pad

A couple people have reported that downgrading to 5.00 M33-6 and using isotool to patch the game as described here allowed them to use the analog pad.

Infinite loading screen in chapter 5

Save often (regular saves through the game menu, not just save states). This is a rare but known bug that existed in the original Japanese game which we were unable to track down and fix.

Emulators: The crosshair doesn’t react to objects / clicking on one object leads to a different object

  • JPCSP: Follow these emulator configuration suggestions from kingofgame91 and Matt.
  • PPSSPP: fixes for the major bugs have made it into the stable PC builds of the emulator as of v0.9, so just download the most recent stable version. There still appear to be problems on the Android version of the emulator.
    • Load it up and go to Options -> Rendering Mode and select “Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)”.

PPSSPP: No sound in videos

To hear the audio in the movies, you’re going to need the Atrac3+ codec. There should be a download button under Settings -> Audio.

PPSSPP: Crashes in the data processing room in chapter 6

Under options, disable “Hardware Transform” for that section, and you should be able to get through it.

Compressing the ISO

Using a compressed ISO (CSO) seems to break things in unexpected ways, so make sure you’re using the uncompressed ISO.

Note that there is no guarantee we will actually update the patch with any corrections.

Obviously, there will be




  1. Mark Harris

     /  2013/06/23

    I’m in the first trial. I at the nonstop debate that starts having fake weak points. I know which weak point is the one I need to shoot, but the game will not let me refute this point. I’ve also tried refuting every other weak point that appeared, but none of them progress the game.

    • Mark Harris

       /  2013/06/23

      My bad…. ignore that last comment.

      • Anise

         /  2013/06/26

        What did you do ? I have the same problem in a later chapter ,

      • Anise

         /  2013/06/26

        Oh sorry … please ignore that

  2. Knicknevin

     /  2013/06/24

    The game hung on me once on a loading screen, right after the first morning meeting in Chapter 5. Didn’t repeat itself though so just a reload got me past and thankfully it happened shortly after a save prompt. Would have been a sad panda if it happened much later into the chapter.

    • The game seems to have random hanging issues dating back to the original release. However, could you tell us what you’re using to play the game? just to be sure include revision number if it’s JPCSP or Firmware if it’s PSP.

      • Knicknevin

         /  2013/06/24

        Played it on a PSP-2000 running 6.60 ME-1.6. It literally only happened the one time throughout the game so I imagine it’s probably the inherent issue the game had already. Game ran flawlessly otherwise.

  3. Caleb

     /  2013/06/24

    This is my issue
    Not sure what happened to cause it and I do not know how to fix it so I can patch the thing.

    • The invalid input error means the file you’re trying to patch doesn’t match the one we used to create the patch. And based on that picture, it looks like you’re trying to use the original edition, but our patch is only compatible with the PSP The Best re-release.

      • Caleb

         /  2013/06/24

        Thanks for the quick help. I’ll work on ordering a copy of that then. Thanks for the translation as well.

  4. Upupu

     /  2013/06/25


    During the latter part of the trial for Chapter 5, I chose to say Kirigiri was lying. It showed me the death sequence and then the picture of the future. Naegi goes on to say “Hope…” a couple times and then the game switches to a “Now Loading” screen. My game is currently stuck on that. The Monokuma logo still rotates and the screen does that flickering animation, but it won’t load. (Unfortunately I don’t have the screenshot plugin otherwise I would’ve posted it.)

    Running on a PSP 2000 with 6.60 PRO-C.

    • Chapter 5 seems to be weirdly prone to freezing and infinite loading screens. It’s rare enough that we can’t pin it down (maybe half the staff ran into it once each over the entire course of the project), but it happens often enough that the handful of reports we’ve gotten have almost all been in ch5. If you can manage to reproduce it consistently, we’d love to get some more information, but otherwise I would probably just chalk it up to bad luck.

      • Upupu

         /  2013/06/25

        Okay, I just tried the same thing again and it actually loaded this time, so I guess it was just bad luck.

  5. John Nada

     /  2013/06/25

    I’m one chapter one, it the very first room, and some of the selections got switched around. The lint rollers brings me over to the notepad on the drawer, and the drawer leads me to the lint roller. So I can’t advance until I’ve opened the drawer, but when selected it brings me to the lint roller.

    • sbester

       /  2013/06/26

      Same here.

    • Azzurra

       /  2013/06/27

      I have the exact same problem :/

      • Azzurra

         /  2013/06/27

        I really need help with this

    • This is a problem with AMD cards, confirmed.

      • so, how can i fix that, help please… I can’t keeping playing because that D: !

    • T

       /  2013/07/25

      I having the same problem. TT__TT Anyone know how to fix this?? please help~

    • arg498

       /  2013/07/30

      I have this exact same problem so can someone let me know when there is a way to resolve this?

    • Still with this. :c Heeeeeelp how to fix.

  6. I’m not sure why, but on the very first voiced line (where Naegi introduces himself), the game crashes. I’ve tried reapply the patch but the problem still exists.

    • Scratch that, I’ve fixed the problem. My OCF wasn’t updated to 6.60 yet.

  7. In the game, there is an error where the doors are mapped wrongly. Like the female toilet is mapped to the male one? O.o The other problem I have is that even when I choose O as the confirm button in PPSSPP, it still uses the X button to confirm.

    Lastly, just to stop people from reporting this “Sound bugs” on emulators…

    – Cannot interact in investigation sequence? Go to configuration and uncheck all “Video” settings.
    – No sound during Video and BGM. Install SonicStage 4.3, go to Media tab in configuration and check “Media Engine” & “Use SonicStage…”

    – Cannot interact in investigation sequence, try this. “http://www.mediafire.com/download/4rpsvcfw7dnju6p”
    – Even with Mai’s At3+ plugin, the voice will still be out even without skipping it. I’m not sure if installing SonicStage will fix it but yeah.

    • Yeah, that’s a known PPSSPP issue. Are you by any chance using an AMD video card?

      • Yeap, a PowerColor HD7870 Myst Edition PCS+ GPU with an i5-4670k. The problem with this seems to be with the emulation. Hrydgard recently merged the Danganronpa fix, so downloading the latest development build should fix the problem of unable to interacting with objects. I will switch to a Nvidia to see if the problem persist.

    • Creature-tan

       /  2013/07/20

      I’m also having this problem but the hongfire file in your link got removed, could you kindly upload it again?

      • Creature-tan

         /  2013/07/20

        (Haa I meant mediafire not hongfire oops)

  8. Matt

     /  2013/06/27

    There is a typo in Chapter 2 when Celes recalls saying “Well hello there, what are you doing up so late?” to Chihiro Fujisaki. The game says the speaker is Makoto Naegi, where it should say Celes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot of it.

  9. Azzurra

     /  2013/06/28

    On the first chapter. I tried selecting the Drawer and it brought me to the lint roller. All of the selections seem to be off, the only one that wasn’t was the bed. I’m using the latest ppsspp.

    • This is a known problem. Play it on a Nvidia Computer or on a PSP, there’s nothing else you can do except for wait until a solution is out which will take a long time because this is an issue with AMD cards.

    • w

       /  2013/07/14

      you will get a glitch while clicking on some items. (the typical example is the dresser drawer in naegi’s room — no matter how you click it, it acts like you’ve clicked on the lint roller instead.) in order to fix this, save your game, and go back into Options > Configuration > Video. at the very bottom, check ‘Use Software Rendering’. you might have to restart to get this to work, but you will now be able to click all items correctly (such as the dresser drawer). turn Use Software Rendering off when you’re done and restart to avoid it causing problems with the rest of the game.

      • ShadSas

         /  2013/07/16

        Oh god, i think i love you xD Thanks! It works in Jpcsp too, i reallly thanks you a lot 🙂

      • kim chi tsukiyomi

         /  2015/01/09

        How about in android?

  10. Tim

     /  2013/06/29

    In chapter five I choose “run away” then “dont call her out” and the execution did not play. After the character’s finished speaking the lines they would usually say after the execution i got stuck on a loading screen that never ended. I can’t take pictures from my psp so I can’t send one. This loading screen glitch also happened earlier. I picked up the key from near the body in chapter 5 and then tried to teleport down to the first floor dorms. It seemed to be loading, but never finished. Luckily using saves and careful gameplay it has not happened again

    • For whatever reason, chapter 5 seems to be weirdly prone to freezing/infinite loading, though it’s not something we’ve been able to pin down the cause of.

      • Tim

         /  2013/06/29

        thats alright but has a movie skipping like that ever been documented yet for this version of the patch? its no big deal i actually managed to beat the game today and see everything so it may have been just a freak accident

  11. Anon

     /  2013/06/30

    I’ll repost what I encountered since this place is more appropriate.
    Using a PSP Fat w/ 6.60 C (fix 3) and C2 the following happened:
    The game skips every movie in every chapter (it actually starts loading them, flashes for a frame or so, then starts loading the scene that follows = C fix 3; the flashes did not occur as far as I noticed with C2). The scenes can be played just fine through the Extras menu, provided you do not access them by going through Load -> Extras. The game must be reset in order for the movies to play.
    Using 6.60 C fix 3:
    The game crashed in Chapter 4 (IIRC) at a part where Sakura is in the room before the gym and you have to meet up at the gym. Initially, I talked to her and walked in. Game crashed. I restarted and didn’t talk to her and the game didn’t crash after walking in. It could have just been random, though, I didn’t retry while talking to her.
    I saw a few typos, but unfortunately I didn’t write down where (I know one of them was “it’s” instead of “its” and I believe it was past the halfway point). Pretty solid translation from beginning to end, though.

  12. Anon

     /  2013/07/02

    In chapter 4, after everybody leaves the bath for the first time near the beginning of the chapter, Monokuma says this:
    “Take a mental note, kids.
    I’m the kinda bear who gives his just deserts.”
    I’m guessing you meant “desserts” there. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot of it happening, but I checked on the backlog and it was there. If it helps, the line immediately before was Hagakure saying “I-I’ll tell you about a great power spot, just please don’t be so mad…” and the line after was Monokuma saying “Anaifer-anai.. atouthier-atouth…”

  13. Shika

     /  2013/07/04

    I wrote earlier because my psp would turn off whenever I attempted to play the game with the english patch (the game by itself played fine). I thought it might be something wrong with my laptop so I tried to apply the patch on a different computer.

    I get this message whenever I attempt to apply the patch.

    • That means the ISO you’re trying to patch doesn’t match the one we used to create the patch. Based on the filesize visible in the screenshot, it looks like you’re trying to use the original release, not the PSP The Best re-release.

  14. Anix

     /  2013/07/06

    All save files are consistently corrupted.
    PSP-1000, 5.00 M33-6
    Other than the fact that I can’t get more than a couple hours into it, thanks for the excellent translation!

  15. Sinuhe

     /  2013/07/07

    Every 4 or 5 dialoges the next one gets freeze and takes sometime to keep going… D:

  16. whydeevee

     /  2013/07/08


    This happens to the dialogue text after I leave the game unattended for a while, for some reason.

    • whydeevee

       /  2013/07/08

      Also, it only seems to happen with PPSSSPP. The text remains garbled until the conversation is finished, but goes back to normal once you start a new conversation (unless I leave it alone for too long again).

      • This is a known issue with PPSSPP. AFAIK it’s being looked into, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

      • In my case, whenever the text garbled, I always savestate (or at least, go to savestate menu), and the text got cleared afterwards. Try it.

      • S

         /  2013/11/26

        You can also go into the map menu and close out of it, you can also go to the ammunition menu and select ammo, and it will go away.

  17. I’m in the very first room in which Naegi wakes up in. I try to investigate the objects that i’m suposed to, but the crosshair won’t react? I’m using PPSSPP for Android.

    • Coury

       /  2013/08/09

      I have the same problem with PPSSPP for Windows, did you fix it? or someone who knows how to fix it tell us please :c

      • Download a newer version of PPSSPP from here. Any recent version under “Automated PPSSPP builds” down at the bottom of the page should work. Then go to Options -> Rendering Mode -> Read Buffers to Memory (CPU)

  18. Rawr

     /  2013/07/10

    Hi I’m in the first trial and up to the climax point. I do everything correctly and then Naegi starts explaining everything. At the the end of it, the screen freezes and then my psp crashes. Help?
    Using PSP-2002 CFW 6.60 PRO C2

  19. Kira

     /  2013/07/10

    So I’m trying to apply the patch while on a Mac and once I get to step 5, I’m not too clear about the part regarding the “base.” The read me file says, “The ‘base’ is the name of the original Danganronpa game file.” I’m not too sure what file it is talking about.

    Thank you in advance.

    • It’s talking about the untouched Japanese ISO–the file you’re applying the patch to.

  20. vector

     /  2013/07/11

    In chapter 6, playing on PPSSPP, the latest dev version. Just after investigating control room, i talk to asahina and flashback to kirigiri talking about how if the mastermind is watching us he cannot be controlling monokuma. as it flashes back to the present, it freezes. this happens every time and means i cannot proceed 😦

    • GitHub commenters suggest you can get past it by disabling “Hardware transform” in the options menu.

  21. blahmoomoo

     /  2013/07/13

    Second time getting information out of Fukawa during free time: “Spewing spite like a volcano spews mama, she *stomed* off.”

  22. Hzl

     /  2013/07/14

    Hy! I have the same problem as John Nada. Somebody, would you please send me the next save which is the nearest to this scene?

  23. blahmoomoo

     /  2013/07/19

    Case 5, after the nonstop debate about the time of the murder (no. 4 or 5). “…it wouldn’t make sense for it not to be wet!”

    While that isn’t necessarily wrong, I had a few double takes. It would sound smoother if it was written “…it wouldn’t make sense for it to not be wet!”

  24. Hi there!
    I’m having a problem which is preventing me not from playing the game as a whole, but from playing it consecutively and undisturbed, and it happens when a character (other than Naegi) speaks: the game suddenly freezes and it remains stuck for a few seconds until an FPS drop occurs, and that’s when the game slows down for half a second and returns to normal.
    What should I do?

  25. Baboi

     /  2013/07/20

    It keeps freezing and crashing at the same place where the text reveals Makoto Naegi’s name at the start of the game. I’m using 5.50 Prome. Help please.

    • Prometheus is known to have problems with the game. You’re probably going to have to upgrade.

  26. Baboi

     /  2013/07/20

    I want to play this game so bad, yet I don’t want to make my psp couldn’t play my old games anymore by upgrading it (Also because re-downloading for all of them again is pain in the butt, haha). I guess I’ll try playing it with the Emulator.
    Anyway, Tank yu!

  27. Al Bundy

     /  2013/07/25

    I’m in the first room Naegi wakes up in and the crosshair isn’t reacting to anything.

    • zora

       /  2013/07/26

      I’m having the same problem, using PPSSPP v0.8.1

      • S

         /  2013/11/27

        Upgrade to a newer version of PPSSPP, and make sure you have “Read framebuffers to memory (CPU)” selected in the graphics settings.

  28. Super Duper High School So Mad

     /  2013/07/26

    I found a bug where everyone says “Super Duper”. I’m assuming that’s a bug because there’s no way something that obnoxious could’ve been intended.

  29. Kyu

     /  2013/07/29

    “The game hung on me once on a loading screen, right after the first morning meeting in Chapter 5.”
    Same problem here but when I reload game it freezes too.

    • If you can consistently replicate the problem, please upload your save file somewhere and we’ll take a look at it.

  30. kiryu

     /  2013/07/31

    the game doesn’t boot when i enter the system storage i see the icon but when i press x the screen turns black……my psp is go 6.35 PRO-B9 help ? i tried to update to 6.60 PRO-B10 but the update it self won’t work please help i want to play this game !
    BTW thanks for the transalting it 😀

  31. kiryu

     /  2013/07/31

    the game doesn’t boot it turns black my psp is 6.60 pro-b10

  32. torakis

     /  2013/08/02

    I’m stuck at the prologue since it gets stuck when they suggest i move. I even restarted my computer and re-tried but i got the same results.

    • You’re going to need to be a little more specific about what problem you’re having. If it’s the same PPSSPP “can’t click on anything” issue everyone else has, check this out.

  33. torakis

     /  2013/08/02

    (I’m not using my pc right now so I can’t do a follow up reply but you’ll get it anyways, back to the problem.) I’m not having that problem yet and I’m also using jpcsp. The part I’m stuck at is when naegi wakes up,then, they describe how to move around. After they finish describing, they suggest I move, it instantly gets stuck. I followed the description they gave so should I re-install my iso or?

    • I’m not sure. You can try messing with the settings (there are some JPCSP configuration tips here), but PPSSPP seems to be the better experience overall, now that the major problems have, for the most part, been sorted out.

  34. Nessa

     /  2013/08/02

    Hi. First, I’d like to thank you for translating the game~! I’m seriously loving it!

    but the thing is I’m just wondering why when I’m in the part where I was supposed to see the corpse, the screen looks like there was a glitch or something but the game doesn’t freeze though, it’s working just fine, just that I can’t see the corpse, instead I saw a screen full of static. Then second, I also encountered the problem where I couldn’t see the ballot scene nor the execution scene, instead it jumps right off to the scene where the movie ends. the part where all of em will react. I scrolled a bit here, reading if somebody encountered the same problem and somebody mentioned that watching it on extras will show it.. so I tried it.. but unfortunately it didn’t play |: ..
    I’m playing it with my PSP my firmware is 5.50 Prome-4

    thanks in advance :3

  35. Jackie

     /  2013/08/05

    I’m having a problem where in the first chapter after the dialogue ends the classroom freezes. I can’t do anything. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong or if it’s an actual issue.

  36. Emmanuel

     /  2013/08/09

    I’m having a problem with the beginning of chapter 4
    When Naegi returns to his room after the first free time day of chapter 4, it’s nighttime and Monokuma calls everyone to the auditorium with some “urgent urgent URGENT” news
    When I go to the gym and talk to everyone there, I guess a movie is about to play and then the game freezes with this randomly colored glitchy mess on the screen with no audio.
    Help! Please!

    • Emulator or PSP? If emulator, which one? If PSP, what firmware?

      • Emmanuel

         /  2013/08/14

        I’m playing on an Emulator called ppsspp but I just reloaded from an earlier point and the problem didnt occur
        thank you though uwu

  37. Random

     /  2013/08/11

    Psp 3000 6.60-10B
    Was working fine until the first room in chapter one, where the analog stick doesn’t respond anymore. Tried replaying the prologue and the analog stick doesn’t respond there either, when it was working fine before.

    • The only reported solution we’ve gotten for the analog stick problem is from Kana here, but you might have to do this if you do end up downgrading. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to replicate the problem on our end, so that’s about all I can tell you, sorry.

  38. Drelkarl

     /  2013/08/14

    I’m stuck at charapter 5, at the part where monokuma is supposed to show up and make an announcement, but it wont load, just a black screen.
    should i upload my save files? if yes, where?

  39. I’m using PSP 3000 with 6.60 PRO-C2 custom firmware. Everything works until in the first room, I can’t seem use the analog pad to move the crosshair, which make me stuck right now. Is there something I can do? Thanks.

    • A couple people have reported that downgrading to 5.00 M33-6 and using isotool to patch the game as described here allowed them to use the analog pad.

  40. MonoS

     /  2013/08/18

    Hi, i have a problem in the first chapter
    The first time i have “free time” the game tell me to go to talk with Maizono
    When i try to open the door i hear the sound of the door being opened but now the game freeze, the bgm and all the UI animation continue to play

    I try to trigger some events before opening the door [for example open open the door of all other students]

    I use a PSP 2004 with CFW 6.60 PRO C2
    The game have been correctly patched
    I’ve compressed the iso into a cso with max compression
    I use a 4GB micro sd with an adaptor to fit into the psp

    If you need further information, tell me

    • First, you should try using the uncompressed ISO. All I know about compressing the game is that it apparently makes trials really ugly, so there could be other game-breaking side effects we aren’t aware of.

      If that doesn’t work, you can try disabling any plugins you have, testing it on the Japanese version, or testing it in PPSSPP.

      • MonoS

         /  2013/08/22

        I tried using the uncompressed iso and everything work

        You should write in the common issues page to don’t compress the iso, i don’t think that i’m the only one to use to compress iso

  41. My display driver stops when I play it. Any way to fix it?


     /  2013/08/26

    On Android (using samsung galaxy note 10.1) I do the framebuffer to CPU thing, but the game slows down! Any help?

    • I don’t think that’s avoidable, considering it’s putting a lot of extra strain on the CPU.


         /  2013/08/26

        Then, is there something else I can try? Different emulator on android perhaps? (Using ppsspp)

      • I don’t think there are any other options, sadly. You can try messing with the settings, see if that helps, but I don’t know what else to tell you.


         /  2013/08/27

        Well, thanks anyway, I’ll figure something out!

  43. SodiumCat

     /  2013/08/26

    I want to begin by saying how I love this game!

    However, I do have two concerns.
    1.) This doesn’t affect the game too badly, but does bother me. It’s when a movie is being played, the audio is muted. For sure, my audio isn’t muted or I would of just slapped myself silly! However, it’s not too much of a problem, but I’d prefer to hear the movies.
    2.) This does affect the game at times. Sometimes, I’ll move onto the next text box and the previous text will overlap the current text, then the text will proceed to have a seizure, and then return to normal. In addition, if I leave the game on without interacting with it, or minimizing it to perform another action on my computer, i.e. posting on Facebook, and return to the game. The text will be mixed up and jumbled up that it’s almost impossible to read.

    Thank you!

    • It sounds like you’re using PPSSPP, yes?

      To hear the audio in the movies, you’re going to need the Atrac3+ codec. There should be a download button under Settings -> Audio. The jumbled text thing is a problem with PPSSPP, which I don’t think there’s any real solution to as of yet. I think you can create a save state, then load it back up, but I haven’t spent enough time in the emulator to say for sure.

      • SodiumCat

         /  2013/08/26

        Indeed, I’m using PPSSPP.
        Yes, since I save frequently, I always load to my save file and it fixes the jumbled text problem.
        Anyways, thank you for the fast response!

  44. Mivean

     /  2013/08/28

    Someone know, how to get past new (2nd bridge) in SDR2 in chapter 2? Tried on (*.125 and few others builds) ppsspp and jpcsp (it freez on loading monokuma face) but simply neither of them works. Any suggestions?

  45. ThinkRed

     /  2013/08/31

    I got this problem : http://i41.tinypic.com/29c6l4o.png I can’t go up when I select the piece of the “puzzle”, can I have some help? I can’t move on!

  46. Erich Fonseca

     /  2013/09/03

    The game freezes, then my PSP shutdown after the opening animation at the school’s gate.
    I’m playing on a PSP 2000, using a CFW version 5.00 m33-4. [edit] The patch process was fine. Any idea of what may be causing this issue?

  47. Super Dyper high School Hardcore Reader

     /  2013/09/05

    I have a problem…I’m using PPSSPP and there is no sound in the video,for example the executions.How can I fix it?
    P.S:sorry for my bad english.

    • To hear the audio in the movies, you’re going to need the Atrac3+ codec. There should be a download button under Settings -> Audio.

      • Super Dyper high School Hardcore Reader

         /  2013/09/05

        Now all is perfect!Than you very much!

  48. I used PPSSPP until I got stuck in Naegi’s room, and then I used JPCSP to get around the error. Once I moved my save file back to use PPSSPP, the game freezes, not even showing a ‘now loading’ screen and doesn’t load the game. Is there anyway around it, or do I just have to keep using JPCSP, even though it’s much slower?

  49. ~Noire-Sama~

     /  2013/09/13

    same problem here as Winged Flame, first played the game on latest jpcsp build then since it was going slow switched the save to the ppsspp folder. now after being in the first room (chapter 1) I can examine everything correctly I mean everything matches up i.e. Lint roller to lint roller, drawer to drawer etc. but after examining everything, Naegi decides to leave the room saying something like ” I think I’ve got my bearings, time to go.” something like that… anyway it then cuts to a black screen, music is still going on but there is no “now loading” words anywhere just a empty black screen of nothing ness. should also mention that the game freezes when I try to ingame save… I’ll start a new game JUST using the ppsspp emulator and let you know how it goes. See ya! wish me luck.

    • ~Noire-Sama~

       /  2013/09/13

      Alright Winged flame an easy fix, START A NEW GAME using only the ppsspp emulator it seems switching the save file from JPCSP to PPSSPP caused a compatibility error.

  50. jj

     /  2013/09/13

    Im having a strange problem that no one else seems to be having. In trial 3, im stuck on the non-stop debate because I can’t change my evidence bullets. Ive watched walkthroughs on youtube and they are shown to have 3x bullets to choose from whereas I only have ‘monokuma file 3’ to use! please help! I cant progress any further into the game because of this 😦

    • Which debate?

      • jj

         /  2013/09/16

        the debate about the order in which the victims were killed.
        evidenced bullets that should be showing for me but is not: Broken wristwatch, Monobear File 3, Hagakure’s message

      • You don’t need to use your ammunition at all. Convert the weak point “numbers on the Justice Hammers” and fire it at “We know what order they were killed in!”

      • jj

         /  2013/09/16

        I am using the latest version of JCPSP as well

  51. Hi,
    I read through all the comments and noticed some people mentioning it but no one actually answering it.
    So I’m using JPCSP 2956:2957 and everything is working fine… except that it skips ALL EXECUTION SCENES that happens every after class trial.
    Anybody know how to fix this?

    • wait nevermind the execution scenes play now but this time with no sounds… current build is JPCSP 3248

      • S

         /  2013/12/17

        Does uh…JPCSP have an ATRAC3+ plugin or something like that? You’re going to need that if you want sounds.

  52. RubyredSLeEveS

     /  2013/09/20

    how in the name of hell do i add the patch? ive read the instructions like 10 times, tried every combination of putting the files together n even looked up on loads of different websites, but every single time it ends up on my psp saying that its corrupted data?! i cant believe this, working for hours on my computer downloading stuff n buying the game n all that, but all that effort for nothing? im really stressed out now, i was really looking forward to this game n now it doesnt work for me, can someone, anyone help me please??

    • You’re going to have to provide more information on exactly what you’re doing for us to have any idea how to help you. What file did you put on your PSP? And in what folder?

      • RubyredSLeEveS

         /  2013/09/20

        well ive done all the necessary downloads like with the iso n patches n i put them in a folder in something called mp.root (or something like that) n then i tried to use the game n then i just wont work. did i do something wrong in the process?

      • The ISO is supposed to go in a folder named “ISO” on the root of your PSP’s Memory Stick.

      • RubyredSLeEveS

         /  2013/09/20

        yes i did that, but its still in japanese,

      • That means you’re using the unpatched ISO. If you followed the instructions on the release post, you should have another ISO–either 1.20 GB or 1.24 GB–which is the English patched game.

      • RubyredSLeEveS

         /  2013/09/20

        i did that, but whenever i click the apply_patch.bat, it just appears for a split second n nothing is changed, does that mean the patch i downloaded is wrong, or have i just done it wrong? oh btw its 3 files right?

      • There should be four files: apply_batch.bat, danganronpa-1.0-full.xdelta (or danganronpa-1.0-nomovies.xdelta if you got the No Movies patch), README.txt, and xdelta3-3.0.6-win32.exe. In addition to that, you should have the Japanese game, named Danganronpa.iso, in the same folder as well.

        Can you try to get a screenshot of what the window says before it disappears?

  53. Deshuro

     /  2013/09/20

    I got the bug “Infinite loading screen in chapter 5”, but done with it. If any1 get this bug, just delete the older savedatas and leave the newest savedata, then use it (I deleted the older savedatas in my ppsspp\savedata folder).

  54. dotachino

     /  2013/09/22

    Anyone having any problem with chapter 4’s trial? While I found that Hagakure’s statement about the magazine’s dying message is false, I can’t refute it, its like I’m shooting at the wrong statement.

    I need a solution for this.

    • Assuming I’m looking at the right debate, convert the weak point “inside the rack” and fire it at “when we found Ogre’s body.”

      • dotachino

         /  2013/09/23

        Yep I tried shooting that statement

        What ammunition did you use? Mine only have “Dying Message”

      • dotachino

         /  2013/09/23

        Never mind that, I forgot about the convert ammunition system, it’s been I week since I got to chapter 4

        Thanks tho

  55. ZXNova

     /  2013/09/26

    I’m playing through Chapter 6, I get to the part where you enter the data processing room and find out about the Monokuma control panel, but once you re-enter the room and talk to Aoi, the game crashes, this keep happening repeatedly. I don’t know what to do. I can’t continue the story if this keeps happening.

    • Assuming you’re using PPSSPP, I think you have to disable “Hardware Transform” under Options for this one.

  56. Gumikai

     /  2013/09/27

    Hello everyone. I’m on PPSSPP with my Samsung Galaxy Ace II and Danganronpa (EN) doesn’t work. I try differents updates of PPSSPP, sometimes i can’t save or load but more importantly, i can’t investigate objects so i’m stuck in the prologue. I’ve tried the most recent version of PPSSPP but that doesn’t work either. Any idea ?

    • I don’t have the mobile version of PPSSPP to experiment with, but if you can’t find the “Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)” option in the menu, as described in the “Common Issues and Solutions” list above, then you’ll have to talk to the PPSSPP folk.

  57. Gumikai

     /  2013/09/27

    I tried on the PC version, there is the option that you’re talkin’ about and it works but my PC is so slow. I’ll try find it, thanks.

  58. Gumikai

     /  2013/09/27

    So, i was on the ppsspp community, i found the option but the sound goes bad even if i can investigate now. It’s in progress.

  59. AuroraCandle

     /  2013/09/28

    Hi. Whenever I go to the memory stick, it says that the data is corrupted… I’m pretty sure that I extracted and patched it correctly soooo yeah

  60. Gumikai

     /  2013/09/30

    Like you said BDH, i was on the PPSSPP community and found the option, i can investigate object now, the only problem now is that the game slowing down both on my PC or on my Android. If you know something to make it faster, please tell me.

  61. Gumikai

     /  2013/10/02

    I finally make the game work, i did the prologue : SPOIL

    Now the only think to fix is the sound on the cutscenes (like the presentation), it’s the only thing which doesn’t work for the moment, i’m on JPCSP, i just download the latest version and it simply worked, i don’t know, when i tried before it didn’t worked but i don’t care, now it works and that’s the more important.

  62. Therese

     /  2013/10/04

    finally got mine to work. thanks a lot!! but i have one minor problem, the audio for my ppsspp seems to broken and is really slow, i already donwloaded the atrac plug in and did everything. could it perhaps be my really outdated graphic card? the game also lags a lot when i play it in big screen resolutions.

  63. Gumikai

     /  2013/10/04

    It may be the option “read framebuffers to memory (CPU)”. It slows down the game.

  64. The X button isn’t working when I want to investigate the room around me? I can’t get out of the first classroom ;;m;;

  65. Someone who is very tired and done

     /  2013/10/21

    This has had me angry for the longest time so I hope either this has already been said or this is seen:

    Hagakure’s prediction rate is 30%, not 20%.

    I don’t know how in the world this got mistranslated when both his unused execution is based on 1/3 of a chance, (which is 33.3%, rounded to the nearest tenth as 30%,)

    And the official website just numerically put it as 30%: http://i41.tinypic.com/1zyah50.png

    Please fix this or at least try to spread awareness of it because it’s extremely embarassing to watch people try to correct me when they’re the ones misinformed. It is 30%.

    • It’s not a mistranslation. Hagakure himself is inconsistent about the number, which is part of the joke (see these screenshots). Aside from those, he uses 30% in his MTB in chapter 4, and I’m pretty sure his generic voice used throughout the game also says 30%.

  66. Aryvane

     /  2013/10/21

    Okay, so I put the patched ISO into a folder called ISO in the root of my memory stick, (I think, It’s in the PSP > GAME folder, if that’s not where it goes could you help me?) I have PRO CWF 6.60 C, however when I open the CIPL Flasher it says, “This installer does not support this model.” I got the right firmware for my model, so that confuses me. The biggest problem is that I have checked the tutorials multiple times to make sure I’ve done everything right and when I go in my memory stick to play the game, it still says corrupted data. I’ve waited 3 months to play this game. What am I doing wrong?

    • So, you have the ISO in MS:\PSP\GAME\ISO? It needs to be in just plain old MS:\ISO, no other folders above it.

      • Aryvane

         /  2013/10/21

        Yes. When I go into USB Mode, a folder pops up that has the PSP folder in it. Do I put the ISO folder in the folder that pops up first?

      • Correct. The ISO folder should be in the same place as the PSP folder.

  67. Aryvane

     /  2013/10/21

    Yes! It works now! Thank you so much.

  68. Mireille

     /  2013/10/25

    I’ve got this problem: When I am investigating on Chapter 6 the game crashes after I go to the room with the Monokuma face on it. What can I do? I REALLY want to finish the game!

    I’m using PPSSPP emulator, btw.

    • I thought I’d put this in the list of common problems, but I guess I didn’t. Whoops.

      Anyway, disable “Hardware transform” in the options menu for that section, and it should get you through it.

  69. Lee

     /  2013/10/31

    I’m hsving the mentioned issue with Chapter 5. I can’t get past the loading screen after the breakfast scene at the beginning of the chapter; the gun barrel just keeps turning and turning but never stops. Has anyone figured this out, or does anyone have a save file after that point that they could upload for me? I’d really like to finish the game.

    • If you have a save (a regular save made through the ElectroiD menu, not a save state) from before that point, loading it up and playing back to that point should let you get past it. If, by some chance, you always run into the infinite loading screen with your save data, upload it somewhere and we’ll look into it.

  70. Elise

     /  2013/11/05

    I’m having an issue right after the death in chapter 2. I decided I’d go into the school shop and spend the rest of my coins, but whenever I try to get out of the shop or press the square, triangle, or circle buttons, the emulator crashes.
    I’m using the newest version of PPSSPP.

    • I, uh, have no idea. Might just have to hold off on using the machine for a little? See if it works later.

  71. nekoroze

     /  2013/11/12

    i have one problem. the music sounds horrible in all the hallways, but inside rooms the music sounds normal. i’m using windows 8…. could that be a problem. ;___;

    • S

       /  2013/11/27

      If you’re playing on PPSSPP, try setting “Frameskipping” to auto. If that doesn’t work, it’s because you’ve left the game on too long.

  72. maedoka

     /  2013/11/13

    im having trouble right after the first trial, where monokuma tells you to go explore a “whole new world” or something. i am pretty sure i have to go up the stairs, but when I select the stairs it selects the entrance hall doors instead. this has happened before with other doors, and usually if i click another different door it will end up leading to the place i want to go. however, no other doors lead to the stairs and i cannot select the stairs no matter what. this is preventing me from continuing the game so is there anyway to fix it? (im playing on PPSSPP for android [nexus 4] if that helps). thanks in advance!!

  73. Sanchi

     /  2013/11/15

    I’m playing on the JPCSP, and when I load the Chapter 3(n) Everyday life and once it’s onto the bath scene (where Kirigiri talks) it jams up and the game is on auto pause. No sound no nothing, even hitting run doesn’t do anything.

    Does it have something to do with me saving in the game other than the checkpoints? I didn’t face this problem until after I did it, and now once I load the UMD JPCSP shows:

    “The install data is corrupted, Game will be baded from UMD.
    To use install data for this game, please reinstall data”

    Is there anything I can do to solve this? Or do I have to replay again right from the beginning?

  74. Santiago

     /  2013/11/17

    Hi, when i explore after the second debate case,the x dont work, and i have select Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU) and still nothing happen.
    Sorry for bad english, thanks.

  75. pamela

     /  2013/11/25

    uhm i have a problem.. when i have to investigate the room when naegi wakes up the ppsspp suddenly stops working.. i tried to click rendering mode then checked Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU) but the ppsspp stops working, i have the v.0.9.5-636-g41343ac what should i do? sorry for my bad english. thanks

    • Try an earlier version? I’ve never used any of the v0.9.5 releases, but I’m pretty sure v0.9.1 works. You should also report that to the PPSSPP folks, since that would be an emulator problem.

    • S

       /  2013/11/26

      0.9.5 works pretty good, if you ask me. Then again, I started the game at 0.9.1, and continued from Chapter 4 at 0.9.5. I would recommend trying 0.9.1, and if that doesn’t work, try reducing your video settings so they are not so graphically intensive.

      • S

         /  2013/11/27

        An update: Just started replaying the game, got past that room no problem on 0.9.5. I don’t know what could be the problem, sorry.

      • pamela

         /  2013/11/27

        after he says “what’s going on?” the ppsspp suddenly has stopped working

  76. Jake

     /  2013/12/10

    Okay, so, when I try, in chapter 2, to convert a weak point, it keeps firing the ammunition. What the hell is going on?

    • S

       /  2013/12/17

      So you’re holding the button down, right? Not just pressing it?

  77. Someone help? I’m at step 4 in downloading and now I’m stuck. I dragged it to mdimages but ‘In JPCSP choose File > Load UMD, then pick Dangan Ronpa from the list.’ I’m stuck at. Someone explain it please? How do I get the game to load do I need a patch from elsewhere? What is PSP? Do I need a playstationportable or something?!?

  78. HELP!

     /  2013/12/26

    Help me! I’m desperate to play this game.
    I downloaded a PSP emulator called “PPSSPP” for Android.
    However, I’m always having a hard time to use the crosshair.
    Every time I use it, it doesn’t react on objects resulting to being stuck in the Investigation Room in the Prologue.
    I search and read various articles including this comment section but these didn’t solve my problem. PLEASE HELP!!

    • I know there’s a fix for the PC version of PPSSPP, but I don’t know if it’s possible to enable it on the Android version. The general solution is on this post, under “Emulators: The crosshair doesn’t react to objects / clicking on one object leads to a different object”, but if the option isn’t available on Android, you’re going to have to bring it up with the PPSSPP folks.

  79. Chenchen

     /  2013/12/28

    I am playing the patched with movies version of dangan ronpa, and I have encountered a bug that I cannot work around: in Chapter 2’s Investigation part, Asahina does not appear anywhere next to Fukawa’s door when her, the main character, and Togawa are supposed to check on her. As a result, we are unable to open Fukawa’s door..

    I have verified the ISO’s checksum.
    In addition, I am playing it on: 6.60 PRO-C2.

    Could this be a memory stick error?
    Has anyone else reported this error? Please advise!

    • Can you upload your save somewhere for me to play with?

      • Chenchen

         /  2013/12/28


        There seems to be two save files from within 6 minutes of each other related to Dangan Ronpa, I have included both of them in a zip and uploaded it to my Google Drive.

      • Chenchen

         /  2013/12/28

        Actually, I apologize for being a bother and would like to close this thread.
        I just ran out and purchased a new memory card, and upon transferring the ISO and the Savefile, Asahina has miraculously appeared.
        It seems that some memory sectors on my other card were corrupted, so it was an user end error! Thank you!

      • Bizarre thing to go wrong, but I’m glad you got it sorted out!

  80. I’m sorry; I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this question, but I was in the middle of chapter 3 when I decided to go back to chapter one to get a certain skill. Since I saved in chapter one after going back from chapter 3, that is my most recent save so I can’t continue my game from where I last saved, and since you can only go to chapters you’ve already completed, I can’t skip back to chapter 3. Do I have to work all the way back to where I was?

  81. HopefulDespair

     /  2014/01/06

    Hi! I just downloaded the game but I can’t even get into the game. I’m stuck on the screen after you start the game, where it says “New Game” and “Load Game” and those things, but I’m unable to select anything from the menu, I can only scroll through it. Any words of advice :c?

    • Anna

       /  2014/02/16

      I’m having the same problem, can anyone offer a solution?

      • Highlight the choice you want then press the enter or X key on your keyboard.

      • Anna

         /  2014/02/16

        I’ve tried pressing just about every button on my keyboard but nothing works.

    • yumechu

       /  2015/02/21

      hi, have you found a solution? i’m having the same problem.

  82. atota

     /  2014/01/07

    i am up to the part where monokuma makes his first announcement and he tells everyone to meet up at the gym but i cannot leave the entrance hall, i clicked on everything thats in the room and i repeatedly kept pressing the O button but nothing seems to work.

    ps: i have my rendering mode set to Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)

  83. atota

     /  2014/01/07

    nevermind i figured it out….turns out my ps2 controller has been wrongly configured

  84. Tyler Doan

     /  2014/01/15

    Chapter one I can’t leave the room and I can’t investigate the desk. All in naegis room right at the beginning

  85. Dumb in despair

     /  2014/01/19

    I as well had that infinite loading screen after breakfast in Chapter 5. For which ever reason though, I cannot save game normally trough ElectroiD and I made huge mistake to save state during infinte loading screen .__. I’m really in despair now. If anyone would have saved data they could share from after Chapter 5 infinite loading screen and save me I would be really really happy ;A;

    Also thanks a lot for translating this game !

  86. Caroline

     /  2014/01/27

    I have recently installed the latest version of the PPSSPP emulator as well at the patch and and ios and whatnot. The game was working fine up until the part after the intro where Naegi wakes up and decides to take a look around. I was unable to click anything, so I heeded the instructions given to fix that issue but when I change my rendering mode to “Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)” and start the game, it crashes instantly. I switched it back to “buffered rendering”, and the game loads up, but I am still unable to click anything. Any way to solve this?

  87. Matthew

     /  2014/02/08

    I have a problem where in chapter 3 I can’t convert week points to ammunition and my concentration gauge immediately depletes. I keep holding the Triangle button, but it keeps firing instead of converting, and I can’t concentrate because it depletes as soon as I push R
    I was able to get it eventually for the first few, but after about 20 minutes of constant save state loading and not being able to convert the week point, I gave up

  88. JC

     /  2014/02/09

    I’ve been having issues around (drumroll please:) Chapter 5. During the Monokuma Theater XVI, when the game trailer is done playing, the game freezes up. Can anyone suggest a way to solve this issue? I know it’s a bit outlandish for another to ask, but it would be appreciated.

  89. I try to load the game but it says I have a corrupt file, I have played before though? Someone help!

  90. Can I get some help asap when possible please? I’ve already read the past comments and this question hasn’t been solved.

  91. Hey. My problem is videos in game… like executions. They are probably skipped coze screen goes blue and next scene or dialogue appears where everyone are scared of what happend (i didnt see it). Also in chap 1/2 when i discovered victims corpses screen is fuzzed… From Extras movies/videos are enable but when i clicked X to start they are running – next thing is black screen and back to videos menu. I running game at my PSP 3000 (5.03 Prome-3). Any ideas? I want to see movies…. so badly!
    BTW GREAT WORK GUYS! Hope 2nd game will be translated so pro as this one 🙂

  92. sei

     /  2014/03/02

    When I get to the introduction part in the prologue, the sprites aren’t showing up (in the background). They show up after the crosshair reacted to them.

  93. Ishimaru Kiyotaka

     /  2014/03/04

    Hi I’m having trouble with the infinite loading screen issue on chapter 5. Is there any word on a fix yet because I tried all the other ways and nothing. Also does someone have a save state for after you leave the cafeteria in ch 5 in the beginning.

  94. sassykael

     /  2014/03/11

    I have the 6.60 PRO-C2 on my ppsspp emulator, but I can’t get past the spike screen without it crashing. How do I know if the patch took?

  95. halfevil333

     /  2014/03/20

    Uhm, first I would like to thank you for translating the game. But I have an issue there. I have a psp fat with 5.00 M33-6 cfw and the game stops and turns off my psp after three first “sentences”, which makoto says….Please, help!

  96. jing

     /  2014/03/31

    I can play through the prologue, but once the ‘To Be Continued’ screen shows up and fades, the game will not continue. Do I just need to wait longer? Is it something with my computer? Help would be great. 🙂

  97. thesupremegay

     /  2014/04/05

    ok so i know that its been mentioned alot but i am currently in naegi’s room after the entrance ceremony and i cant access the drawer, in fact, it took me about 30 minutes to get the lint roller, and that required hitting the drawer. ive had my settings set to set frame buffers to memory (CPU) since the beginning but i still cant get to it? please help!

  98. Manganeigi

     /  2014/04/12

    I’m in the chapter 1, when Naegi woke up and went to the cafeteria, I speak to Maizono and when someone is speaking (it can be all of them !) my game freeze, and then I have a blackscreen and a message “The pilot AMD crashed and was recupered”, but the emulator is black and I need to quit and reload PPSSPP. But it continue whatever I do !
    I’m using PPSSPP v0.9.8

    PS: Sorry for my bad english 😉

  99. Lindsey Rivas

     /  2014/05/15

    i crash every time i try to open the dangan ronpa game. it was working before i tried to fix the object issue 😦 Does anyone know how to fix it?

  100. Christine

     /  2014/05/20

    I am playing the game on my galaxy s4. I’m in Naegi’s room and I try to click on the drawer for the toolbox and it keeps taking me the lint roller. I put framebuffers to memory cpu. Still not working. Help?

    • Manganeigi

       /  2014/05/24

      @Christine It was the same on my xperia and I didn’t resolve this… I think it’s the version of the emulator… But the game crash so much on phone so I prefer playing on pc… But it’s still doesn’t working ! (((°( -_-)

  101. i'm supposed to put a name here

     /  2014/05/25

    I had the problem with the crosshair not working. I tried “Loading it up and going to Options -> Rendering Mode and selecting “Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)”.”
    Switching to this rendering mode slows down the game altogether drastically and leaves the audio distorted. Is there a way to fix this, or is it the only way to play?

  102. Cat

     /  2014/05/26

    In Chapter 3, I am supposed to head to the infirmary after hearing a scream – Naegi starts to narrate and then the screen starts to look rather static. I had a similar thing happening in Chapter 1’s Class Trial, where the Ballot Time looked like that, but that disappeared after a few seconds. Here in Chapter 3, it doesn’t seem to continue… I am reloading a savestate and checking if it was just a coincidence or something else.
    Playing on latest PPSSPP under Windows 7.

    • Cat

       /  2014/05/26

      Actually, I figured out a way to circumvent that. I switched the rendering away from CPU and onto buffered/non-buffered rendering to initiate the scene. When I wanted to investigate things again, I went back to CPU and I’ve had no problem after that.

  103. Luis

     /  2014/05/26

    Hi there I recently began playing but the texture seems messed up. The first classroom doesn’t seem to finish buliding up and ends upside down or worse.

  104. SoulessSoul

     /  2014/05/27

    My psp just go blank after entering the game, why this happening? I even tried reinstall the CFW but it didnt work!

    • SoulessSoul

       /  2014/05/27

      Does I need some plugin?

  105. my ppsspp not showing the videos of the game. only the sounds. wht should i do?

  106. GentlePirate

     /  2014/06/06

    I’m still having a problem with the desk after Naegi wakes up in his room after Mondo punches him. I can’t seem to click the desk and I know people have posted on how to solve it, but it seems to be the wrong emulator. If anyone can help this issue, i’d be grateful xc

  107. Skaiav

     /  2014/06/09

    I have an issue with the School shop! I’m on chapter one and I want to spend my coins to get presents and interact during the first free time, but the presents machine doesn’t acknowledge my medal coins, it keeps saying that are just 0 when I already have 7, any suggestion?

  108. le oni

     /  2014/06/11

    i can’t play it on my pc
    only the sound that i can hear
    what wrong ?

  109. Hikaru

     /  2014/06/18

    I’m using my PSP to play the game and it is really working good, the only problem is that I can’t see the execution scenes – not even if I buy them at the extras. I’ve seen that people with this problem at the emulator managed to fix it… How do I fix it at my PSP?
    (The system software is 5.50 Prome-4).

  110. kymyit

     /  2014/06/19

    I’m blocked in chapter 2. The chapter is going to work, but after some second of Naegi dialogue (“…”) the emulator goes on still button and the play one can’t work. Before of this I couldn’t load the chapter, after resolving this, now this other issue >_> Help!!

  111. MonokumaInfinite

     /  2014/07/09

    When I open the help option when the class trial goes on, the writings look strange on some sentence, upupupupu…

  112. i am experiencing problems with the cross-hair not reacting to items using the ppsspp emulator and when i try to change the render mode like it says to fix it the game crashes. does anyone know how to stop the game from crashing or an alternate method of fixing the glitch?

  113. Super Duper High School Frusterated

     /  2014/07/15

    Hello, I really love this game so far! I’ve solved my own issue of selecting one thing and having it go to another by turning up frameskipping for a bit when I select the item. (Like I successfully got to interact with the droors and not have it go to the lintbrush). But right now, I’m in Chapter 4 and when I try to go in the Chem Lab it goes to the headmaster’s door instead. I’ve gone to all other doors, just in case a different one leads to the Chem Lab, but none do. And my frameskipping trick doesn’t work. Any help on getting into the Chem Lab? Since I can’t, I can’t progress in the game right now. 😦

  114. Stella

     /  2014/07/22

    My windows: Windows8 64bit
    Im using PPSSPP V0.9.6.2
    I started the game clicking “New game” the game started successfully. after Naegi went into the school and the darkness came, the game asked me if i want to save, so i chose to save, but then, the loading screen came, and the game doesn’t continue!!
    i exit the game and i click “Load game” a loading comes and the game doesn’t continue again 😦
    what should i do?

  115. Haley

     /  2014/07/30

    During the first investigation,after I’ve looked around the room,talked to Kirigiri,and then clicked on the Bathroom door.But then Naegi says that he needs to look around some more and can do that later.Help? Oh and I’m using ppsspp for windows version 9.

  116. Yuki

     /  2014/08/04

    I have a problem In chapter 1 at the Machinegun talk part. its supposed to light up pink so i can break the accusations but it doesn’t. I’ve tried and tried but it doesn’t come up no matter how many combos i do. How do i fix this ?

  117. Maggie R

     /  2014/08/10

    I’m having a problem as well at monokuma file #3. I am firing at *which order they were killed in* which I read everywhere and know myself that, that’s the answer. But it won’t work!!. I’m playing on my psvita. And I’m about to spike it on the floor I’m so mad. PLEASE HELP!!!

  118. Kazuu

     /  2014/08/20

    Hello ! First, sorry for my bad english but it’s not my native language.
    I have a problem with the crosshair. I know a lot of people have already posted about this, but the solutions available on the internet don’t work. I tried :
    – Options -> Rendering Mode and selecting “Read Framebuffers to Memory(CPU)”.”
    – Look up FramebuffersToMem = False & FramebuffersCPUConvert = False in my ppsspp.ini file. Change the above mentioned things into FramebuffersToMem = True & FramebuffersCPUConvert = True and save the changes
    But everytime the emulator crashes when I tried to load Danganronpa. The problem is the same no matter if I use PPSSPP v0.8.1-642-g8f84907 or the latest one.
    I disabled “Hardward transform” too but my problem is not solved.

  119. Alken

     /  2014/08/24

    Hmm tried doing what was suggested above but crosshair problem still lingers for me I am using the latest ppsspp 9.9.1

  120. Hello, I am experiencing an issue at the beginning of chapter 1. Trying to examine the desk leads to the lint roller, and interacting with the poster leads to the metal plates on the wall, above the desk. I have noticed other people having similar issues, and I have tried all the fixes mentioned, and none have worked. I am playing using PPSSPP for Android, version Any form of assistance would be wonderful, if possible. Thanks!

  121. Hello, I dont understand why buy in first chapter, where we woke up we need to examine : TV,clock, paper, wall and stuff but I can only move to the tv ans sécurity camera, I cant move around it like I can only move in a square.. I tried 20 programs and it doesnt work,, my friend and i got the same problem..:( I can click on object but i cant touche the paper on the desk, the door, and the wall and my cursor doesnt move arounf the class it rest in the middle and only the background moves.. is there anyone who know How to fix it please ? I really want to play that game 😦

  122. Anon

     /  2014/10/06


    Hi, so I’m playing on a PPSSPP emulator with the fan translation, and I can’t seem to get past the part where you get the key from the exploded corpse and Byakuya tells you to go outside the room to see if the key opens the Bio Lab door. Whenever I examine the door, Makoto says he’s going to give it a shot. Then when I press X to continue, a completely empty text box opens up and the game freezes. I can’t go into any rooms (the story doesn’t let you), and when I attempt to go downstairs, the screen turns black and hangs. What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

  123. Marjo

     /  2014/11/26

    Hello! I’m having issues in the second class trial. It seems I’m unable to convert weak points – instead, the game just keeps firing the current ammo. I’m holding the triangle as instructed, and I’m using the most recent build of ppsspp on a windows laptop.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – I’m itching to continue this game!

  124. Tyler Flowers

     /  2014/11/28

    Hi, I’m using PPSSPP emulator, I followed the instructions you gave me, but when i load up the ISO, it gives me a black screen. Is there any way I can fix this or something?

  125. Danz Kira

     /  2014/12/07

    I have question..
    why when i patch the game, size of file was reduce..
    from 1.759.360 kb to 1.302.400 kb??

  126. Super High School Level Bored

     /  2014/12/07

    i can’t select anything from the menu :C

  127. Kanako S.

     /  2014/12/27

    Ano. . . The game crashes after the Spike logo.. I’ve make sure that The patch applied correctly. Can you help me please? I play on Android, with PPSSPP Emulator, by the way.

  128. Raahim

     /  2015/01/01

    how to play the game if it is asking for memory stick in beginning of the game in ppsspp

  129. Nijinsky

     /  2015/01/08

    It would appear that in chapter three when I’m taking Ishimaru to see Alter Ego, I can’t get into the dressing room! The crosshair will point straight at the shadows, but it refuses to react, unless I get it at some weird angle. If I select the odd thing that made the crosshair suddenly notice, it swings around to the girls’ restroom, which Naegi obviously refuses to enter. I’ve attempted to follow the setting suggestions provided up there, but alas, JPCSP won’t save my preferences the moment I ‘x’ out of the configuration window!

  130. ezzu

     /  2015/01/11

    PSP 1004 with 5.50 GEN-D3. It crashes somewhere near the beginning when it says “Makoto Naegi” in the bottom left. Tried all UMD ISO modes but it keeps crashing

  131. um whenever i hit L it doesnt go through the cylinder, do i have to put ammo into it and how do i do that? like for real i dont understand at all, im in the debate and all i can do is concentrate it seems, that and open my electro id, i hit L and absolutely nothing happens

  132. Yami

     /  2015/02/01

    I made it to Chapter 3, when Ishimaru comes and asks you to come with him to the Bath (Dressing room) I can’t enter the room, the square doesn’t show up and it doesn’t seem interactive. If you stand at a certain angle the square will show up, but when you press it it shows you girl’s restroom and you can’t enter. Someone please help, I am really into this game I must fix this somehow 😦

  133. John Keane

     /  2015/02/01

    I was in chapter 6, in the headmaster’s bedroom, when Naegi opened the hidden room (by typing Kirgiri’s name as password on the computer), and I go into the room then the screen went black. Moreover, the SQUARE button cannot be used (so I couldn’t make an ingame save and reload it). However, I still hear the sound, music and it looked like almost all functions like checking, talking…still can be used. I tried with PPSSPP (newest version) and PPSSPP gold but had the same error.

  134. Olivia

     /  2015/02/24

    I recently got this game to work and played it for an hour. I saved my data and everything then left. When I came back today and opened it up to play no data was saved and it said my install data was corrupt. Please help ASAP. Thanks so much!

  135. Abed nijm

     /  2015/03/05

    why ppsspp program
    when I play just tre min and after ppsspp close
    I dont know why

  136. Abed nijm

     /  2015/03/05

    I think error from system32

    and how i can fix open gl 2.0

  137. Caroline

     /  2015/03/18

    Okay, I started playing the game via PPSSPP (newest version) and immediately the screen spazzed out every time I tried to move, making it impossible to play. I managed to fix this error, but recently, it has come back despite me not changing my settings. Any advice?

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