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These translation notes contain spoilers up to and including the end of chapter 6.

Chapter Title: “The Super Duper High School Unluckster, or: How I Learned to Stop Despairing and Embrace the End”

Japanese: 超高校級の不運が超高校級の殺人と超高校級の処刑と超高校級の絶望を引き寄せた理由 (lit. How the Super Duper High School Unluckster Bewitched the Super Duper High School Homicide, the Super Duper High School Execution, and Super Duper High School Despair)

Long enough for you?

Space constraints, not being able to read the whole thing in the time allotted, and some weirdness in how the “titles” translate all contributed to us opting out of the literal translation. The original title is not actually a Dr. Strangelove reference, but in terms of long titles to play off of, it was one of the first ones to come up in our brainstorming sessions. It fit fairly well thematically, so that’s what we went with.

Kyouko Kirigiri – The Super Duper High School Sleuth

Japanese: 超高校級の探偵 (lit. Super Duper High School Detective)

At long last, her true title is made known. As with many of the titles, this one is pretty straightforward.

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